Monday, September 19, 2011

George Soros, Always Eager To Help Out

Whooda thunkit? Totally innocent suggestion, of course. George is motivated by universal altruism, like Jesus except even more selfless. That's right. He's just interested in doing what is best for others. He lives to give.

I predict George is going to offer to "hold" the money for everybody in his new treasury. The man is a saint.

Soros is the Bernie Madoff of the planet.


Anonymous said...

Fun fact: Since the beginning of the Eurozone crisis in fall 2009 Saurus has been "granted" audience with the Greek PM no less than 3 times. No doubt to offer his advice out of humane interest and help resolve the crisis.

Anonymous said...

Soros wasn't proposing he run the Treasury, just that one was needed. I don't understand your antipathy to this idea?

Want to know who is scary? The Koch Brothers.