Monday, September 12, 2011

Kiss Europe Goodbye

It's going to break up into nation-states again and then those nation-states are going to explode into internal civil war, having lost all homogeneity in the thrall of the beautiful lies of globalism.

All aspirations to utopian paradises always end in rivers of blood.


Anonymous said...

The only people shedding tears for the EU, will be the out of work, central planners in Brussels.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the opposite is going to happen. They will use this engineered crisis, to create a European superstate where nation states will lose all sovereignty. Perhaps one or two member states will be cast out and the chaos that will ensue will be used as an example for the rest to give up their sovereignty to avoid chaos. The Eurocrats designed the Euro in a way that it was certain to fail at some point in the future allowing them to use this as an opportunity to consolidate and centralize power:

The crisis was created on purpose by the ECB through a carefully calculated policy of lending European periphery countries with cheap money, projecting a false image of growth and leading to a bubble:

ECB President Trichet is a world government advocate and so is the Greek PM. I'm sure you can connect the dots:

Anonymous said...

The EU is done. Ze germanz are close to giving up support for Greece, signaling the end of the euro as we know it.

Best case scenario:

North-Euro & South-Euro. Political tentions between the two blocks prevent further unification of Europe. Severe recession. China bails out some countries and ends up owning most of souther-europe. Overall rise in socialism.

Worst case scenario:

Only the north-western countries still have the euro, but their banks will go bankrupt due to the complete write-off of southern debt.

Depression. Massive unemployment.

Lack of funding ensures a collapse of public services, declining infrastructure and corrupt and ineffective law enforcement.

Crime at an all time high.

Terrorism by socialist splinter groups (think Rote Armee Fraktion)are commonplace.

The southern countries descend into anarchy and revolution. Marxism/communism makes a comeback. UN will have to deliver food aid. Possibly intervene with troops.

The chinese strip southern-europe of its resources.

The Balkan reignites, probably over Kosovo, as there's no more EU to keep things in check.

Russia resumes its traditional support of Serbia and strengthens his influence over the region.

The longer it takes for the EU to decide a course of action the more likely the worst case scenario will be.

Personally I believe the EU will look like a Paul Verhoeven movie after this decade is over.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:51,
That may well be the plan, however like most totalitarian plans, this one will be done in by its ass-umptions. Namely, that Europeans, and especially the Germans, have been completely pacified and so will not stand in the way of the biggest French glory project since Napoleon. Even the French are against it. I'm afraid that Rzero's version of the future is the happy, optimistic one. I see a rise in German, French and British nationalism, dramatically expanded Russian influence, and the competition and warfare between them all determining the fates of the rest. I also see lots of dead and exiled Europhiles, and an orgy of anti-Muslim pogroms.Europe rose to greatness in and through the most intensely Darwinian geopolitical environment in human history. 3000 years of intrigue and warfare doesn't just go away because some 5th-rate politicians and bureaucrats say so. Industrial scale Bloodshed is in Europe's DNA, and 450 million Europeans are currently in the early stages of rediscovering that fact.

Anonymous said...

September 13, 2011 4:46 PM

Its not going to happen that way at all.

Whites only war on each other, when they are unquestionably, supreme rulers.

Look at what happened in north America. Whites were united when they were fighting Indians, Mexicans, British Empire and pushing back the frontier. But as soon as they unquestionably controlled their own domain, the Yankees declared war on the South and there was much white on white butchery.

The fact is, Europeans are a shrinking minority in the world and we can no longer afford to be "white supremacists", that believe white people are so superior, we do not need our own countries.

After the anti-white Cultural Marxists have been put on trial, for their attempted global genocide targeting all of the European peoples, nationalist governments will work together, to push back the brown tides.

We won't wage war on each other again, until we really are supreme.

Speaking for myself, I will work with any nationalist government, against the Cultural Marxist, Genocide Criminals.

These people must be consigned to the dust bin of history and all of their ancestors must pay reparations, for the White Genocide they are attempting.

Anonymous said...

Kiss Israel Goodbye

Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War
The “Unthinkable” is Now Inevitable

Anonymous said...

A very good explanation on how the illegitimate debt was created by the banks that were using bailout taxpayer money and the money they were receiving by the ECB, the Bank of England and the Fed at very low interest rates, to throw loans at countries such as Greece. Meaning the taxpayer money that was given to the banksters through bailouts was being shamelessly used in order profit at the expense of nations, without consideration of any risk, but counting on the EU and the ECB to "help" them pay the debt.

Anonymous said...

Here the global elites are at it again: If you dare break away from the EUSSR, we will declare war on you.

"The paper by UBS, normally known for its highly sober analysis, warned that historically, monetary unions do not break up without civil war or some other form of authoritarian reaction."

Anonymous said...

When you have liberalism you don't need totalitarianism. Manufactured consent, in the long run, is preferable to suppression. If they want their NWO to last for a "thousand years" as they say (now where did I hear that again)they know it cannot be sustained through oppression (although they won't hesitate to use it wherever necessary).I'm with Huxley's version of the future, not Orwell's. Totalitarianism is useful when you're after a sudden reversion and look to overthrow swiftly the existing societal values, like the Nazis did. In the West, on the other hand, this has been achieved by liberalism, post-modernist ideology, self-hatred and guilt for the host culture, in a constant and far more insidious manner.

The free world nowadays consists of Russia and some South American countries with leaders like Chavez and Rafael Correa, who act in the exact opposite way of Western leaders, refusing to align with the globalists. They are fiercely nationalistic and patriotic (not in an aggressive warmongering manner but in not abandoning their national identity) while at the same time adopting a protectionist economic practice which the globalist bankers hate. Too bad there is not single "old-fashioned" leader like them left in the west today thanks to decades of efforts by the CFR, the London School of Economics and internationalist and PeeCee propaganda. This is why the West is doomed. Because it is governed by people who aligned themselves with "project Utopia" and willing to harm even their countries on the way to achieve this. Their alliance is not to the people who voted for them but to the foundations, organizations, academia, financial institutions and other agencies that want to control the world.

Here's a good piece about the World Government ideology by Alexander Dugin:

Anonymous said...

America and the NWO:

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:36
I think you racial views are clouding your judgement on this issue. Whites have a long history of fighting each other regardless of the threat level, and joining with non-whites to do so.

Overly racialist Germany sided with Japan against the white Anglo-Saxon and Slavic powers. Having only possession of a small sliver of the continent, the USA fought a fratricidal.civil wars while continuing to fight frontier battles with Indian tribes. The British and French had Indian allies during the French and Indian Wars. Going back further, the Western Pope used Crusader troops against Byzantium, rather than to defend the Crusader Kingdoms against the Muslims, and allowed Byzantium to fall to the Muslim armies that were only just stopped at the gates of Vienna, all because of commercial self-interest.

I'm afraid that the tribe holds a greater affinity than race. The slaughter in Europe will be colour-blind, which is perversely ironic, given the current racial orthodoxy.

Polish finance minister warns of war
in 10 years:

Anonymous said...

September 15, 2011 2:45 AM

Whites have always been supreme when they fought each other. There has never been an existential threat in our history, as large as the one we face now. We were one third of the world population, we are down to around 10% and all of our nations are flooded with non-whites. This has never happened in our history and it is only being done to white people.

"The slaughter in Europe will be colour-blind, which is perversely ironic, given the current racial orthodoxy."

It will start with the slaughter of Pro White vs alliance of White Marxists/Non-Whites, as Marxists have aligned themselves with non-whites, against continued white existence. They really are that insane.

And yes I do know what you mean by "color blind". There is something we call Wordism, where Whites align themselves to words (utopian belief systems, which are nothing but opinions) over their own flesh and blood.

We see it with non-racist whites on the so called right, that think Islam is a terrible threat. They think "Islam" is the problem, yet all the terrorists on the TV are non-white.

I understand why Tex has such a low opinion of Homo sapiens. They are easily brainwashed by Jewish controlled media and in that state, true information means nothing to them.

"Overly racialist Germany sided with Japan against the white Anglo-Saxon and Slavic powers."

LOL Anglo Saxon/Slavic powers? Are you kidding me? Now I see your true intent. You are misrepresenting history, to try and make a point.

Jewish controlled Media/Banks in the West and Jewish created Bolshevik/Soviet Union is correct.

Winston Churchill was shocked at the number of Jews in positions of power, in the Soviet Union. I guess you missed that day in history class?

The Nazis fought a Jewish Communist threat inside of Germany for 20 years. Jews controlled all Banking and Media inside of Germany, just like they control it in the West today.

While Communists were committing Genocide against White Christians in the Soviet Union, and were planning the same in Germany and all of Europe, the German people were watching.

So you really call them overly racialist in times like those? Are you kidding me? lol

I just want to point out I don't like Nazis, but they were small potatoes, in regards to Communists and their genocides.

Communism is nothing but pure Talmudism - where "Intellectuals" call themselves friends of the workers, enslave them, kill all opposition, and kill any that try to run away.

Communism is the return of slavery.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:45 AM-

Not misrepresenting history at all, however I did mean to type "overtly" rather than "overly". Nazi Germany was a state where race defined social status. There was a very definite, racially-based pecking order.

My point is that you are looking at only one facet of the problem, and viewing everything through a racial lens when there are more factors at play than race.

I agree that we are being out-bred, and deliberately marginalised in our own countries. I also agree that whites will be the first casualties in Europe (not necessarily pro-white whites though. The current spate of attacks on whites in Philadelphia is an example.), but they certainly wont be the last. By the time its all over, I doubt that there will be many Turks or Africans left alive in Europe.

Islam does not view the world through a racial lens. Their view is politico-religious. Power and legitimacy come from the Koran and Hadiths, and victory from the expansion of the Dar-el-Islam. They don't give a fig what colour you are, so long as you bow to Mecca 5 times a day.

Ultimately, its about power, and how power is gained is determined by the identity of the group. If the group defines its self by race, then power struggles are determined racial conflict. If by religion, then religion. If by cattle ownership (such as the Rwandan Hutus and Tutsis) or wealth or class...etc.

On the other quibbles-
The Soviet Union was a Slavic power. Yes, there were a lot of secular Jews is positions of power, but overwhelmingly, the USSR was a white power, and white Germans killed millions of white Russians and Ukrainians, because they looked on white Slavs as untermenchen.

Germany launched a war of aggression, after signing a non-agression pact with the USSR, used it to dismember and enlsave white Poland, and then violated it to do the same to white Ukrainians and Russians. If, as you say, Germany was fighting to keep white Christendom safe from Communist Jewry, they broke a LOT of eggs to make that omelet. I think its pretty clear that Hitler's wars were more about tribe than colour. The Jews, the Slavs, the Romani were all outside the tribe. That made them targets.

The Jews certainly went out of their way to alienate themselves. I recall my late grandmother's dislike of them, as they owned "everything" in her village in Lithuania, and only employed their own. I also realise that this situation was replicated all across Europe.

Yes, I agree that Communism was much worse the Fascism. Communism is an equal opportunity killer.