Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Knock-Out Game

If lions had killed 48,000+ Americans in the past thirty years, there would not be a lion left alive on this planet. The U.S. Air Force would napalm jungles and drop daisycutters on zoos. People would shoot any lion on sight and it would be legal to put out traps for lions in public places where they had been responsible for the deaths of humans. Genetic engineers would design viruses to render lions sterile and then spray entire peninsulas which were identified as regions populated by lions. Politicians would run on strategic planks promising a "world without lions" where humans could live secure and peaceably. The most popular saying in the United States would be "the only good lion is a dead lion." Within a few short years, lions would only exist as stuffed displays in museums and in picture books.

What we have now is a game preserve where lions are legally entitled to stalk and eat human beings, with government action to protect their rights to do so. Anyone who objects is simply a "lion-hater" who prefers humans over lions in a species-specific bigotry that cannot be tolerated.


Anonymous said...

Surprised you have been told about this?

Only non-Whites are victims of racism.

Only White people are victims of anti-racism.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

Hell it's worse than that. We spend billions creating loin transporters so the lions can get from the jungle to civilized areas and back. Without public transport most "loins" are too lazy to go looking for prey.

Anonymous said...

Getting ready for the Reconquista: