Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ron Perry - Worthless Thug Bullying Ron Paul

These people are so vile they can't even keep it concealed during the brief moments they think the cameras are turned off.

Have you ever seen the cowardly sort of moron who has to get physical on his opponent because he has proven unable to counter any of his arguments? Rick Perry has about the same intelligence as any of the other ZOG ass-puppets in this rube's race. Which is to say, just what is required to get him in front of a teleprompter and read his scripted lines.

These losers are no match for Ron Paul. All he has is the truth and the brains to articulate it out loud. They have neither.

I predict Ron Paul is either going to get killed or get defrauded of the Republican nomination. The fact is, the Republicans don't deserve a candidate like this one. They deserve to sit in their own filth and get the best leaders that AIPAC money can buy. Ron Paul is too good for the likes of this scum and I really wish he wouldn't bother. This nation is doomed and nothing can save it.


Anonymous said...

In before our resident troll, starts singing the praises of Rick Perry, the neoconservative, anti-white thug.

Anonymous said...

John Birch Society exposing Newt Gingrich, another NWO puppet who believes the US Constitution to be obsolete and irrelevant and wants to replace it with something new: