Saturday, September 10, 2011

Globowarmthinkery Is For People Who Otherwise Should Not Be Trusted With Anything, Period

Globowarmthinkists are what is left when all the better puppies have retired to tend their own private gardens. It is the absence of the good. It is what remains when all the really bright people have abandoned the public commons and surrendered it to the sociopaths and psychopaths to demolish. Globowarmthinkery is what rushes in to fill the vacuum left behind when nobody decent is interested in a career in science.

We don't live in a meritocracy. Evolution does not favor the smartest or most virtuous. Natural selection works against quality. Progressivism is a faith that makes druidism look positively rational.

Homo Sapiens - a breed of man designed to exterminate another race of men, which in turn itself is designed to be a victim to another race of men, all of whom collectively achieve a sum total progress of zero when measured over time. This planet is designed to see to it that nobody gets out of here alive. This is what the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Curse of Humbaba were all about - demonstrating a mythological cycle that points to the futility of seeking a way out. Enkidu and his race were the biggest scapegoats in the history of this planet and an example was made of them to demoralize the whole human race. I feel the Epic of Gilgamesh complements the New Testament when it is recognized for what it is, a book of mythology that preceded the Gospel. It shows mankind tried and failed to challenge the ruling classes many times before Christ succeeded where many mere humans failed. These ruling classes have always been the children of Lucifer and like their master they have always described themselves as "gods," seeking to usurp the divine.

Nevertheless, despite the hand wringing of the Sumerian priests, the whole of Mesopotamia was filled with statues of Enkidu riding on the back of the Bull of Heaven, his hands lifted up in joy towards the stars. The priests reminded the peasants they were to derive no courage from Enkidu's story but the common people ignored them. Something in humans still remains that wants to break out of these cycles of ascent and decline.

The real question is not why the majority of people are like that. You would expect by now that every good thing would have been hammered out of them. The real enigma is why any human being remains who yearns for something other than this drab madness. I am happy to say it took me fifty years to figure out why this is. It's because those special people still retain some of the genes of Enkidu, the rodeo clown who challenged the "gods." The rest of them are simply Globowarmthinkists.


Anonymous said...

Paul LaViolette should sue their ass for mentioning his theory without giving him the credit.

And nice monologue btw, Tex.

Anonymous said...

Jesus and Zoroaster were Loyal to Their Own People

At the basis of the successful campaign to genocide whites is the self-hatred that has become part of our “Christian” heritage.

White people now see denouncing white people as a form of charity, and real, gut hatred of our very existence is seen as a selfless moral act of the highest nature.

Which is particularly odd, since both Jesus and Zoroaster were very loyal members of what each saw as his race.

Judaism became monotheistic after extensive dealings with Persians described, and a lot implied, in the Old Testament. The Persians had already been monotheistic for six hundred years by then, and when they invaded Greece, they burned its “pagan” temples exactly as Christians would do later.

But those who claim to be Christian refuse to face the fact that Jesus would not have blessed the Wedding at Cana, much less performed his first miracle there, if it had involved a Jew marrying a gentile.

There are numerous examples. A man who asked Jesus whether he should be afraid was answered, “Are you not a son of Moses (and other Jews)?” When he announced the end of the world, he told his disciples to go to no Samaritans or others with the news, but to hasten it to the Jews ONLY.

Zoroaster banned any but Aryans from being saved by Ahura Mazda.

Aryan is the name Indians use for their white ancestors, but it is the basis of the word “Iran” and of the word “Erin” for Ireland.

The original Olympic Oath includes swearing that one is of “pure Hellenic blood” and you had to have pure Aryan blood to join the established Iranian faith for the two thousand years before Islam conquered Iran, so theologians can yell themselves purple, but the fact is that both Jesus and Zoroaster were NOT talking about “culture,” but BLOOD.

In both the Old and the New Testaments, Zoroastrians are praised. It is the ONLY non-Jewish religion praised in the Old Testament, and priests of that faith accepted Christ thirty years before the Jews rejected him.

The other Jehovan faith, Islam, also accepts Zoroastrianism as the ONLY faith to be tolerated in Muslim lands outside of Christianity and Judaism.

At the time of the Council of Nicaea and the selection of our four canonical Gospels, the only national religion of a major Empire outside of Rome was Rome’s next-door rival Iran. I cannot see how anybody can understand what was done at that Council if he does not know that the Council was looking over its shoulder the entire time.

Here was the new official religion of the Roman Empire being formulated right beside a thousand-year-old established monotheistic religion of the only other vast united empire they recognized.

I am not preaching. I am talking about history.

Anonymous said...

No patience to read your book of Gilgamesh...

Anonymous said...

This is a good video explaining the introduction of energy credits, totalitarianism and the abolition of private property through "sustainable development". Now all these prying questions with disregard to people's privacy, about how many rooms you have in your house, what type of energy source you use, for how many months during the year you occupy the house etc, in the recent census' across Europe (the questionnaires were identical) are starting to make sense:

Anonymous said...

Even the elites are now openly coming out and admit we are to go through an extinction event:

Except that they give to the sheeple all the false reasons such as "global warming" or "depleted resources" in order to excercise full totalitarian control over them and impose taxes as a means of "saving the planet", while they're the only ones knowing the real reasons. That way they can both milk them and condition them for whatever happens in the future as being "their fault".

I expect the next major false flag event to be global-scale enviro-related that will require immediate action to deal with and push the agenda.