Friday, September 16, 2011

I Agree With Tom Chittum About China

Misery loves company. For eons here, we've had Kwanstainians coming to Vault-Co to tell us they are going to take the world down with them economically.

At best, the collapse of the Kwanstain is going to hurt the Kwa and Europe

It's not the flaccid, burnt-out tomb called the U.S. driving demand anymore

Newfound affluence in China is creating more and more hunger for new goods

Ten years ago, Vault-Co was nuts for saying China would be the world's leading economy in a decade and would vaporize the Kwa. Now, it's self-evident.

I have never agreed. I do not believe that the future of the U.S. economy is tied to the health of the world economy any longer. I think that the Kwanstain is going to crash and burn in the worst Depression their nation has ever seen. I do not believe they can take the world down with them, there is too much punch still left in the Asia-Pacific nations in terms of growth and demand.

China is in touch with reality. The Kwa is off with the fairies. Kwanstains trusted Hollyweird and their media barons to tell them where to concentrate their efforts and Al Gore's squad has sent them off on a wild goose chase after thin air. Very shortly, China will be in a position to never worry about electricity again.

I've always thought that Australia is going to prove quite capable of supplying nearly every raw material that the Asians need. We require our own military to keep it that way and it needs to serve as a strong deterrent. Whatever is needed to achieve that end is worth it.

My fear has always been that the Kwa will take the world down with it using it's military. I just wanted to point out the distinction.

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Anonymous said...

China has been hoovering up tangibles - copper, uranium ore, coommodities, PMs - while they continue to prep. They are traing carrier opigeon corps .... they are going to be ready

Their approach to their citizenry will allow them better use of "Human Resources" than the devolved, cultimulcheral, uneducated drones we warehouse.

They, Russia, Persia, India and Brazil are the G5