Sunday, September 4, 2011

Peak Oil Is A Peak Lie About Peak Profit

There is a surplus of oil pouring onto world markets and a surplus of exports out of the United States. Ditto for Australia. The reason oil costs more at the pumps is that they are charging it and people are paying it.

All we need is one chief executive of any nation mention nationalizing oil resources and within 24 hours, the price would "mysteriously" drop.

Australia not only exports their oil, they reimport it and pay a premium for it to put their own oil into their own tanks.

This. Civilization. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense.


Anonymous said...

the new currency will be energy based, hence the recent forays into those resource rich countries that wouldn't play nicely with the foreign bankers.

meet the new scam(currency/government), same as.....

Anonymous said...

So much stupidity everywhere.

Humanity has no future whatsoever.

The doom-clock is ticking for the last time.

Anonymous said...

Peak oil is absolutely real. Forget "scientists" and governments with their own agendas. Ask any roustabout on a rig and it's as obvious as the blue sky. There's just only so much of the black stuff in the ground, and the rate of production follows the same predictable pattern.

There is no peak thorium or solar or even lithium. The one resource that matters most, however, is feeling the squeeze now in a tightening vice.

Anonymous said...

Philip Gold tried to put money where his mouth was regarding abiotic oil, and failed.

Fifty years ago, it took 1 barrel of oil energy to extract 30. Now that figure is 1 for every 4, or even 3.

Perhaps there is limitless oil the deeper you go, but if it costs more energy to extract the oil to the point where you're using up more than one barrel of oil energy to extract one barrel of oil, then it's unviable.

Texas Arcane said...

That's after freezing exploration in the early 1980's and not seeking any new sources or opening existing lands for exploration for forty years.

Once again, this crisis exists purely in the minds of the sheeple and you will notice if you pay attention that it translates into record profits for the oil industry. If supply was peaking, profits would be declining everywhere you look. Instead, profits have reached all-time highs. There is no such animal as Peak Oil, it is another false crisis manufactured by vested interests.