Monday, September 19, 2011

Kwanstain Hospital Death Gestapo

New laws passed in recent months permit hospitals to declare patients "incompetent" to administrate their own affairs and seize all their assets for sale before slipping them off the mortal coil with a lethal injection.

I would recommend avoiding hospitals in the Kwanstain unless you have no other options.


Anonymous said...

All of that would be fixed if we had a national health care plan like Canada and most of Europe has.

Just sayin'.

Texas Arcane said...

Yeah, it's grand.

Socialism can work, if we wish hard enough.

Texas Arcane said...

Also, name drop other countries to make people feel left out. Except socialism stinks in most of those countries, too.

I know all about nationalized health care. I live in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Tex, my point was that a court-assigned guardian wouldn't be necessary if we had socialized medicine.

Let me ask you this, since you are against socialism. Are you opposed to a standing army, highways, a court system to adjudicate disputes, police, firefighters, etc.?

How exactly are you going to pay for $300,000 in medical expenses if your child develops a serious illness? Imagine the ultimate insurance company dream, where everyone is a single payer. They wouldn't even give you health insurance if you have a pre-existing condition.

Texas Arcane said...

All socialists have the same problem - they don't understand economics, human beings or real life.

Funny how in the 1920's, doctors had to make housecalls and charge what people could afford.

Texas Arcane said...

I had a CT Scan this week because of a problem with my back doing squats without a belt and was incredulous at two facts:

1. Socialist medicine has not advanced in over 50 years and is somewhere between voodoo and leeches in terms of quality.

2. Forty years after the discovery of a much safer method of inspection (MRIs) than X-Rays, socialists continue to use x-ray machines which have barely improved in any way, especially cost-efficiency, since the 1960's. Ultrasound has not advanced in forty years and is largely the same as the day it was patented. If this was a free market system neither would cost more than a dime. I know more about medicine and the human body than nearly all the people I have encountered in Australia. Not saying much, just relative.

3. Socialists and all the people who live under socialism are not really human beings in any scientific sense. They are these drab, gray, feeble Ur-Men who seem to have suffered some kind of brain death that has not prevented them from proceeding according to autonomic functions like zombies. They are undead animals, beasts in human form. Lights on, nobody is really home.

Had medicine been subject to the same competition as the computer industry, we would all enjoy immortality and invulnerability today.

Anonymous said...

All you need to know about Communists, Socialists, Leftists, etc, apart from the crimes against humanity, they have still not been made to answer for:

At the height of the Soviet Union's economic power, it had half the economic output of the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...
September 19, 2011 11:22 PM

"This place really is a hotbed of hatred."

Hate — Righteous Indignation as practiced by the wrong people.

Anti-White/Jewish/Communist Manual of Psychological Warfare:

1) Pathologize all opposition

a) Casually insert words repeatedly, to wage psychological warfare on your White opponents.

Words like Hate, Racist, Anti-Semite, Supremacist, Nazi, are very effective.

b) Make your White opponent feel stupid, using racially loaded terms, like hill billy, dumb hick, red neck.

At the same time, imply you are wise, educated, sophisticated, moral, "anti-racist", while your opponent is ignorant and "needs an education" (re-education - brainwashing).

2) To those that resist, do all of the above, while shrieking and inserting profanity of the most vulgar kind.

Encourage others to do the same. Use large numbers of people to intimidate and bully lone opponents into submission.

3) Threaten legal action if at all possible, no matter how ridiculous the reason. Sue to make their life difficult. Lobby for "Hate" laws targeting any and all resistance.

4) Ring their place of work and attempt to get them fired, for being "racist".

5) If the above does not work,
threaten physical violence and murder.

3, 4, 5 can be done in any order.

6) If they still resist, get violent.

7) If violence and death threats fail, then spread terror using creative means. Explosives, and Trunking was very popular among Communists - sever the legs and arms, leave the victim to die.

8) If terror, intimidation and re-education fails, kill people in their millions if necessary.

GeNOcide was used in the Soviet Union and China. Mass shootings, Work (to death) Camps, mass starvation using bogus scientific experiments, with winter/summer wheat. See Lysenko.


"So when are we going to start to see Holocaust denials on this blog?"

Which GeNOcide are you referring to? The Holodomor? The Cambodian GeNOcide? The Chinese Cultural Revolution? The Tibetan GeNOcide? The Palestinian GeNOcide? The GeNOcide where Hitler took a steel broom to the Jews? The 90 million White people slaughtered in WW2, over the Danzig Corridor?

Or are you talking about the Global GeNOcide, Anti-whites/Left and their helpers, have been conducting against White people, since 1965 and earlier?

The GeNOcide, where they use the GeNOcide of the Jews, and endless other reasons (White Guilt, economics, slavery, etc) as justification, to blend ALL and ONLY, White people, out of existence?

Tell us which GeNOcide it is and why it is more important than all the other GeNOcides?

Anonymous said...

The medical union in .au (AMA) has been restricting the positions for medical students in universitys for forty years. That's why doctors are so expensive and think they know so much. In Britain they threw open the doors to med students and now being a doctor is no longer grounds for an immigration application being accepted.


Texas Arcane said...

Doctors hold a monopoly which the government has seen fit to break up with legislation for many other industries but medicine seems immune to any approach made to the problem. Entrenched special interests see to it that all doctors are rich, exclusively entitled to provide medical care and charge whatever they feel like and imprison anybody who tries any alternatives. Their ongoing war on vitamins and supplements is appallingly one-sided given the raw body count from prescription medicine each week in Western nations. No death has ever been recorded from any of the vitamins the governments are busy banning on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

people also still use shoelaces, an invention probably older than 5000 years. So what's your point about using 50 year old technology?

Texas Arcane said...

Why stop there? Why not get rid of the electric light and charge people to put whale oil in street lamps at night? That was a lot more expensive and costly but it got basically the same result, right?

A socialist doesn't understand what the problem is. That's why he's a socialist. If he understood the problem, he wouldn't be a socialist. Socialism is a problem solution offered by people who are not problem solvers.

Anonymous said...

Socialists, Leftists, Communists are about stagnation.

No Communist country ever produced anything that anyone, outside of a Communist country, ever wanted to buy.

All of the technology that put Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin in space, was stolen out of US military warehouses.

The socialists in America killed the Moon missions, by endlessly whining, Why are we spending so much money on going to the Moon, when there are so many poor people here on Earth?

By "we", they meant White people.

By "poor people", they meant non-Whites.

Socialists, Leftists, Communists are about stagnation.

Without them, we would have permanent colonies on the Moon and would have been on Mars by now.

Now America is a third world country (non-white). It can't put people in space.

Anonymous said...

"Why stop there? Why not get rid of the electric light and charge people to put whale oil in street lamps at night? That was a lot more expensive and costly but it got basically the same result, right"

They aren't stopping there Tex.

They are pushing the Global Warming fiasco and demand we regress back to the age of windmills.

Leftism = Technological Stagnation and Regression.

Leftists and those that help them, are at the core of the problems in the West.

We would be traveling to the stars by now, if it wasn't for them holding us back.

It was the same clowns enforcing irrational doctrine, back in the Dark and Middle Ages. Back then they were the core of the Catholic Church.

Sorry if it offends the religious folks reading this blog, but leftists are just religious fanatics, that don't believe in God anymore.

Leftism has its origins in priests that lost their faith in God and only the socialist and total adherence to dogma remains.

Leftism follows the tradition of Christianity going all the way back to St Paul and the suffering of Jesus on the cross.

Leftism demands guilt, self hate, self flagellation and unthinking adherence to doctrine.

Leftism is a godless religion. It is a cult of unthinking, shrieking, fanatics.

If not outed and rooted out, these people will bring on a new Dark Age.

Texas Arcane said...

I have a feeling the second half of all civilizations, the dysgenic whiners tend to rule the roost and almost nothing can root them out of the institutions once they are entrenched there. These people only know how to destroy - they are either vulnerable and easily seduced by destructive ideologies or creating such ideologies.

They are camp followers who eventually come to outnumber the actual army they have been straggling behind.

Anonymous said...

September 20, 2011 11:41 PM

We have no where to move this time, so we are going to have to get smarter and more radical than they are.

You cannot reason with unreason. They did not get where they are by being reasonable. They got there by never taking no for an answer and always attacking.

So we must learn political warfare and wage it, whenever we open our mouths.

Make no mistake, they have been deliberately waging war on us for decades and the results of this war, are every bit as real as one that uses guns and bullets.

Anonymous said...

"We would be traveling to the stars by now, if it wasn't for them holding us back."

Lol. Have you seen the U.S. conservative movement lately? It's decidely anti-science and certainly against socialized space exploration.

You want to go to the stars? Conservatives say wait for private industry to get you there. In other words, it will never happen. Private industry doesn't have the kind of capital it takes to research and build something that has no immediate economic return.

Anonymous said...

You certainly are a nut magnet, Tex.

Anonymous said...

"Whiners"? Isn't that what this blog is, whine after whine about liberals, Jews, non-whites, homo sapiens, and, really, anything mainstream?

Anonymous said...

Leftards sound like robots. Free men sound like living breathing people. Leftards are like a television with legs.

Anonymous said...

What bothers them most is worrying if the collective lost power over any situation they would be left behind unable to keep up in a free world. Their own mediocrity would be obvious if they had to compete on level ground without resort to force.