Monday, September 5, 2011

The Icebreaker Fiasco

This will make you puke it's so dumb.

The U.S. once had the mightiest fleet of icebreakers and polar research vessels the world has ever seen. Our clever ancestors in the 1950's knew that potential arctic resources of all varieties made it a practical requirement to have a navy and scientific exploration capability for the cold extremes of the planet. If nothing else then to counter the other superpowers in these regards.

Under the influence of globowarmthinkery and the pathetic academics who constructed it, nearly all the infrastructure to support arctic exploration has withered away until the U.S. depends on the generosity of other nations to get up there and look around - without their assistance, the Kwa would be no more capable of mounting cold weather expeditions than any region in Africa.

As of late, the swedes have admitted they can't crack this ice anymore. It's too thick, too expansive and it is a strain on their own resources. They may require these icebreakers just to keep some shipping lanes open and can no longer help out loser nations like Kwanzania which don't have the money to front expeditions of their own.

The nation that featured in ICE STATION ZEBRA with Rock Hudson is long dead. There is no Cold War superpower with a vast scientific and research capacity. That country has given way to a broken conglomerate of crotch-grabbers who can only hitch rides on boats that other people provide them out of pity. The people who own those boats have just decided they won't be providing any more free rides.

I think this is part of the shrinking horizons that accompany a new Dark Age. The borders expand and what was once close by and comprehensible becomes something far away and unknown. Keep this in mind the next time the papers print some cheesy poppycock about the arctic, remembering that there are fewer people stationed there than ever and even fewer people who find it accessible. It will someday become terra obscura again, as it was in the past.


Anonymous said...

Every year we move forward in time it seems that everything else moves back one. A constant effort to dismantle everything that made the west great.

Jeffrey said...

Meanwhile the US continues to screech that they are number one. Other than hot air they are not number one in anything they are not even number fifty according to statistics.

Anonymous said...

I argue that Western civilization passed it's point of inflection on the 28th July 1914 and peaked on July 20 1969. Despite some ups since that date, its been on a downward side ever since.

The Great War was our cultural suicide. The best and fittest men of an entire generation slaughtered each other in the mud of Belgium and France, and the deserts of Palistine. Millions of men too sickly to fight, along with the disillusioned survivors, produced the next generation, who then slaughtered each other in even greater numbers.

What was left at the end was the inertia of the greatest civilization the world had seen, which even then was sufficient to carry us to the moon, but no further. Without the progeny of those men that fell at Loos, the Marne, the Somme, Paschendale, the Hindenburg Line, and those that fell in the second act of this tragedy, there weren't enough of the best and the brightest left to sustain the march of civilization, and so here we are.

I mourn for what we were, and what we could have been.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. is still the world's biggest economy. It still has the world's best military force. I see foreign nations sending their brightest students to our universities to be educated. The U.S. is still a leader in many fields.

Anonymous said...

Largest air force = China
Largest navy = China
Largest army = China

Having the most expensive due to corrupt over-pricing doesn't equal "best". Just over-priced and corrupt. The F-22 and F-35 planes are continually being grounded; they're flying junk that are falling apart. The USA navy is already smaller than it has been in a century. The army is over-stretched in useless wars for Israel, Banksters, and Oil Barons. Most of the USA military equipment is obsolete, even before it's built. They fell behind a long time ago, but some sad folks haven't noticed because they believe that rubbish in Hollywood movies.

Anonymous said...

I also doubt the USA is the world's "biggest" economy except according the USA's dodgy accounting methods government. By any real standard, they fell behind there too. China is definitely wealthier already.

Anonymous said...

@12:21 PM

Do people like this idiot actually read this blog?

The world's biggest economy? Sure, if you count the printing press and the fakery going on right now. In reality it's somewhere on a par with Zimbabwe. It's all headed down from here. It will tear itself apart and spend its resources and forces like water down a drain. People will flee the USA like people fleeing Africa now or Europe in times past. Tex simply left ahead of the herd while he still could. Others will wish they ran at the same time instead of waiting until the fire was at their door.