Tuesday, September 27, 2011

VOS (IJW, Zero Configuration)

I tested the latest build tonight on DOS-32 PM, Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2000 and Windows 7. "It just works" out of the box. The GUI is the web server, so it runs right from the prompt and you configure it from a web page. (SSL for password works)

The CGI submission of forms is completely driven inside the software so it's lightning fast. The SQLite database access is in need of some optimization but I guarantee you that VOS is running faster than most web server applications right now.

The page refresh set to 1 second is what passes for real-time monitoring at present on the controller page, this is as sophisticated as you can get and keep HTML 3.2 compatibility with Mosaic and Arachne browsers for DOS. You have a table of sensors there similar to other open source monitoring software you've probably seen that changes in real-time as you're watching the web page. I pinched a thermistor for I2C in my hand and saw the temperature reading go up as I watched. These devices have detail pages where you set them up, also from scratch from the front end. If you have set an alert for a certain temperature range, that shows up in real time when the alert condition is triggered.

I pulled out all my PAWN code for release version one. I can get that running later. It's possible to schedule, configure and control all your devices from inside the browser with no programming in script required. That's the important thing, the ability to write your own custom pages will have to wait for version 2.0 after I get this out.

I only have Inventory and Personnel apps working at present and they are kind of primitive. I have changed the way I set up the filters for data and decided to hardcode a lot of stuff to get people off to roaring start from the outset. (See all foods requiring inspection/rotation, personnel with medical conditions, etc.)

It ran on a very small DOS machine with only 4 megs of RAM from a packet driver network interface and it seemed to run faster than the Windows version.

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