Friday, September 16, 2011

The Inexorable Gears Of WW3 Are Turning

You can see things lining up. It's 1933 all over again or 1917, same situation leading to the same outcome. This time the weapons will be bigger and better than anything anybody has seen previously. Same old war, greater civilian deaths. It is a trajectory mankind has been on for three centuries.


Anonymous said...

That article is full of Forbesian BS. NATO is a shell, little more than the US and a few ceremonial assets from Britian, Germany and France.

And if anyone has access to a map, they can see that missiles on the Baltic are not placed with Iran in mind. This is nothing more than another US front on Eurasia.

Too bad; when Russia/Iran/China round up energy assets in that area and execute checkmate on the US via their bought-and-paid-for Greenies and fed bureaucrats, it's game over. We've already been Solyndrized. We just don't see the final trajectory. Yet

Anonymous said...

I can't even see the US around in 2018...