Friday, September 30, 2011

12 Months Of Prepping One Month At A Time

A good guide to the basics, demonstrating how to fulfill the basic bullet points for survival over the course of a year.

Pepper Spraying Peaceful Unarmed Females In NY

This is one of the perks of the "War on Terror."

The new rules for the police since 2001 have basically been - there are no rules.

A nation run by a Kenyan-born madman with a wife as crazy as any tinpot third world sewer in Africa or South America. What is this bitch ... co-ruler? Nobody voted for her. You only see garbage like this in third world countries where the dictator's wife takes every small advantage.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marxists With A Mantle Of Green Righteousness

So apt. It was truly the fall of the Berlin Wall that gave birth to globowarmthinkery in all it's hideous glory.

They Got Caught For Once

This stuff takes place behind the scenes for 75% of the media and television you see. Ever wonder why the local television stations in any country run certain special stories about this or that which happen to coincide with a new movie release concerning that same subject? Publicists set these up as play-for-pay and your media shovels it into your gullet as current events when in fact it is simply promoting sales for a private sector film.

Lax regulation and oversight by governments have gradually left the barn door open and over the past twenty years the whole industry has become one gigantic free-for-all circus promoted by a handful of megawealthy powerful conglomerates.

95% of everything in this world is likely to be bullsh*t, 110% of anything you see on television. If a guy on TV tells you the sky is blue, you need to go outdoors and verify that with the naked eye before you take it at face value.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where Do The Edjumafacated Peeple Come From?

I was in college for four years. I have more than enough credits for a degree but I have never sought one in all these years since the day I dropped out. (Offered gender sensitivity training after saying in class than women were far superior with children than men)

I just don't understand where all these edjumafacated people come from. I can remember sitting alone at my computer in an empty dormitory for years, just as I sat in front of my computer in an empty barracks for years in the army. I always knew when it was getting late - there were the whoops and drunken screams of people entering my living space again in the late hours of the night. It's literally the only thing I have ever known - me studying and reading or exercising, the rest of the human race out drinking, chasing girls and driving fast everywhere. In all that time, I have seen almost nobody like me. You can see how I got it into my head I was radically different from the rest of mankind. The facts say as much.

I'd always try to speak to my fellow soldiers or my fellow students and it was always a disaster. I would try to engage them in any subject, on any topic and it was always a waste of time. They'd speak in short, broken english, struggling to put a single sentence together, concluding any run with any semantic content with "whatever, fugg it, life is a bitch and then you die." Their attempts to speak or think were so crude they seemed like animals made in the shape of men. Cursing, dribbling, screaming, whooping ... sometimes one of them would idly wander into my dorm room or barracks and stare like a mad beast at my computer. "Sheeittt! 'Puters! That's my major, too! You ken make money in them things, getcha ah good job! Sheeiitt!" he'd say, spilling some of his beer onto my floor. "Fucken Ay, man! To the max and whatnot!" Even this brief attempt at civility appeared to tax their resources, they'd shrug and jog off, screaming some more. "Let's go get wasted, dudes! Woohoo!"

I have seen a lot of these guys in the IT workplace later on. Many of them end up managers and senior architects. They end up in charge of the contractors like me. You see their emails in the workplace, they look like something a child would put together. The grammar and spelling are so atrocious they are barely comprehensible. They have no ability to break a task down into steps and complete each step at a time. They tend to think in terms of social reference and are nearly incapable of organizing the kind of work required in software development even when they are delegating it to others.

They hide the trailer park on the job and try to sound like they are serious people but it's never far below the surface. Come Friday afternoon their conversation turns to drinking, spectator sports, women and casual sex. You never hear them speak with excitement about any of their work with computers at home on the weekends. To them, it's a way to earn a middle class lifestyle and nothing more. If they weren't getting paid to act out these roles they'd never dream of touching a computer when they weren't at work. They hate computers but they like that paycheck.

If you'll think about this, it's obvious why I believe the human race is divided into two species, mixed together like oil and water, Jacob and Esau, Sapiens and Neanderthal. Just have yourself a think about it. Given that is my experience and there are years of it, repeated in many different locales and amidst many different environments, it is easy to see how I was put into the frame of mind that was receptive to these ideas.

Vault-OS Self-Building, Self-Configuring Server

The only thing I liked about CD Commander (link no longer works for download) that I released a few years back is that it built and populated all the required databases the first time it was run, automatically, leaving the user with something ready to go with an IJW ("It just works") philosophy. The program was a series of half-starts with me trying to get my head around the right architecture. It is a thorny problem I have now solved and can demonstrate working according to the original ambitions for Vault-OS.

A lot of that embedded schema code I compiled right into the source I have successfully transferred over to the Watcom build. I am trying to use SQLite as a completely portable file repository solution not just for configuration and all system settings but also a cross-platform binary to keep all data in. The idea here was if you wake up one morning and decide you need to get a machine running with Linux, you copy that database file over as a single chunk and the Linux version of the server runs off that the first time it is initialized. This is integrated into my generic form processing routines which also operate in memory and provide for a uniquely original method for processing CGI at lightning fast speed. So I would say the hours I may have spent in the past on "CD Commander" was not a complete waste of time, I was able to port a good chunk of that source code over.

One other thing is that I have confidence this exact source is going to be nearly 100% portable to the QNX Neutrino OS, which was my original choice for Vault-OS across the board five years ago. There may still be a cross-platform build for QNX in the cards.

El Hierro, Again? Eruption Appearing Likely

This may be the straw on the camel's back.

This is a very dangerous location for many reasons, the least of which is La Palma. It seems to accompany very vigorous periods of volcanism worldwide.

A decentralized agriculture system was able to weather a year or more without a summer two centuries ago following Krakatoa and El Hierro eruptions and only a hundred thousand people starved to death. In today's world, a similar event would be absolutely apocalyptic. The only nations which would have enough money to bid for harvests would have been the Western nations in the past - however the Kwa and UK are flat out busted. Even if all the food was sold to the West and they let the rest of the planet starve, food prices would be so astronomical that you'd be extra glad you packed it as Vault-Co advised. Get ready to feed your neighbors and other non-Vault-Co browsers who didn't pack anything. There's a whole generation raised on food from a McDonald's window that will shortly be in for the surprise of their lives.

Fred Hoyle Is Not Mentioned In This Article

Vault-Co says that people who are actually smart, as opposed to pretend-smart, will find there is no place for them in the declining civilizations of Homo Sapiens. Sapiens has no use for any man who tells the truth about anything. It is actually anti-social to speak in this fashion around Homo Sapiens. Humans hate the truth and they hate hearing the truth out loud. The truth never flatters their vanity and so it is unwelcome in all quarters.

So, if every single thing the great astrophysicist Fred Hoyle believed turns out later to be right ... it means that most of scienmajistics over the past fifty years is by and large IDIOCRACY-style garbage.

When you think of the millions of dollars spent on propaganda documentaries for public television teaching billions that crappy ideas based on self-serving rubbish are more credible than good ideas motivated by a desire to discover the truth about our existence ... it's enough to discredit the entire field of modern science, permanently.

I encourage you to read the biography about Fred Hoyle and his colleague to truly understand the extent of the humiliation, ridicule, career destruction and virtual banishment of Hoyle from the field despite his enormous contribution. People were laughing and sneering at them for most of their lives, they were widely regarded as cranks and not welcome in any scientific venue anywhere.

Fred Hoyle should get a posthumous Nobel prize for his work on this question. He earned it many, many times over. Everything he was ridiculed for ("Hoyle's Fallacy") has now been revealed as sober, levelheaded scientific inquiry against a background of gammy-eyed morons and dribbling village idiots posing as scienmajistic types.

Watch the revisionists rework history on this one the same way they did with Linus Pauling. "It wasn't that we thought he was a crank and laughed at him in public and destroyed his career. We had some reservations about his theory of course ... no wait, actually I agreed with Fred on most points come to think of it. I was just posing as opposition in order to expose the whole rotten system from the inside. In fact, it was me originally who suggested the theory of panspermia to Fred that triggered his hypothesis. Yes, that's it. Good old Fred, he deserves a modicum of respect and perhaps we'll even concede he may have been correct in a very limited sense."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

VOS (IJW, Zero Configuration)

I tested the latest build tonight on DOS-32 PM, Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2000 and Windows 7. "It just works" out of the box. The GUI is the web server, so it runs right from the prompt and you configure it from a web page. (SSL for password works)

The CGI submission of forms is completely driven inside the software so it's lightning fast. The SQLite database access is in need of some optimization but I guarantee you that VOS is running faster than most web server applications right now.

The page refresh set to 1 second is what passes for real-time monitoring at present on the controller page, this is as sophisticated as you can get and keep HTML 3.2 compatibility with Mosaic and Arachne browsers for DOS. You have a table of sensors there similar to other open source monitoring software you've probably seen that changes in real-time as you're watching the web page. I pinched a thermistor for I2C in my hand and saw the temperature reading go up as I watched. These devices have detail pages where you set them up, also from scratch from the front end. If you have set an alert for a certain temperature range, that shows up in real time when the alert condition is triggered.

I pulled out all my PAWN code for release version one. I can get that running later. It's possible to schedule, configure and control all your devices from inside the browser with no programming in script required. That's the important thing, the ability to write your own custom pages will have to wait for version 2.0 after I get this out.

I only have Inventory and Personnel apps working at present and they are kind of primitive. I have changed the way I set up the filters for data and decided to hardcode a lot of stuff to get people off to roaring start from the outset. (See all foods requiring inspection/rotation, personnel with medical conditions, etc.)

It ran on a very small DOS machine with only 4 megs of RAM from a packet driver network interface and it seemed to run faster than the Windows version.

Just Don't Blow Things Out Of Proportion Is All

Japan is a post-nuclear country. The north has been evacuated soon to be followed by the South. Tokyo will be a necropolis turned back over to the roaches.

The Man Who Saved The World And Got $1000.00 and a Certificate For It

Notice his actions ruined his military career. This is what Homo Sapiens calls the cream rising to the top. If he had simply obeyed orders there would have been no Soviet Union and no military remaining as a result.

A mad race of madmen, rushing towards extinction according to best accepted practice.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Orwellian Destruction of the Past

We are at war with Oceania. We are at war with Eurasia.

This "Common Era" New World Order crapola should be rejected by all Western people wherever it appears and you should reject working with or speaking to people who try to frame history and memory in these terms. Let them know they will not be controlling your conversation or your potential to think about the world around you with this speech modification. If you hear somebody on television using this garbage, turn that program off or change the channel. This started with the metric system and this is the next step in destroying the past. Be stubborn and stick to your ancestral patterns as a point of pride in who and what you are.

Who Has Stability In Their Long Term Interests?

A different perspective from Nyquist on the developments in Europe.

How is stability going to be a common interest for major players in the world given the current situation? The collective push is going to be for instability that leads to a third world war. Despite what the average man may think of his own importance in life, the people who make these decisions have already decided their own welfare is dependent on the continuing instability of other nations and their inhabitants. The critical element to grasp about the Russians is that their own instability internally and feuding factions means that going forward we are not dealing with a monolithic state any longer like during the Cold War. We're dealing with a huge fractured cabal of gangsters and mobsters who are packing nuclear weapons. There is no deterrence there any longer because all of these undercurrents are driven by very selfish short term goals based on local needs, which depends on what gang is driving the decision making at that time.

This is why Vault-Co says the third world war is inevitable. There isn't a scenario you can come up with where it doesn't happen. The Kwa will be driving a lot of the conflict that leads to this global war that is coming precisely because of the economic turmoil they are entering.

Clay Pot Refrigeration

Ancient tech before electricity.

Economic Cataclysm Approaches

All the pundits look like idiots. Most of the stooges and front puppets for the ruling elites look like absolute morons on television trying to frame this situation in terms that make it sound like they have not been completely blindsided.

Nobody knows less about what is going on right now than the halfwits they put on television. They are the last people to understand anything.

As more gold is called, it is becoming obvious there is a huge worldwide fraud going on concerning real gold holdings. When this becomes apparent, gold is going to rocket through the stratosphere in price.

The Nazis Were Badly Behaved Boy Scouts Compared To These People

Caught Count Chocula on C-Span the other night in his speech to the U.N. after the Palestinians asked for the simple humane justice we normally afford dogs. Vlad the impaler took an hour or so to explain why that won't be convenient for some time.

The silent genocide of an entire race trapped inside a concrete fence ringed by death robots with machine gun turrets. These cowards aim for babies because they move slower than fully grown adults. Their troops have been shooting random boys in the testicles from a hundred meters out to amuse themselves for decades. They have bulldozed nurseries with children still inside them without warning. Their soldiers alternate on the rooftops between screwing each other and sniping women going to gather water at wells. They specialize in carpet bombing of civilian areas of no military significance.

The problem is that they are incapable of doing any labor of any kind and thus must import cheap workers to do the simplest tasks for them, incurring the risk that the people they are importing may be related to the people they have recently murdered in the most vicious fashion imaginable. They cannot make their own coffee despite having the largest number of idle and unemployed citizens in the world.

Their nation is the world's largest sex slave whorehouse of abducted foreign women. These women burn to death regularly inside their cells at night because their masters are not even required to provide fire exits for them when they sleep.

The first thing that hits you there is the smell. Poorly built sewerage infrastructure that never seems to be maintained no matter how much foreign aid they get means the whole country doesn't just look like it, it smells like it as well. There are third world hellholes in Africa with more pride and self-respect for their surroundings.

The one leader they had who recognized these problems (Rabin) and wanted to begin to rebuild this country to resemble a sane place, they shot dead. Nobody has stepped forward since and this country has been dominated by Maccabee style madmen for more than a decade, descending into filth and corruption unlike anything experienced on this planet previously.

They are without question the most monstrous, inhuman demonic regime of nosferatu the world has ever known. If there is a God then this race is so far from him they must be considered the children of the Anti-God. They represent the absence of the good and the beautiful. They are the darkness where no light can reach.

If a man goes into a bar and comes out with his ass beaten bloody, you might think to yourself that must be a tough bar. If a man goes into 200+ bars over 2000+ years and comes out beaten bloody from each one, that's not the bar that is the problem. That guy is doing something in there to get his ass beaten. If he had any sense he'd stay out of bars. He must ultimately want to get his ass beaten. Some people say if he goes long enough without getting his ass beaten, he will start to provoke complete strangers until somebody beats his ass down. I'd say a person fashioned this way is not blessed of God. He is accursed forever in the worst possible way.

Kwa Slammers Take Oaths of Mutual Cooporation To Convert Kwanstainia Into Plain Of Radioactive Glass

The great deception of globalism is that it is based on notions of universal altruism and shared best interests of all concerned when in fact that is a secular utopian poppycock ideal that never was and never will be.

The penalty for getting it wrong is to end up a blasted wasteland of ruin where the only inheritance is for crows and maggots.

Intense Geomagnetic Storms Buffet The Magnetic Bow Shield Of The Planet

Vault-Co says this is the start of much worse, continuing for many years and accompanied by ever-increasing volcanic and tectonic activity.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vault-OS Update

Going well for the Win32 version. I broke the cross platform code for DOS-16 but it still compiles cleanly for DOS-32 Protected Mode and Linux.

I have been rewriting the architecture to make it way more open and work on all four target platforms. So far, so good. This is actually the first time in several months I've had all the HTML and forms working again.

I abandoned all my feature creep trying to embed SVG and Javascript conditionally and still maintain HTML 3.2 compatibility for DOS browsers. I have just concentrated on getting the pure HTML 3.2 working across all platforms. The other stuff is commented out until version 2 comes along.

I basically ripped off all the daemons for PVBROWSER ( and integrated them into Vault-OS, so I can support so many different types of devices you wouldn't believe it, from CANBUS to ModBus, Siemens protocol, Serial, RS-485, the way it works now the user can add a daemon for nearly any kind of hardware you could imagine.

Biggest break on the DOS-16 / Desqview platform is trying to compile SQLite small enough, I finally just didn't bother for now and have been focused on the Win-32 platform for the first release. My old Powerbasic program still works for DOS-16 environment, so it's not a problem if I do require support for a very small memory constrained x86 device. I have at least six PC/104 boards that fit this profile.

I need it so badly to manage my own stuff I really have no choice but to finish the first version as quickly as I can and get it out there so I can get some beta testers. I will have some screenshots up in the near future.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Secret Infrastructure Of Civil Defense

It was something back when something was recognized as way better than nothing and nothing was regarded as crazy, which is what they have now.

I'm always interested in the little local touches that accompany many stashes, like the private sector bottled water in this collection. A very good idea as long as the bottles don't break. Nowadays you should consider soda water for this kind of storage - the salt is likely to keep the water sterile long after the carbonation has faded away, it's in a sealed can and not easily compromised by a few bumps or shakes. You can buy it in cases which stack nicely.

The secret infrastructure of secret infrastructure.

Europe Will Crater And Leave A Smoking Hole

Panic across Europe as the entire idea of the union becomes such an obvious mistake. So close to global governance, yet so far. These kinds of utopian schemes always end in catastrophic crashes and every generation relearns this lesson because humans are incapable of learning from the past. Ten thousand years could pass in the blink of any eye without a single Homo Sapiens being able to focus on anything relevant during that time. Humans just don't learn, period.

2ND Poll for Ron Paul, Fox Erased 1st One

Ron Paul won by a huge margin, Fox News took the poll offline and reported Mitt Romney as the winner.

They've put another one up today on the right sidebar at the link above, as you can see, Ron Paul is winning by a colossal lead. The other ZOG Puppets barely registered any interest at all.

Your Immune System Protects You Against Illness

Not a vaccine.

At the risk of repeating myself, a company I worked at recently had 3 floors of employees who lost what amounted to years of man-hours at work due to a flu epidemic. I sat by sipping my herbal tea watching while entire floors called in sick and the whole company was depopulated for weeks at a time. Nearly every single employee was out for a week or more, setting the company back months and months in many of their projects.

I had people sneezing right in my face, sneezing in the kitchen, coughing violently a meter away, coughing on my lunch, coughing on their desks. I never did get sick.

The only thing I could find in common with a buddy of mine who sat on the same floor in this huge empty office was that neither one of us had taken advantage of the free flu vaccination offered to all staff for this firm.

After a couple months watching this, I began to develop a feeling of near invulnerability. I had actually gained 14 kilos of muscle (age 48, no steroids) during this time. One night at the gym, realizing I had forgotten to bring my belt, I did ass-to-calves squats followed by hack squat with well over a metric ton on the stack. Ha, I thought. I don't need no steenkin' belt. My ginormous superhuman neanderthal muscles laugh at belts and other puny human tools to shore up their feeble physiques. As if my superhuman frame and bone structure needed support from a tiny piece of leather to go around my waist.

I threw my back out so badly I have been bedridden for more than three weeks and had to take enough painkillers to put a draft horse down at a veterinarial clinic. I was unable to sleep much for the first week and only lately has it begun to settle down.

Success breeds failure because it leads to hubris and arrogance. Tex is a little less vulnerable to this kind of foolishness than most but after all, I am only human. You'll never see superman lying in bed moaning and asking his wife to help him get his socks on.

HPV Vaccine Is A Population Control Measure Used To Induce Sterility In Human Cattle

Absolutely. Abortion has been discarded as an inefficient means of controlling the herd's numbers. Besides, Merck wouldn't lie to you about it's safety just to make a fortune all over again.

Anyone allowing their daughter to get this vaccine should have never brought her into this world. You are killing her womb before she is even full grown. Any government which would enforce this vaccine is illegitimate and must face the death penalty for treason against its own citizens.

The Constitution Cannot Be Enforced If There Is Nobody Left Smart Enough To Understand It

Outside of the Soviet Union under Stalin there is no precedent for banning private meetings in homes without a license. That is so Orwellian it defies description.

The Only Person Left Who Doesn't Realize ITZ Coming Is You And Some Tolkien Fan Who Still Lives With His Parents

The government has been stockpiling emergency food going back to 2000, before 9/11 and possibly much earlier. The other governments of the world are doing the same.

The Majority of People Are Mentally Unstable, Cowardly and Delusional

Every choice they make is based on the path of least resistance. Any claims to the contrary are foolish vanity piled on top of delusional thinking. It's like letting the inhabitants of a mental asylum vote on what therapy they should undergo to get better. Any consensus they come to is worthless.

It was so obvious there was something fishy going on 9-11-2001. So obvious.

The Hopiate Of The Masses

Doomed. Doomed. Doomed nation. Doomed nation. Everybody there is going to die. There is less hope for Kwanstainia than Carthage at the end of the third punic war. A country is no better than its leaders and every nation eventually gets the leaders they deserve.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

UPDATE : I'm getting comments and emails from Kwanstainians promising they are going to take the rest of us with them when they go down. This is all they have left to offer. It's really pathetic sounding. I think not. I reckon the world will keep turning and the world economy will continue to function even if Europe and the U.S. are just smoking craters.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Are Free To Think And Believe What Everyone Else Does, Which Is The Diametric Opposite Of Everything Your Own Judgement And Reasoning Tell You

The Vedantic scrolls say "they are tyrants without limitation of conduct and can exercise no restraint of passions." That was written at some point over 8000+ years ago, perhaps even 12,000+ years ago at the start of the Holocene. Think about what a sublime insight that is into their innermost character, even in translation of Sanskrit it comes across vividly despite the barrier of language, culture and time.

A few stanzas later, the "breath" metaphors begin, a total of seven metaphors to describe how their "breath" affects things around them. "Their breath issues out an unclean spirit that suppresses the rightful expression of law which is a function of the mouth."

Pay attention to the incredible parallels between this following stanza which is remarkably like passages in the Old Testament. "An unclean spirit is breathed from them that is like the paralyzing venom of serpents to excite confusion."

The Vedantics were scholars who had survived the apocalypse described in the Mahabarata and has set themselves the task of analyzing and comprehending why their civilization had been destroyed. They were trying to warn people in the future about these things in the hope what wisdom they could distill from experience would be transmitted to the next generation. One theme that occupied the Vedantics is insidiousness, that is to say, how the worst things come on as a series of gradual abuses that do not seem catastrophic at the time but eventually add up to the "fire mushrooms" that destroyed the Indo-Aryan civilization. Academics will tell you they are "obscure" for a reason. Academics don't want you learning anything from your ancestors - they essentially want to insert themselves between you and your forefathers so they can't tell you anything or pass anything to you that you could use to avoid the evils they describe. For this reason, the Vedantic scrolls of ancient India remain some of the most politically incorrect literature of all time, second only to the Dead Sea scrolls themselves.

Einstein Didn't Know What He Was Talking About

Fake. Fraud. Cagliostro. Poseur. Charlatan. Mountebank. Swindler. Plagiarist.

Never trust a "scienmajist" who has ten mistresses. Not much time left for science. He's a scam artist who is fronting for certain. More interested in pursuit of carnal needs than intellectual fulfillment.

It's a living if you are too lazy for honest work.

People like this have been holding the entire human race back for a long, long time. They are stumbling blocks thrown at the feet of mankind. Sometimes you have to wonder if they were built that way for a reason.

If Homo Sapiens was a custom genetic product designed to destroy Neanderthals, what steps were taken to assure that Sapiens himself would never be a problem? Was he assigned a natural predator of his own to see to it he would never get far before he was knocked back? I think the Neanderthal was considered the Cane Toad of the Neolithic and when his extermination was conceived, the planners made certain that his replacement would not itself come to be a problem in time. They would make sure that Sapiens would be like crabs in a box, never getting high enough to climb out before his fellows pulled him back. He would wipe out the Amud and then enter a cycle of existence that would be a locked phase loop, with no danger he'd ever amount to anything that had the potential of the Amud Mousterians.

I reckon nobody is worried about Homo Sapiens ever getting off this planet or going for too long without a war that tears it all down again. Anybody that knows him well knows these men could not schedule a picnic without it ending in madness, bloodshed and famine. Sapiens couldn't organize a bowel movement. He ain't no danger to anyone but himself.

October 2011 Is A Real Scary Month

Kwa is tapped out and has thrown all ballast overboard. Nothing will stop their economic balloon from leaving a crater when it hits the ground.

Global markets doing a face plant this week, the Dow Jones unlikely to ever be pumped up to 10,000 ever again by the end of this year. It's the end for Babylon.

Reality : Always The Opposite Of The Consensus

Completely different picture of the ancient world, more in line with history as taught before World War II - "diffusion," the migration of the ancient kings of Arya all over the world.

Turns out modern people don't even know what their ancestors knew fifty years ago and what little they think they know, turns out to be even more incorrect than if they knew nothing at all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Sick Dreams Of The Leftists Are Collapsing Worldwide

If you show me a grand secular utopian ideal, I'll show you rivers of blood in the offing. Secular utopias always end in war, famine and mass death.

These people will never change. They are incapable of learning. They will never be able to adapt in any sense other than delegating responsibility to the State. It is all they can understand and it is all they will ever be able to understand. They cannot benefit from the lessons of the past because they cannot concede there are lessons in the past.

"The last man blinks and he says to himself, formerly, all the world was mad, you know. The last man always believes his generation is the first to see clearly, when in fact it is the last generation for the very reason it is incapable of seeing anything altogether."

- Friedrich Nietszche

Nietszche celebrated the appearance of the last man because he always believed it was a sign that a tired, senile old world had come to the end of its lifespan and was about to collapse and give birth to a set of new possibilities. Friedrich regarded the last man as the most horrible of all creatures because such people not only believed themselves to be the last men but thought they were the best men as well, when in fact there is never any human being worse than the last man and no fate more terrible than the goals that the last man seeks. If you've ever spent ten minutes in a socialist hospital or stood in line in a bureacracy you'll know why Zarathrustra was right.

A "Rally" Where The Only Buyers Are Rubes

Mid-October, it's going to crash and burn along with commodities, derivatives and shipping futures.

This is it. This is your big boy, the one we've been warning about since 1998.

Kiss the Kwa goodbye, it's going to leave an oily sheen on the sidewalk when it is over. There isn't enough capital in North America to service these debts.

They'll admit to 14 trillion dollars. The real figure for obligations is more like 150+ trillion dollars in debt that is about to get called in. That's endgame for the nation formerly known as the United States.

Globowarmthinkers Cause Complete Recall And Pulping of Times Atlas

That's what happens when lying liars tell lies. People willing to pay 150 pounds want an accurate map, not a political fantasy.

Increasingly, globowarmthinkery is becoming too expensive a delusion for anyone to indulge in.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At Last, An Efficient Means Of Peasant Disposal

Hear, hear! The toast of the Bilderberger conference this year.

Imagine a filthy peasant demanding to be interred in the earth as his ancestors were.

From dust ye came, to greasy brown syrup you will return and be promptly flushed into the sewer to mix with feces as is your place.

Sooner or later, somebody will point out this brown syrup could go back into feedlots for added nutrition for cattle.

UPDATE : Heart organs can now be removed while still beating. Once you accept government control over your health, you will be regarded as a meat resource sooner or later - and nothing more.

Shut Up And Get Back In Your Free Speech Cage

A nation that expects to be ignorant and free expects what never was and never can be.

- Ben Franklin

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kwanstain Hospital Death Gestapo

New laws passed in recent months permit hospitals to declare patients "incompetent" to administrate their own affairs and seize all their assets for sale before slipping them off the mortal coil with a lethal injection.

I would recommend avoiding hospitals in the Kwanstain unless you have no other options.

Valedictorian Nails Her Own Jailers


George Soros, Always Eager To Help Out

Whooda thunkit? Totally innocent suggestion, of course. George is motivated by universal altruism, like Jesus except even more selfless. That's right. He's just interested in doing what is best for others. He lives to give.

I predict George is going to offer to "hold" the money for everybody in his new treasury. The man is a saint.

Soros is the Bernie Madoff of the planet.

Kwa = Smoking Sodomite Crater

I predict that even if the Kwa were able to navigate the waters of the coming Great Depression without warfare, their nation would not recover in a thousand years. War provides the only hope they will ever have of boosting their nation back to productivity. All other options result in third world living conditions for them, forever, with no hope of ever restoring their former glory.

In previous wars, America oversaw the destruction of their economic competitors and then the benefit of abducting the best scientists, engineers, artisans and innovators that Germany had. There is no such miracle waiting in their future now. There is no magic get-out-of-the-jail-we-built-for-ourselves card waiting in the stack for them to draw.

It's obvious why they are obsessed with "reality" shows in the Kwanstain. It's an escape from reality for them.

The Ugly Face Of Racism In America

Until the white man is willing to deal with the consequences of the inhuman regime he has forced this race to live under in his own country, he will never achieve any virtue. The business of daily living for these people is so difficult (as you can see in this video linked to above) that it is amazing they have still retained some personal dignity in the face of these nightmarish realities.

Until whitey is willing to cough up another swipe card for the necessities of human existence like DD-40 Malt Liquor, cigarettes and weed, the black man will continue to stoke the fires of righteous rage against a government that has clearly demonstrated it doesn't care about his well-being and forces him to exist in squalor.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Any Approach Which Requires Modern People To Demonstrate Sanity Is Doomed To Failure

Read the link to understand why I have said this so many times. I'm way ahead of the kinds of guys who write these editorials.

You don't understand modern people living in the West until you understand they are completely, utterly out of touch with reality. Any appeal to their reasoning or their ability to sort fiction from fact is going to fail.

This is why only dictators and tyrants have any opportunity to gain popular support in declining societies. The societies are in decline because the individuals who live in it are each themselves in decline and will only turn to fiat emperors to solve their own internal disorder. This of course is itself doomed to failure. Nobody can come in from the outside and fix what is wrong with your insides, anymore than they can part the Red Sea or change wine into water.

When the individual as an atomic unit begins to fail, there is no law and no hegemon who can repair that problem. The society follows suit. This is why human societies last an average of 200 years or thereabouts. Around the midway mark a century in, the calibre of the average individual begins to wane.

The kinds of people who stay in power during the decline are always the same. They know how to play the peasants off one against the other, keeping them so busy mired in internal fighting they cannot unite against the State.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Never Trust A Man Who Has Never Been Punched In The Face

Absolutely spot-on must read article.

Hide Your Kids From These Preverts

'Cuz they were born that way, baby.

This is the new normal. Establishing channels of access for pedophiles to children is essentially the core of this year's blitzkrieg on culture. As near as I can tell, it's working. Sanity is losing.

The West has compressed the degeneracy of the last 150 years of Rome into a single decade or less.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Greece Will Be The First Domino

Greece is going to default and the European Union is going to either have to use force to keep it's member nations from disbanding or else fall apart into bickering cells of what were once homogeneous nations, now nests of alienated tourists with no common culture to bind them together through hard times.

Rather than blame the opportunists who put the European Union together, you should also consider the decadence of each of it's joiners, who basically sold their birthrights for a handful of magic beans. They had to be pretty sick and degenerate to even join the union to begin with. Each of the populations involved had surrendered their Christian faith, their patriotism, their respect for their mother and father, their respect for their ancestors. It is only these things that made the EU possible at all.

China Formally Commits To Liquidating ZOGBux

Serious business. These are signposts at the end-of-the-road for the nation previously known as the United States. This could start a real panic on Wall Street with a massive run on the banks to follow.

The Kwanstainian Dream : Eating From Garbage Bins

This is a big problem in South America, to the point that a lot of bins have to be fenced off against the encroachment of the poor desperate for something to eat. In many parts of the third world, there are encampments around refuse dumps that basically survive with "home delivery" every time a truck arrives.

I don't think the 'Stain is far off at this point. George Carlin was right. You have to be asleep to believe it.

I Agree With Tom Chittum About China

Misery loves company. For eons here, we've had Kwanstainians coming to Vault-Co to tell us they are going to take the world down with them economically.

At best, the collapse of the Kwanstain is going to hurt the Kwa and Europe

It's not the flaccid, burnt-out tomb called the U.S. driving demand anymore

Newfound affluence in China is creating more and more hunger for new goods

Ten years ago, Vault-Co was nuts for saying China would be the world's leading economy in a decade and would vaporize the Kwa. Now, it's self-evident.

I have never agreed. I do not believe that the future of the U.S. economy is tied to the health of the world economy any longer. I think that the Kwanstain is going to crash and burn in the worst Depression their nation has ever seen. I do not believe they can take the world down with them, there is too much punch still left in the Asia-Pacific nations in terms of growth and demand.

China is in touch with reality. The Kwa is off with the fairies. Kwanstains trusted Hollyweird and their media barons to tell them where to concentrate their efforts and Al Gore's squad has sent them off on a wild goose chase after thin air. Very shortly, China will be in a position to never worry about electricity again.

I've always thought that Australia is going to prove quite capable of supplying nearly every raw material that the Asians need. We require our own military to keep it that way and it needs to serve as a strong deterrent. Whatever is needed to achieve that end is worth it.

My fear has always been that the Kwa will take the world down with it using it's military. I just wanted to point out the distinction.

New Sodom

Link to Gaga's video.

Possibly the most monstrous, luciferian horror I have ever seen. Warning - this is vile. H.P. Lovecraft could not write stuff this grotesque. Imagine the world these creatures would create if not stopped by the wrath of God.

Atheist Gibberish In Tatters, Entire Paradigm For Secular Universe On Verge Of Crashing Into Rubble

Vault-Co told you so.

There ain't no Higgs Boson.

At least half the Nobel Prizes awarded over the previous century have to be reclaimed and the winners should give the money back, for all their bogus particle physics baloney. They did not deserve these awards anymore than any bum on any park bench in the world. Jerry Lewis-style scienmajistics and vaudeville crapola.

Krisschan Tells Flock God Got it Wrong, He Got It Right You See

This zionist shill is a human butt-puppet for AIPAC and as far removed from the Gospel as as a man can get. He is not fit to preach or even enter a church into the midst of Christians.

"'For the LORD God of Israel says That He hates divorce, For it covers one's garment with violence,' Says the LORD of hosts. 'Therefore take heed to your spirit, That you do not deal treacherously'"

-(Malachi 2:16).

Remembering that God is longsuffering towards us and does not shun us or cast us out despite our unworthiness, we should always be mindful to show our beloved the same faithfulness, whether they are sick, if they disappoint us or even if they no longer extend the same towards us. God is watching you and you are hanging by a thread. No bastard who turns his wife out for a new model because she is sick or old or infirm will see God, they will go to the Judgement and they will lose arguing their case with God.

The problem with this zionist bastard is not just that he takes pleasure in going straight to hell, he takes pleasure in seducing millions into going with him. If he had any natural love in him or anything healthy he would know what a grievous sin it is he celebrates.

Never forget the Lord is always watching you to see whether or not you truly believe you have grace. If you have salvation, you will tremble at the thought of offending a God who has demonstrated such overwhelming patience and mercy on your behalf.

Everything You Need To Know About 9-11 In 5 Mins

Sheeple gonna sheeplin'.

The Inexorable Gears Of WW3 Are Turning

You can see things lining up. It's 1933 all over again or 1917, same situation leading to the same outcome. This time the weapons will be bigger and better than anything anybody has seen previously. Same old war, greater civilian deaths. It is a trajectory mankind has been on for three centuries.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Worldwide Quake Of September 15th, 2011

Another harbinger of things to come. This is part of the new "normal," so get used to it. Things may not settle down during your lifetime.

What Better Use For U.S. Taxpayers Money Than Bailing Out International Bankers?

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Refutes Newspeak

We do not live in a meritocracy. The botched and the bungled rule the roost.

Being born bright is a crime in this brave new world. Anybody with an IQ above room temperature who wants to simply say something true out loud is a criminal by definition according to these bizarre, decadent cultural standards.

3 Year Olds Registered As Thought Criminals

No, it's not a bad dystopian science fiction story.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rep. Gifford's False Flag !!?!?!!?!??!?!

This is incredible. Watch this. Parallels to all the drills planned on 9-11 to coincide with the event.

In the Army, we were taught in Psy-Ops you must always provide yourself a cover story should anything go wrong and this story should plausibly conceal the real nature of the operation planned.

Asking Reasonable Questions Means You Are Nuts and in Response We Will Beat Your Ass

Bob Graham tries to lie, gets frustrated and orders guards to suppress questions.

"We've been through all that" is an answer given by a liar who knows he is lying and that if he has to speak on a subject he will get caught in more lies.

There's a reason these people talk funny. They're lying.

Europe Returns To The Dark Ages : Tuberculosis

Another dividend of the gift that keeps on giving, multikult. Superbugs in third world countries are coming to the West for a better life, too.

The Upcoming Nuclear War

Excellent analysis. J.R. Nyquist, Thomas Pochari and Robert Kaplan tipped me off to the hopelessness of the situation in the Middle East over a decade ago.

Israel is a nation of cunning but not very bright people who possess nuclear weapons and lack the good judgement and sense to exercise restraint. This is an explosive cocktail. A country where clinical mania afflicts it's citizens at 500+ times the rate of the average person in other ethnic groups sitting on nukes allows even a layman to figure out the inevitable conclusion to that experiment.

The Samson option has been mentioned by Krevald - the ultimate sour grapes.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kiss Europe Goodbye

It's going to break up into nation-states again and then those nation-states are going to explode into internal civil war, having lost all homogeneity in the thrall of the beautiful lies of globalism.

All aspirations to utopian paradises always end in rivers of blood.

Thugs Be Thuggin'

Well understood for a long time that the superthug was doing a solid for his fellow thugs in the thug industry when he ordered 12 year old girls to get injected at gunpoint with their thug therapy. A couple dead little girls is a small price to pay to put some green into the pockets of one's fellow thugs who are down in the thug hierarchy.

If these are the only white men we have coming forward as leaders, I'd rather we elected Alan Keyes. It is obvious if a decent melanin-challenged man came forward (like Ron Paul) they'd never let him close to the office anyway, no matter how many "votes" were cast for him. A simple SQL update query fixes all those pesky "votes" in the Diebold automated system.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pod People Announce New Initiative To Be Real

Sure they're real. This week, as any other week, they'll be whatever they need to be to regain the trust of the rubes one more time to screw them all over again.

The problem with pod people declaring themselves real at the core is that they have no core and no reality. They are infinitely malleable shapeshifters who conform to whatever is supposed to be the dominant standard of the hour.

If "honesty" is being promoted as a virtue again, then they'll present themselves as "honest" - in the queer stilted fashion they think resembles their interpretation of what an "honest person" would talk and act like. Last week they were bashing Christianity, this week they'll extoll the Christian virtue of honesty and plain speaking if that appears to secure the trust of others. Until next week, anyway.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

China's Ghost Cities : The Marxist Disease

Fiat economies build cities in the middle of nowhere that nobody will ever live in, then declare a housing boom on the books. These communist bubbles always end the same way.

I heard somebody say recently that Russians don't need to play the video game STALKER, they can step out on their front porch and live action roleplay STALKER in their own town. It's just thousands of miles of abandoned industrial works that are crumbling into rust everywhere you look.

Mysterious Po Valley Quake Activity?!?

About fifteen years ago I was reading about the Po Valley ridge running synchronously with the Adriatic fault lines on the Earth's crust. It was believed that changes here were fundamental to the forming of European geological features a very, very long time ago.

More and more of these quakes appear to be happening at the deepest levels possible, right at the edge of solidity for the crust. It's all over the planet, not in any one place.

A reasonable conclusion is that the Earth is in store for extremely large tectonic movements with all that entails. Our civilization is very fragile, it wouldn't take half as much change as these quakes seem to indicate is approaching for it to utterly collapse.

Globowarmthinkery Is For People Who Otherwise Should Not Be Trusted With Anything, Period

Globowarmthinkists are what is left when all the better puppies have retired to tend their own private gardens. It is the absence of the good. It is what remains when all the really bright people have abandoned the public commons and surrendered it to the sociopaths and psychopaths to demolish. Globowarmthinkery is what rushes in to fill the vacuum left behind when nobody decent is interested in a career in science.

We don't live in a meritocracy. Evolution does not favor the smartest or most virtuous. Natural selection works against quality. Progressivism is a faith that makes druidism look positively rational.

Homo Sapiens - a breed of man designed to exterminate another race of men, which in turn itself is designed to be a victim to another race of men, all of whom collectively achieve a sum total progress of zero when measured over time. This planet is designed to see to it that nobody gets out of here alive. This is what the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Curse of Humbaba were all about - demonstrating a mythological cycle that points to the futility of seeking a way out. Enkidu and his race were the biggest scapegoats in the history of this planet and an example was made of them to demoralize the whole human race. I feel the Epic of Gilgamesh complements the New Testament when it is recognized for what it is, a book of mythology that preceded the Gospel. It shows mankind tried and failed to challenge the ruling classes many times before Christ succeeded where many mere humans failed. These ruling classes have always been the children of Lucifer and like their master they have always described themselves as "gods," seeking to usurp the divine.

Nevertheless, despite the hand wringing of the Sumerian priests, the whole of Mesopotamia was filled with statues of Enkidu riding on the back of the Bull of Heaven, his hands lifted up in joy towards the stars. The priests reminded the peasants they were to derive no courage from Enkidu's story but the common people ignored them. Something in humans still remains that wants to break out of these cycles of ascent and decline.

The real question is not why the majority of people are like that. You would expect by now that every good thing would have been hammered out of them. The real enigma is why any human being remains who yearns for something other than this drab madness. I am happy to say it took me fifty years to figure out why this is. It's because those special people still retain some of the genes of Enkidu, the rodeo clown who challenged the "gods." The rest of them are simply Globowarmthinkists.

Ron Perry - Worthless Thug Bullying Ron Paul

These people are so vile they can't even keep it concealed during the brief moments they think the cameras are turned off.

Have you ever seen the cowardly sort of moron who has to get physical on his opponent because he has proven unable to counter any of his arguments? Rick Perry has about the same intelligence as any of the other ZOG ass-puppets in this rube's race. Which is to say, just what is required to get him in front of a teleprompter and read his scripted lines.

These losers are no match for Ron Paul. All he has is the truth and the brains to articulate it out loud. They have neither.

I predict Ron Paul is either going to get killed or get defrauded of the Republican nomination. The fact is, the Republicans don't deserve a candidate like this one. They deserve to sit in their own filth and get the best leaders that AIPAC money can buy. Ron Paul is too good for the likes of this scum and I really wish he wouldn't bother. This nation is doomed and nothing can save it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Escaping The USSA

The situation now is really appalling. The Founding Fathers would be deeply grieved about the collapse and occupation of the country formerly known as the United States and they would urge disobedience as surely as they did against the tyranny of the Redcoats. The fact is, it's a colony run by foreigners who operate it as a purely-for-profit slave camp. They don't even try to conceal it any longer.

Kwanstainians are slack-jawed brain dead vegetables for a reason. It's no accident. The system was designed to produce people who would be incapable of revolting and who would have no other options.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

H2O2 & Hydroponics

Thought this may be of interest to people who have experienced mold and fungal problems with sealed hydroponics systems.

My problems with black mold in the shelter began when I tried to run a small hydro lab down there in an experiment to grow strawberries underground. I really think this was when the humidity "baked in" because the solution circulating began to off-gas into the air to foster the growth of mold. The experiment to grow strawberries was a failure. I had a few sprouts the size of buttons but my lights weren't strong enough to promote any serious growth and bloom. I had begun to notice a funny odor in the air when I dismantled this tiny factory and brought it out.

In my next iteration, I am moving way ahead of my original little setup with a fully automated lab that will trap humidity levels inside a plastic vapor barrier inside the shelter. This time around I realized the need to be able to assure disinfection of nutrient solution at regular intervals.

I was exploring the use of iodine but now I am firmly in the camp of H2O2, a few drops a day every day on a schedule, supplemented with a small bubbler to keep it oxygenated. The iodine may still come in handy when the system is flushed and rinsed out to prepare for a new crop.

My goal is a hydroponics lab that does everything but plant the original seeds and pull them up when it is time to harvest. I want the machine to do everything else.

My lighting this time around will be extreme low power red-blue LEDs right over the surface of the plants with two hours a day of bright intense Luxons to kick off bloom. I am trying to keep the energy demands so low they could be powered by a single 24 AH 12 volt battery for an entire month with a recharge.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Steadily Escalating Quake Activity Planetwide

The past week or so has been surreal. The whole planet is shaking like crazy from pole to pole.

The Toba eruption 80,000 years ago is soundly implicated as the last truly big genetic bottleneck, with the human population reduced to only a few thousand worldwide. There have been black mats laid down at 11,500 year intervals ever since. Each one of these black mat events was apocalyptic but the Toba eruption was so grim it may have left the Earth pitch black and without proper sunlight for more than twenty years.


European Replay of Bolshevist Seizure of Russia

The key is to put the diagnosis into the hands of the State and it's "experts," which means the power to institutionalize people for "being sad" and "having insomnia" becomes an arbitrary fiat power. Living under a totalitarian government that was never elected can do that to a person so eventually this diagnosis can apply to anyone at random.

If you get this stage consolidated you are now ready to do as the Soviet Union did and pop dissidents out of bed in the middle of the night and commit them involuntarily "for their own good."

It is believed that the Soviet psychiatry system performed upwards of 80,000 lobotomies for purely political reasons.

First you get the power to diagnose unchallenged.

Then you get the power to commit unchallenged.

Then you get the power to "cure" unchallenged (drill out their frontal lobes.)

What lays the groundwork for this sort of madness is a parlor psychology spearheaded by television hosts like Oprah and Dr. Phil. All of the prerequisites make what follows seem like a natural extension of the "therapy" that is to be imposed. I firmly believe that Oprah and then Dr. Phil's careers were funded and promoted for the very purpose of normalizing this insane marxist bullsh*t.

The Icebreaker Fiasco

This will make you puke it's so dumb.

The U.S. once had the mightiest fleet of icebreakers and polar research vessels the world has ever seen. Our clever ancestors in the 1950's knew that potential arctic resources of all varieties made it a practical requirement to have a navy and scientific exploration capability for the cold extremes of the planet. If nothing else then to counter the other superpowers in these regards.

Under the influence of globowarmthinkery and the pathetic academics who constructed it, nearly all the infrastructure to support arctic exploration has withered away until the U.S. depends on the generosity of other nations to get up there and look around - without their assistance, the Kwa would be no more capable of mounting cold weather expeditions than any region in Africa.

As of late, the swedes have admitted they can't crack this ice anymore. It's too thick, too expansive and it is a strain on their own resources. They may require these icebreakers just to keep some shipping lanes open and can no longer help out loser nations like Kwanzania which don't have the money to front expeditions of their own.

The nation that featured in ICE STATION ZEBRA with Rock Hudson is long dead. There is no Cold War superpower with a vast scientific and research capacity. That country has given way to a broken conglomerate of crotch-grabbers who can only hitch rides on boats that other people provide them out of pity. The people who own those boats have just decided they won't be providing any more free rides.

I think this is part of the shrinking horizons that accompany a new Dark Age. The borders expand and what was once close by and comprehensible becomes something far away and unknown. Keep this in mind the next time the papers print some cheesy poppycock about the arctic, remembering that there are fewer people stationed there than ever and even fewer people who find it accessible. It will someday become terra obscura again, as it was in the past.

Kwanzania Is A Third World Toilet

Several third world countries have come forward to say they are insulted by the comparison and will be seeking to create a new nomenclature for the Kwa called "fifth rate country" so as to draw a distinction between themselves and the Kwanzan failed state.

Murder is legal in the Kwa if you have the right connections. Remains illegal for peasants and filthy men-cattle.

Kwanzans believe there may be a small hitch in the ongoing recovery but luckily it will not interfere with cappuccino service.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Brutal Onset Of The Coming Ice Age : 2011

Cold, hungry and relentless.

This approaching climate ≠ modern civilization. It will hit the West like a runaway freight train. Something will have to go and it will probably be a lot of people.

Our ancestors meant to prepare for this event. It's in the literature throughout the 1950's everywhere you look. Our generation is about as prepared for this as a kitten in the median strip with an 18 wheel tractor trailer coming at it. This is a reality thing and this generation of men and reality don't mix too good.

Peak Oil Is A Peak Lie About Peak Profit

There is a surplus of oil pouring onto world markets and a surplus of exports out of the United States. Ditto for Australia. The reason oil costs more at the pumps is that they are charging it and people are paying it.

All we need is one chief executive of any nation mention nationalizing oil resources and within 24 hours, the price would "mysteriously" drop.

Australia not only exports their oil, they reimport it and pay a premium for it to put their own oil into their own tanks.

This. Civilization. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

You're Evil And You Smell Funny If You Try To Draw Your Own Conclusions

Innately evil. Worse than witchcraft or murder. Thinking is the ultimate crime according to some. Your freedom is impinging on my right to tell you what to do and if you were a better person you would be willing to give it up. The inescapable logic of psychopaths.

If The Ballot Box Fails, The Bullet Box Succeeds

When the "elected" are still meeting with representatives of foreign countries to listen to their feedback but no longer listen to their own constituents, the democratic process has failed and will not be resuscitated.

The Only Creatures Left Playing The Market Are Computers

That's right, folks. Read it and weep.

In place of an economy, we have a handful of computers creating a Potemkin village simulating economic activity.

The end comes and it is Pythonesque.

These People Make The Nazis Look Like Badly Behaved Boy Scouts In Comparison

The horror. The horror.


While the rubes like yourselves believe in the assurances you get from the elites that everything is just peachy and a mere bump on the recovery, the big power players are telling their clients to pack it because itz coming.

Part of the entire game of stocks is always keeping the peasants falling for the next wave of scams. When they stop purchasing and investing in the latest ripoff bubble and start asking for their money, you're going to see a rolling wave of defaults and busts hit every major institution in the Kwanzanian economy, leaving nothing but a gigantic crater behind it.

Australia Is Digging Its Own Grave

We have 250 million radical muslims surrounding on us three sides and our own government is busy dismantling our military and completely disarming the population, driving all munitions manufacturers out of the country and doing everything in it's power to streamline an invasion from the North which would vaporize the inhabitants of this country in about a week.

Thirty million lambs with metrosexual necks stretched out for the slaughter.

All it would take is a flashpoint to make Indonesia even less attractive as a place to live and force the inhabitants to look for better shores beyond their own.

The world projected will be a very hungry one and Australia remains one of the last productive, reliable sources of agriculture and beef production. The most likely scenario is a new China Pacific hegemony backing the Indonesians by providing them with the navy and amphibious support they need to cross the eighty miles of ocean at the northern tip. After the Kwa defaults the Chinese will be the new rulers of the planet and they will not necessarily be interested in paying for anything they need anymore. They will probably enlist the Indonesian government into service to put the boots on the ground they need to simply take everything by force. Indonesia will be starving and only too eager to oblige them.

The computer simulations show the upper 50% of the country falling to occupation in a week and the rest of the country the following year. You add a few tactical nukes from China to soften them up and the whole matter could be concluded in one month, with no remaining traces that there was ever a European population down here at all.

It's so simple, even an Australian could figure it out.

Lightning In The Brain : When Evolutionary Change Starts To Make Sense

Magnetic reversal is the holy grail of all the major sciences. Seriously. It's the key that opens every door. There isn't a single branch of science that would not benefit from recognizing the role it has played in the history of this planet.

The Knock-Out Game

If lions had killed 48,000+ Americans in the past thirty years, there would not be a lion left alive on this planet. The U.S. Air Force would napalm jungles and drop daisycutters on zoos. People would shoot any lion on sight and it would be legal to put out traps for lions in public places where they had been responsible for the deaths of humans. Genetic engineers would design viruses to render lions sterile and then spray entire peninsulas which were identified as regions populated by lions. Politicians would run on strategic planks promising a "world without lions" where humans could live secure and peaceably. The most popular saying in the United States would be "the only good lion is a dead lion." Within a few short years, lions would only exist as stuffed displays in museums and in picture books.

What we have now is a game preserve where lions are legally entitled to stalk and eat human beings, with government action to protect their rights to do so. Anyone who objects is simply a "lion-hater" who prefers humans over lions in a species-specific bigotry that cannot be tolerated.

Nothing To See Here People, Keep Moving Along

All just a minor interruption in the great march towards the globalist paradise, with Care Bears and Smurfs serving up rainbow stew to all who hunger and everyone riding on the backs of little unicorn ponies. Oh how we'll laugh. Please regard this year and the year coming as mere hitches on the road to the secular humanist utopia.

Revelation of the Method

This is the way they do it.

They plan it. Then they manufacture some dream images to reinforce it. Then they do it. It's like a magical belief that the subject of a mural painted on a cave wall can come to life by willing it into existence.

Remember PEARL HARBOR coming out the summer before 9/11? Emphasizing that America was a nation of playboys with no focus in life and how being attacked on their own soil would mobilize them to meet a greater destiny for empire?

Hey, you're thinking. People with IQs of 97 would not have the acumen or wherewithal to organize things in this fashion. You're right. The wicked people who really run this world don't have IQs of 97. They have native intelligence nearly twice your own.

Just imagine somebody like me except without guilt or remorse, a firm belief in their own infallibility and a strong conviction there is no God. That's what kind of people really run the world. They run circles around the common man. As a peer, I can tell you the only thing that would protect a mere mortal from such human beings is a devout, genuine faith in God. They don't have the brains to parlay with such creatures otherwise. They can make ordinary peasants think and do whatsoever they wish by weaving them into their tale of madness and making them a player in this drama without them even realizing it.