Friday, September 23, 2011

The Secret Infrastructure Of Civil Defense

It was something back when something was recognized as way better than nothing and nothing was regarded as crazy, which is what they have now.

I'm always interested in the little local touches that accompany many stashes, like the private sector bottled water in this collection. A very good idea as long as the bottles don't break. Nowadays you should consider soda water for this kind of storage - the salt is likely to keep the water sterile long after the carbonation has faded away, it's in a sealed can and not easily compromised by a few bumps or shakes. You can buy it in cases which stack nicely.

The secret infrastructure of secret infrastructure.


Solsys said...

Just imagine to were to resupply this shelter just as it was. Would the crackers still have the same quality ? (Genetically modified wheat etc.)

Would the Geiger counter still be EMP-proof ?

Makes you think.

Anonymous said...

It would cost a fortune to replicate or restock even if you could find these kinds and qualities of supplies. Glass bottles sealed up, canned foods that last for decades, etc. All good planning for long term storage and clearly it works. The passage of time has given the proof.

It is a good thing in a way for people to become more aware of the idea of them, but it is a shame to see the supplies being thrown away or eaten away without good reason.

Can you imagine what it would cost to get Mountain House or someone else (what few there are) to supply all those cans again? I doubt local governments or private groups would be willing to pay for it now even if they could find the money (aside from the few quiet billionaires packing their own supplies).

Plastic is okay for for a while if you can't get glass. I think about 6 months (still smells and tastes okay) to a year (some taste tainting) is fine but longer than that you should really change the water over. Every 6 months is the ideal. As you said Tex, it's better than nothing and everyone can get plastic bottles for nothing even if they can't afford glass. Too many people give up thinking they need to have all or nothing. If I was thirsty and hungry enough I'd eat those canned biscuits and stale water and be glad of it.

Getting hold of decent sized glass bottles isn't always too difficult either. There's a few suitable containers out there. The soda water one is a good idea. I'll have to look around and see what I can find in glassware. It'd be nice if I could find some good options for non salty water glass storage. There should be something suitable in the soda and alcoholic drinks bottling and manufacture.

You can wrap the glass bottles with tape to help strengthen them and they make less of a mess when they do break. No need to hunt around for sharp pieces. Around the sides and base will do it. If or when it cracks then you can usually get a chance to move it before goes everywhere. If you can afford the reels of tape you can put on thicker and stronger stuff or pad it other ways. Even a little of the cheap clear parcel tape makes life easier when it breaks.

As I understand it, properly stored water actually gets more sterile over time, so long as nothing contaminates it to start with or gets in over time and it's kept out of sunlight and in good storage conditions (like these shelters). Clean chlorinated water like tap water shouldn't have anything to feed the microbes and after ten years sealed in they have certainly used up any food supplies in there if there was a stray microbe in the water. A properly sealed food safe container will keep almost anything out. Glass will mean you don't even need to change the water over so long as the seal remains and it isn't disturbed. Do it once and forget it. No six month or yearly rotations to worry about.

@9:15 Makes me wish I could simply offer to 'help them out' by clearing these basements and all that 'clutter', happily driving off with the supplies for myself as payment. Especially as places like this have been ditching them. I've heard of a few stories of tons of supplies being dumped. Worth a fortune to people like us.

Getting that quality is not going to be easy or cheap. Pre GM era too.

Anonymous said...

Tex, have a look at Gaddafi's bunker. Amazing:

Idiotic reporter who doesn't have a clue as to what could make Gaddafi built such a state of the art bunker says it "reflects Gaddafi's paranoia".