Monday, September 5, 2011

Kwanzania Is A Third World Toilet

Several third world countries have come forward to say they are insulted by the comparison and will be seeking to create a new nomenclature for the Kwa called "fifth rate country" so as to draw a distinction between themselves and the Kwanzan failed state.

Murder is legal in the Kwa if you have the right connections. Remains illegal for peasants and filthy men-cattle.

Kwanzans believe there may be a small hitch in the ongoing recovery but luckily it will not interfere with cappuccino service.


Anonymous said...

You're not wrong, but coming back from America recently I still believe they're better off than we are here in Australia, in many ways.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Australia should suffer the fate of US and the UK?

Anonymous said...

Third World, eh? I live well for being in a third world country then. The grocery stores are full of food, the streets are safe, and I feel like I can life freely.

There are always problems, but when won't there be?

Anonymous said...

Bolshevist-era confiscation of private property goes rampant in Kwanzania by Federal Authorities:

Marc Faber warns: You should own gold but hold it outside Kwanstain since it's not safe to own it there anymore. Jerk-off Kwans, taxed to death for Wall-Street bailouts and bailouts of indebted nations via IMF and World Bank, think this guy is talking nonsense and must be from another planet: