Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where Do The Edjumafacated Peeple Come From?

I was in college for four years. I have more than enough credits for a degree but I have never sought one in all these years since the day I dropped out. (Offered gender sensitivity training after saying in class than women were far superior with children than men)

I just don't understand where all these edjumafacated people come from. I can remember sitting alone at my computer in an empty dormitory for years, just as I sat in front of my computer in an empty barracks for years in the army. I always knew when it was getting late - there were the whoops and drunken screams of people entering my living space again in the late hours of the night. It's literally the only thing I have ever known - me studying and reading or exercising, the rest of the human race out drinking, chasing girls and driving fast everywhere. In all that time, I have seen almost nobody like me. You can see how I got it into my head I was radically different from the rest of mankind. The facts say as much.

I'd always try to speak to my fellow soldiers or my fellow students and it was always a disaster. I would try to engage them in any subject, on any topic and it was always a waste of time. They'd speak in short, broken english, struggling to put a single sentence together, concluding any run with any semantic content with "whatever, fugg it, life is a bitch and then you die." Their attempts to speak or think were so crude they seemed like animals made in the shape of men. Cursing, dribbling, screaming, whooping ... sometimes one of them would idly wander into my dorm room or barracks and stare like a mad beast at my computer. "Sheeittt! 'Puters! That's my major, too! You ken make money in them things, getcha ah good job! Sheeiitt!" he'd say, spilling some of his beer onto my floor. "Fucken Ay, man! To the max and whatnot!" Even this brief attempt at civility appeared to tax their resources, they'd shrug and jog off, screaming some more. "Let's go get wasted, dudes! Woohoo!"

I have seen a lot of these guys in the IT workplace later on. Many of them end up managers and senior architects. They end up in charge of the contractors like me. You see their emails in the workplace, they look like something a child would put together. The grammar and spelling are so atrocious they are barely comprehensible. They have no ability to break a task down into steps and complete each step at a time. They tend to think in terms of social reference and are nearly incapable of organizing the kind of work required in software development even when they are delegating it to others.

They hide the trailer park on the job and try to sound like they are serious people but it's never far below the surface. Come Friday afternoon their conversation turns to drinking, spectator sports, women and casual sex. You never hear them speak with excitement about any of their work with computers at home on the weekends. To them, it's a way to earn a middle class lifestyle and nothing more. If they weren't getting paid to act out these roles they'd never dream of touching a computer when they weren't at work. They hate computers but they like that paycheck.

If you'll think about this, it's obvious why I believe the human race is divided into two species, mixed together like oil and water, Jacob and Esau, Sapiens and Neanderthal. Just have yourself a think about it. Given that is my experience and there are years of it, repeated in many different locales and amidst many different environments, it is easy to see how I was put into the frame of mind that was receptive to these ideas.


Anonymous said...

You sound like a more extreme version of myself, except for the tact that I am going bald and thus can't be a neandarthal.

Anonymous said...

I must be a Neanderthal because this rings so true to me. I guess I am, I feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Respectable, well-educated conservatives love Rick Perry and hate Ron Paul.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the aging process has made your prior opinions more and more deeply held, you must be a neanderthal.

Anonymous said...

Negatory. You are trying to brand tex as defective. I dont see that.

I agree totally. Where are all these people claiming to have college degrees? How do they come by that? Id like to see an honest analysis of how many of these college "grads" could pass a kindergarten reading test.

Anonymous said...

He's not defective, he's a perfectly normal human operating in a perfectly normal way, he's just antisocial and paranoid. A lot of people are like that and it's a perfectly legitimate way to be and if his preparations prove to be necessary more power to him.

Everyone gets more fixed in their opinions as they get older, it's a really normal thing. It seems like he's having a good time and supporting his family. His stress levels seem a little high but that's to be expected, considering his obvious discomfort with the social situations at his workplace.

However, nothing about him seems to be outside of the normal range of human behavior.

Anonymous said...

Tex spot on. We live in a generation of know-nothings who think they know so much they don't need to know anything! They don't even know what they don't know to paraphrase someone else.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Tex is one of the few humans who still change their opinions in the face of new evidence when they're older than 20. His Neanderthal beliefs are new (two years at most), for example.

Anonymous said...

Isn't constantly shifting your opinions one of the characteristics that Tex hates in "Sapiens"? Everything he's changed his mind about just puts him further and further into the realm of being "special."