Friday, September 23, 2011

HPV Vaccine Is A Population Control Measure Used To Induce Sterility In Human Cattle

Absolutely. Abortion has been discarded as an inefficient means of controlling the herd's numbers. Besides, Merck wouldn't lie to you about it's safety just to make a fortune all over again.

Anyone allowing their daughter to get this vaccine should have never brought her into this world. You are killing her womb before she is even full grown. Any government which would enforce this vaccine is illegitimate and must face the death penalty for treason against its own citizens.

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Anonymous said...

Well here lyes the catcher..

" Well, unless they use people as lab rats, they won't find this data until it is used on humans to an extent to present this data."

I would say they have been using this method of trial for decades and by way of "data collection" within medical spheres,they are getting what works and what dosen't to further their agenda....
they have to slow the population down somehow,whether it's proper or not.