Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Europe Returns To The Dark Ages : Tuberculosis

Another dividend of the gift that keeps on giving, multikult. Superbugs in third world countries are coming to the West for a better life, too.


Anonymous said...

Must be Karma for all the diseases the West took to the Americas, Australia, Asia in their great Multikult experiment called Empire.........
Not a lot of sympathy here.

MachineGunFunk said...

Anonymous said...

I've always thought of immigration as a Public health issue.

When the first case of hemorrhagic fever or Chagas Disease lands here, and politicians dawdle about closing the borders, it'll be go-time.

Our trajectory is unmistakable now

Prepare for a rough landing

Anonymous said...

>September 14, 2011 5:50 AM

Yeah sure anti-white, we've heard it from you people for the last 50 years. White people are "inherently evil" and non-whites never did anything bad, nor would they if they had the power...


I have a question for everyone that reads this blog:

What IS the difference between what anti-racists say about white people and what Hitler said about the Jews?

Anti-racists/Hitler said,

The Jews or Whites are especially evil.

Anti-racists/Hitler said,

Whites or the Jews are purely exploiters of others.

Make the connections guys. Anti-racists mean business, when it comes inciting White GeNOcide.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anon 550...

Whites are so evil and hateful that the only reason other cultures have history is because we wrote it down for them, all the while, we were supposed to just have been killing them off, because that's what whites do, kill everything and all....

karma is coming for multicultists, and it aint gonna be pretty.

Have fun living with out whitey, and plumbing, power, and society. Once clean drinking water runs out we will see the truth. Good luck with that.