Saturday, September 3, 2011


While the rubes like yourselves believe in the assurances you get from the elites that everything is just peachy and a mere bump on the recovery, the big power players are telling their clients to pack it because itz coming.

Part of the entire game of stocks is always keeping the peasants falling for the next wave of scams. When they stop purchasing and investing in the latest ripoff bubble and start asking for their money, you're going to see a rolling wave of defaults and busts hit every major institution in the Kwanzanian economy, leaving nothing but a gigantic crater behind it.


Anonymous said...

i'm getting sick of this mantra of fear, be afraid, be terrified it's all going doing we're all gonna die, it's gonna collapse, fear, fear fear the worst

Jeffrey said...

Except that VC was right about all of these things he was correct they were coming. Be glad you are getting tomorrows news a bit early its a swell time to prep up and man up. Luckily tex is a nervous nellie who goes off about three years early. I believe the economy is going to crater this fall and in three years or so it will be a baby meat joke. So whether you realize it or not tex is giving warning lead time long enough to do you some good. Or you can just keep dreaming good luck.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey ditto

If you don't like the message don't read vaultco because its the truth and nothing but the truth. I have been lurking for years and I have found that Tex is a better predictor of future events than all media sources combined. This blog has nailed it so many times I lost count. Thats why it has 330000 hits and thats probably a third of the real count.

Anonymous said...

As if that weren't enough, Yoshis are telling Europe to expect more false flag terrorism this season:

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the build-up to a proxy war between Israel and Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean intensifies, with Greece playing the role Georgia had in 2008, that of the proxy getting bitch-smacked in the process. I guess this is what happens when every member in the Greek Cabinet is handpicked by Bilderberg/CFR/B'nai B'rith, and sworn to defend Zionist-banker interests. It sets out to destroy the economy first and then sends dissenters to be killed for the sake of Israel: