Thursday, September 29, 2011

They Got Caught For Once

This stuff takes place behind the scenes for 75% of the media and television you see. Ever wonder why the local television stations in any country run certain special stories about this or that which happen to coincide with a new movie release concerning that same subject? Publicists set these up as play-for-pay and your media shovels it into your gullet as current events when in fact it is simply promoting sales for a private sector film.

Lax regulation and oversight by governments have gradually left the barn door open and over the past twenty years the whole industry has become one gigantic free-for-all circus promoted by a handful of megawealthy powerful conglomerates.

95% of everything in this world is likely to be bullsh*t, 110% of anything you see on television. If a guy on TV tells you the sky is blue, you need to go outdoors and verify that with the naked eye before you take it at face value.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday it was communism, today it is "terrorism", tomorrow who knows: