Saturday, September 3, 2011

Australia Is Digging Its Own Grave

We have 250 million radical muslims surrounding on us three sides and our own government is busy dismantling our military and completely disarming the population, driving all munitions manufacturers out of the country and doing everything in it's power to streamline an invasion from the North which would vaporize the inhabitants of this country in about a week.

Thirty million lambs with metrosexual necks stretched out for the slaughter.

All it would take is a flashpoint to make Indonesia even less attractive as a place to live and force the inhabitants to look for better shores beyond their own.

The world projected will be a very hungry one and Australia remains one of the last productive, reliable sources of agriculture and beef production. The most likely scenario is a new China Pacific hegemony backing the Indonesians by providing them with the navy and amphibious support they need to cross the eighty miles of ocean at the northern tip. After the Kwa defaults the Chinese will be the new rulers of the planet and they will not necessarily be interested in paying for anything they need anymore. They will probably enlist the Indonesian government into service to put the boots on the ground they need to simply take everything by force. Indonesia will be starving and only too eager to oblige them.

The computer simulations show the upper 50% of the country falling to occupation in a week and the rest of the country the following year. You add a few tactical nukes from China to soften them up and the whole matter could be concluded in one month, with no remaining traces that there was ever a European population down here at all.

It's so simple, even an Australian could figure it out.


Anonymous said...

I'm digging and it is a grave!
But I am filling it with the enemy :-)

Anonymous said...

What's happened to the RAN is a disgrace going back to the 1980s at least. That's probably the worst of it, but who knows what else hasn't seen the public light of day yet. Aussie soldiers are tough, dedicated, but as always the bureacrats and politicians have let them down repeatedly.

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