Friday, September 16, 2011

New Sodom

Link to Gaga's video.

Possibly the most monstrous, luciferian horror I have ever seen. Warning - this is vile. H.P. Lovecraft could not write stuff this grotesque. Imagine the world these creatures would create if not stopped by the wrath of God.


Anonymous said...

Up is down. Black is white. Good is evil. Garbage is food.

God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Didn't watch the video, because I know it will be repulsive.

TBH, I don't have a problem with it, as long as they do it in their own country. However these leftards are in my country, and are always pushing their crap in my face. So its past time we separate.

The only problem is they have a hate the white man attitude, and are addicted to white tax dollars.

So we are going to have to fight to get away from them, because they already cling to us, like barnacles on a ship's hull.

Anonymous said...

Thought it was kinda cool. It didn't offend me in the least. I admire her creativity. Song's not bad either.

Texas Arcane said...

She's not creative. She's a talentless hack. Some people, you can fool all of the time.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely disgusting. The people who make this shit (let's not pretend Stephanie Germanotta is actually anything but a puppet on a string) know that today's children (for reasons best known to themselves) like listening to a repetitive beat with some woman's repetitive words over the top. So that's what they do - churn out the same crap slightly rehashed each time, to "program" destructive slave behaviour right into the kids' minds. It is truly insane, that they do that. If western countries can't rid themselves of the people who run this scam on them, then they pretty much deserve what's coming to them.

Anonymous said...

Your Bible and Christianity are much more vile.

"Who’s your daddy? The Cuckold Carpenter in Myth, Ritual and Philosophy"

SEX RITES: The Origins of Christianity
The Ritual Use of Sex, Drugs, and Human Sacrifice

Anonymous said...

The psycho imagery is what it is, but the sensibility of the lyric, as in the line about "being on the right track baby, I was born this way" really does bother me.

Anonymous said...

At 1:00 AM,

That is the problem with people like you.

You don't think anything is wrong with anything.

You obviously weren't listening to the lyrics, just that "Sweet, Techno Beat".

If Johhny Cash performed a song like that in his time, people would have understood that he was playing the role of a sick, twisted person.

When Lady Gag-Gag sings in in her way, she makes out that it's great to be like that, and there's no such thing as "evil".

These people are so stupid I can't even explain to them how stupid they are.

Anonymous said...

"Completely absorbed in your own foolish self, well, you're going to find out that's not so good for your health.
A wart on the face of society. That's why the world's so lucky to have people like me.
To see that you life has very little worth, so you can now be removed fron the face of the earth."
MC 900 Foot Jesus- "Too Bad, You're Gunna Die Now" c 1990
A real artist with lyrics that have meaning and relevance.

Anonymous said...

IT's theater, folks -- like Ozzy Osbourne biting off the head of what he thought was a rubber bat, Kiss, Alice Cooper, etc.

Gaga likes to be shocking. You're shocked. Gaga wins.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:37-
Quoting MC Nine Oh Oh!!!
Right on, dude!