Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Escaping The USSA

The situation now is really appalling. The Founding Fathers would be deeply grieved about the collapse and occupation of the country formerly known as the United States and they would urge disobedience as surely as they did against the tyranny of the Redcoats. The fact is, it's a colony run by foreigners who operate it as a purely-for-profit slave camp. They don't even try to conceal it any longer.

Kwanstainians are slack-jawed brain dead vegetables for a reason. It's no accident. The system was designed to produce people who would be incapable of revolting and who would have no other options.


Anonymous said...

Most of those problems mentioned are as bad or worse in Australia. We're screwed with higher taxes, housing costs and higher prices on everything, combined with less freedom - no 1st or 2nd amendments, and it shows.
Especially seeing as we're now on fairly equal footing as military targets, I really don't see the advantage being in Australia any more. Coming here from the USA is sort of jumping out of the frypan and into the fryer.

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice slave camp. The grocery stores are full of affordable food, retail stores are stocked with goods, we have iPhones, iPads, cheap PCs, netbook PCs. We have public libraries that are free to use. We have newspapers and a plentitude of content on the web. We have elections.

It's not hard to be miserable if misery is what you insist on, but it's not hard to find joy in life, either.

Solsys said...

Check out number 7, Tex ;)

Anonymous said...

So you say that there will be rioting in the streets over food etc, then you say we're dumbed down and too passive to resist.
Which one is right?

Anonymous said...

However, we don't have 300 million odd people crammed into a similar landmass, we are an island nation and we don't have such a potentially overbearing military or militarised law enforcement force...?...

- deadman

-iminalas- said...

.." let the eagle soar, like it never soared before.. " : / ..all the way down. Poor Bloody Amelica !

Anonymous said...

USSA? More like JooSSA amirite? A Joo that is not a Communist, is an oxymoron and everyone knows they control absolutely everything over there.


September 8, 2011 10:55 AM

Hunger motivates sheep, even ones as dimwitted as yourself.

Wow, you are too dumb to live. Please do the world a favor and go drown yourself. You will save 100s of tons of carbon emissions and Al Gorical will be real proud of you.

Anonymous said...

"So you say that there will be rioting in the streets over food etc, then you say we're dumbed down and too passive to resist.
Which one is right?"

It's week to week with Tex. One week a supervolcano is going to blow. The next week it's cosmic rays. Or maybe it's WWIII ready to start. He has a half dozen end-of-world scenarios he juggles.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:31

You don't see the way these things are related to one another. Sarcasm is not a replacement for understanding. You basically just conceded you don't comprehend the connections between these things.

I was just reading an article about how fewer sunspots lead to more cosmic radiation which creates a higher mutation rate for viruses and bacteria, leading to plagues.

Anonymous said...

Tex, I don't see the shadow governments, the secret cabals, the people seemingly bent on killing the majority of the world's population like you say they intend to do.

I tend to go with the simpler theories. Instead of a complex conspiracy run by the Illuminati, I see ordinary humans vying for power and privilege.

As to natural disasters, certainly they are possible. My contention is that our science is too limited in terms of data to study to really make accurate predictions about supervolcanoes, earthquakes, and the onset of ice ages. We simply don't have the centuries of daily readings to study.

We can predict that a supervolcano will blow, but we can't predict when. We just know it's likely to happen eventually, but eventually could be this year or in 5000 years, or longer.

We may be due for a small ice age, but "due" may mean one has started or it may mean we're still 100 years away. Or longer.

You see an end you desire -- massive destruction and agony, because you seem to not like the world. You want to piece together evidence that points to that end. I don't think your reasoning is really anything more than a longing bolstered by cherry-picking clarions of doom sounded on obscure websites.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 10:34

I'm listening to you. You don't have enough information. If you'd been reading this blog for a while, you'd realize this isn't some loose hypothesis I threw together to justify some confirmation bias I have. I'm brighter than you may be able to comprehend.

You need to get more information. Trying to form a conclusion by doing psychoanalysis on me is what intellectually mediocre people do all the time, Oprah-style. That's like sour grapes for the fox. If you can't quite understand what is being talked about, go after analyzing the speaker and his motives.

Besides, reality is moving faster than you can keep up with. Your focus on me only means you are missing more information than previously.