Saturday, September 3, 2011

Revelation of the Method

This is the way they do it.

They plan it. Then they manufacture some dream images to reinforce it. Then they do it. It's like a magical belief that the subject of a mural painted on a cave wall can come to life by willing it into existence.

Remember PEARL HARBOR coming out the summer before 9/11? Emphasizing that America was a nation of playboys with no focus in life and how being attacked on their own soil would mobilize them to meet a greater destiny for empire?

Hey, you're thinking. People with IQs of 97 would not have the acumen or wherewithal to organize things in this fashion. You're right. The wicked people who really run this world don't have IQs of 97. They have native intelligence nearly twice your own.

Just imagine somebody like me except without guilt or remorse, a firm belief in their own infallibility and a strong conviction there is no God. That's what kind of people really run the world. They run circles around the common man. As a peer, I can tell you the only thing that would protect a mere mortal from such human beings is a devout, genuine faith in God. They don't have the brains to parlay with such creatures otherwise. They can make ordinary peasants think and do whatsoever they wish by weaving them into their tale of madness and making them a player in this drama without them even realizing it.


Anonymous said...

"As a peer, I can tell you the only thing that would protect a mere mortal from such human beings is a devout, genuine faith in God."

Batshit and with a false sense of superiority.

Seek help Tex!


Texas Arcane said...

Sorry, RZero but technically I would be a peer and it is vanity on your part to think you could outwit somebody like me who was not restrained by a sense of right and wrong. Rather, imagine trying to outwit a cabal of people like me numbering in the tens of thousands.

Imagine if instead of playing the role of a mad prophet issuing warnings barely understood by others, I proceeded with the grand project of simply destroying you without any regard for you as anything more than an animal. Now imagine I was born into billions of dollars of operating capital and could control most of what you see, hear and think.

The only healthy influence that would make you disdain my neverending propaganda and thought poison is a general skepticism of all men that runs very deep, which is best cultivated by faith in God. Atheists offer no such healthy prophylaxis in their theology, rather they propagate faith in the State. Since the State can be bought out, that's like selling tickets to your extinction.

Faith in God (whether he exists or not) is the great social leveller and the best prescription for sobriety and humility the world has ever known.

Anonymous said...


Then why the no 1 priority of the NWO-Iluminists has always been to undermine faith in God and their effort is intensifying in our days?

Because religion is the only thing that suppresses and suspends ordinary adaptive behavior, subverts gratification and the preservation of merely the physical self. Without it man reverts into an animal condition where the Id is left unchecked and is subject to methods of control through being merely responsive to external stimuli.

It means the loss of the universal and the return to the tribal and the self-interested. It's the reason the Jews, having been always tribal and self-interested, are thriving under it and are fomenting it - because the Jewish Utopia cannot be imposed on people unless they have the right mindset. It's the reason why men dedicated to non-practical pursuits (EVERY MAJOR SCIENTIFIC ADVANCE WAS POSSIBLE BECAUSE SUCH PEOPLE WERE NEVER EXPECTING IMMEDIATE RETURNS AND BENEFITS) never arise in the early tribal stages of civilizations or appear in ever-diminishing numbers in late stages as the civilization declines back to tribal status.

You think the overexposure about man being an animal fed to the sheeple these days and that "religion is the source of all evil" is about making them "reasonable"? Watch the Warden scene from SHUTTER ISLAND to understand what their true vision about humanity is.

Anonymous said...


Even though various films of that time frame were promoting the formation of empire, the empire we've gotten so looks more like a dying USSR than 1940's America Ascendant.

Are "they" less competent than in the Lippman era, or did the financial/social collapse catch them off guard?

Anonymous said...

Neo-atheists believe that it is possible to abandon God, yet maintain the Christian morality. They're nothing more than cheap moralists, hypocrites and half-assed atheists as they're half-assed about everything. This is an excellent article:

Anonymous said...

Solzhenitsyn explains what happens when people abandon God:

Texas Arcane said...

There's absolutely nothing better than reading - and understanding - Nietszche to put a man's feet firmly back in the camp of believers. To comprehend Nietszche means to truly comprehend the consequences of atheism and thus assure a man will be terrified sufficiently to adopt faith when he comes to understand what the alternatives are.

The sad thing is that most atheists won't realize the implications of their ideas until they are living in the world of MacCarthy's THE ROAD, at which time it is far too late to benefit in any way from understanding how things come to this.