Monday, September 26, 2011

The Nazis Were Badly Behaved Boy Scouts Compared To These People

Caught Count Chocula on C-Span the other night in his speech to the U.N. after the Palestinians asked for the simple humane justice we normally afford dogs. Vlad the impaler took an hour or so to explain why that won't be convenient for some time.

The silent genocide of an entire race trapped inside a concrete fence ringed by death robots with machine gun turrets. These cowards aim for babies because they move slower than fully grown adults. Their troops have been shooting random boys in the testicles from a hundred meters out to amuse themselves for decades. They have bulldozed nurseries with children still inside them without warning. Their soldiers alternate on the rooftops between screwing each other and sniping women going to gather water at wells. They specialize in carpet bombing of civilian areas of no military significance.

The problem is that they are incapable of doing any labor of any kind and thus must import cheap workers to do the simplest tasks for them, incurring the risk that the people they are importing may be related to the people they have recently murdered in the most vicious fashion imaginable. They cannot make their own coffee despite having the largest number of idle and unemployed citizens in the world.

Their nation is the world's largest sex slave whorehouse of abducted foreign women. These women burn to death regularly inside their cells at night because their masters are not even required to provide fire exits for them when they sleep.

The first thing that hits you there is the smell. Poorly built sewerage infrastructure that never seems to be maintained no matter how much foreign aid they get means the whole country doesn't just look like it, it smells like it as well. There are third world hellholes in Africa with more pride and self-respect for their surroundings.

The one leader they had who recognized these problems (Rabin) and wanted to begin to rebuild this country to resemble a sane place, they shot dead. Nobody has stepped forward since and this country has been dominated by Maccabee style madmen for more than a decade, descending into filth and corruption unlike anything experienced on this planet previously.

They are without question the most monstrous, inhuman demonic regime of nosferatu the world has ever known. If there is a God then this race is so far from him they must be considered the children of the Anti-God. They represent the absence of the good and the beautiful. They are the darkness where no light can reach.

If a man goes into a bar and comes out with his ass beaten bloody, you might think to yourself that must be a tough bar. If a man goes into 200+ bars over 2000+ years and comes out beaten bloody from each one, that's not the bar that is the problem. That guy is doing something in there to get his ass beaten. If he had any sense he'd stay out of bars. He must ultimately want to get his ass beaten. Some people say if he goes long enough without getting his ass beaten, he will start to provoke complete strangers until somebody beats his ass down. I'd say a person fashioned this way is not blessed of God. He is accursed forever in the worst possible way.


Anonymous said...

He also accused Israel of "using" the genocide of the Nazi Holocaust to perpetuate the idea that "they are the victims all the time."

"We don't use the Holocaust, the Holocaust was the worst crime in history perpetuated against our people.

"To hear this allegation at the beginning of the 21st century, just 60 years after Holocaust, is outrageous,"


Love how they contradict themselves so quickly and keep a straight face doing it. lol

They really shouldn't be taken seriously at all. I laugh at them, whenever they open their silly mouths.

Here's a video of Netanyahu when he thinks the cameras are off.

Netanyahu 'America Won't Get in Our Way...It's Easily Moved'

Speaking for myself, I don't like political Jews at all, but I'd rather they were in Israel Judazing each other, rather than in White countries trying to Judaize us.

If they lose Israel, guess where they will go next? And if you think they have turned the West to shit now, just wait till more of them come.

Anonymous said...

the chozenites are being set up, not hard to do because of their supremacist leanings and love of finance and politics, but set up nonetheless. they are girt by unfriendlies and owe their ongoing survival to their role as a forward encampment of the british empire and its pitbull merka.

when smarter minds have no further use for them they will be allowed to fall. they remind me of embedded media ie imagining they have the inside track but basically useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

Palestinians are the gypsys of the middle-east. Before Israel nobody gave a fuck about them, and rightly so.

Your antisemitism blinds you to the fact that the others side are a bunch of scumbags too.

The only way to bring peace to the middle-east is to recolonise it.


Anonymous said...

Those darned Jews! How dare they surround themselves with people who hate them! It's all their fault!

Tex, when are you going to come out the closet and tell us the Nazis had the right idea and that they really were the master race?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:28 PM

I actually predicted a random comment like this in advance and had prepared my rebuttal and counter-rebuttal ahead of time. It appears I understand you better than you understand yourself.

Palestine has had a perpetual Jewish presence for over 2000 years, with jews lifting in the midst of arabs and persians outnumbered thousands to one. During this time, thousands of years, jewish people were some of the most highly prized citizens of nations, held up as shining examples of prudence, frugality and good sense. Caliphates forbid their people to preach conversion to Jews living in their midst, telling their people they already had a book and a destiny which did not require compelling them to convert to Islam.

One of the worst losses of face in the ancient world was to have Jewish people suffer any sort of insult, fear for their lives or any insecurity in their daily comings and goings. This was the reason that if it was believed a city might be in danger of invasion, the local ruler always evacuated the Jewish people first to make certain no harm would come to them. If a jew suffered in any way under a kingdom it was regarded as evidence you had fallen out of favor with God and were being punished. Caliphates vied for jewish people to move to their cities and manage many of their affairs.

There is no known record of any kind of any pogrom, violent uprising, expulsion or special laws prohibiting jews from traveling anywhere in the Middle East before the last century and the rise of Zionism. If you had suggested Jewish people were a problem in old palestine, the inhabitants there would have looked at you like you were mad. They could tell you their olive fields had bordered their jewish neighbour's land for thousands of years with the two of them living in harmony that entire time.

So why is it that the "jews" of Israel are surrounded on all sides by people who hate them? Is it just a tough bar? Was it always like that? Fox News nods their heads. Yes. It was always like that. Those arabby types just don't know how to get along with anybody.

I am wasting valuable brain glucose on this reply now and you would be better served by going and looking up the history of Jaffa oranges and citrus farms in Israel. IF you can, please link to the transfer of title document for that huge agricultural business as well as thousands of others in Israel. All I need to see is the signature where these ancient lands exchanged hands in a legal purchase. I'm sure these wunnerful, wunnerful, wunnerful people would not dream of just going around and stealing huge tracts of sh*t at gunpoint and by poisoning the local wells and machine gunning villagers and running over homes with tanks and trying to make it look like an attack by British troops. Because you know, that stuff could sort of piss off your neighbors.

Anybody who knows what Jaffa citrus is and where it came from is a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. That should end that discussion.

Anonymous said...

"There is no known record of any kind of any pogrom, violent uprising, expulsion or special laws prohibiting jews from traveling anywhere in the Middle East before the last century and the rise of Zionism."

Then what is this Tex?

Stop trying to disassociate modern Jewry with the "people of the book". It's futile. They're one and the same scum. They were homeless robbers and vagrants, living as outcasts and desert-dwellers on the fringes of the established city-states in the region and were surviving either by theft or by raiding. They haven't changed to the slightest for 3000 years.

Anonymous said...


You are clueless.

Palestine is already re-colonized by Israel which why it is in a state of perpetual war with its neighbors.

Apart from that, your take on the situation "It's everyone's fault" shows that you have no concern for the facts and just seek a convenient explanation. If I bitch-slap you in the face and then tell you it was a friendly pat will you believe it? Seems to me that you would. You're so inadequate and small that I almost feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:41 PM

Get a clue. Israel-Zionism is actually encouraging the diaspora to stay were they are as a way to mount pressure on western governments, which is why the English-speaking world acts as the Israeli mission force. The "White countries" (a thing now as real as Tolkien's Middle-Earth) are "Judaized" to the point you could never hope to grasp.