Sunday, September 18, 2011

Any Approach Which Requires Modern People To Demonstrate Sanity Is Doomed To Failure

Read the link to understand why I have said this so many times. I'm way ahead of the kinds of guys who write these editorials.

You don't understand modern people living in the West until you understand they are completely, utterly out of touch with reality. Any appeal to their reasoning or their ability to sort fiction from fact is going to fail.

This is why only dictators and tyrants have any opportunity to gain popular support in declining societies. The societies are in decline because the individuals who live in it are each themselves in decline and will only turn to fiat emperors to solve their own internal disorder. This of course is itself doomed to failure. Nobody can come in from the outside and fix what is wrong with your insides, anymore than they can part the Red Sea or change wine into water.

When the individual as an atomic unit begins to fail, there is no law and no hegemon who can repair that problem. The society follows suit. This is why human societies last an average of 200 years or thereabouts. Around the midway mark a century in, the calibre of the average individual begins to wane.

The kinds of people who stay in power during the decline are always the same. They know how to play the peasants off one against the other, keeping them so busy mired in internal fighting they cannot unite against the State.


Anonymous said...

Rick Santorum says:

“We stand for American exceptionalism,” (Note: This term was coined by a communist; see here.) the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania proclaimed. “We stand for freedom and opportunity for everyone around the world.”

A pure Wordist if ever I saw one.

He is not loyal to flesh and blood, he is only loyal to ideas, which are just the opinions of men.

A man who says he is "loyal to humanity, he is a citizen of the world", is loyal to no one and nothing.

Don't turn your back on such people, if they are your comrades in war. As soon as they change their word loyalties and they often do, they will shoot you in the back and feel completely justified in doing so.

Anonymous said...

The Help - Minny's Chocolate Pie

Anti-whites going after White people again. Every year, they get more and more blatant.

Can you imagine the reaction, if someone made a movie with White people feeding Black people, human feces?

Yet there is no reaction at all from the MSM to this movie.

Isn't it obvious by now, these anti-whites are deadly serious?

Dehumanization of the targeted group, is one of the 8 steps towards Genocide as defined by Genocide Watch.

So what is the difference between what these "anti-racists" say about White people and what Hitler said about the Jews?

Hitler/Anti-whites say:

The Jews or whites are especially evil. The whites or the Jews are purely exploiters of others.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Tex!

The MSM wants to wind people up for another try on the democracy merry-go-round because they know its futile. If voting did anything it would be illegal by now.

People dont listen to false prophets. You can trust the ones who tell you this situation is hopeless like Tex because thats the only truth.

The sooner this society collapses the sooner we can get started building one that works again but only suckers think theres still life in this old horse. That fat lady is singing pity iffen you cant hear her.

Anonymous said...

I will Remember (9/11) ramzpaul

Anonymous said...

"You can trust the ones who tell you this situation is hopeless"

Maybe so. Or maybe everything that has been done to us since 1914 was intended to produce exactly this kind of apathy in the whole population: the final stage of the processing of the popular psyche, so that at some point the veils of democracy can finally be lifted and the tyranny properly established in full daylight, with no one left who bothers to even say there's something wrong with tyranny.

In any case, do you think they will ever stop pushing the honest and brilliant individuals into the margins of society? Do you think you have won if you help them do it?

Tex does the exact opposite of running away from civilisation. Maybe he could produce more in his free time but... Wife, children, job. Sounds like the opposite of defeatism to me.

I think his main points are:

1) Humans should prepare for disasters. They are short-sighted not to do so. The government ought to help them to, and used to, but won't anymore, so you have to help yourself in this case. (You don't yet have to farm your own food below ground, but such a capacity may become necessary at some point if the coming 3rd world war and magnetic pole shift become ugly, which Tex seems certain they will. I contest his gloomy prediction, and wonder about the usefulness of the psychological effects in those who buy it without leaving room for a lot of scepticism.)

2) Australia should get a nuclear capacity etc. if it wants genuine national independence some day. At present, it has to, even if it doesn't want to, obey Washington. (I personally think every Western country should have nukes and the latest spy and anti-spy tech. Called independence.)

3) Personal freedom should be increased. Gun rights etc. Synonymous with opposing tyranny, something that most people don't get (they think if there are no concentration camps in their backyard it can't be a tyranny).

4) Group Think is harmful and most people, including respected scientists, do it. And so on. (Easy to agree.)

5) Civ is in decline and the decline can't be stopped.

I think this fifth point is debatable as a whole. I'd say our civ isn't one monolith, but rather a combination of cultures, some of them arising from different perceptions. There's the psycho culture of subliminal messaging and psycho news pieces, there's the culture of the people who don't pay attention and seem unaffected by it, there's the culture of the people who notice and despise it, there's the culture of the people who create their own culture. Lots of opportunities for creating your own life, unlike in most of history. Numberless fields to study or work in or have a hobby about if you don't care too much about money and recognition. If you do care about money and recognition, now is the perfect time in history for you to get them. You can, to a greater extent than before, make your own life. That kind of responsibility.

Many people seem satisfied with their lives etc etc. Obviously, some things in our civ are bad, period, but also much is good, even if there's always much room for improvement.

There's some perspective for you. Not good rhetoric, but true nevertheless.

Finally, we will never be rid of the type that currently dominates in the political arena nor the poisoners who suppress cures and technology, and poison with their cancer-causing foods, containers, and the rest. Those who know better can buy different things, even some of the beneficial technology that isn't being talked about. The battle against ill-will and ignorance is certainly old, and it's pointless to concede defeat, even if it seems pointless to continue. There will never be paradise on earth where everyone gets what he thinks he deserves without having to think, learn, work, and so on. They haven't still destroyed Tex, apparently, so it can't be all bad.

Anonymous said...

Excellent rant tex

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:24 PM

He is loyal to one thing. To the ideal of Jewish world supremacy by using "American exceptionalism" and "freejum around the world".

Anonymous said...

So when are we going to start to see Holocaust denials on this blog? I see a lot of antisemitism here.

This place really is a hotbed of hatred.

Anonymous said...

"This place really is a hotbed of hatred."

Oy Vey! How verklempt you must feel. No one is denying the holocaust occurring every day in bolshevik occupied Palestine. The whole world IS getting tired of the lame jewish supremacy rhetoric.

Look around. Very few people believe the lies the mediavitz proclaim daily. Even more subconsciously know something is wrong.

Pretty good try, but hubris will end this arrogant concept in the next war. What is so humorous is that you are being used to create your own demise .

Anonymous said...

September 19, 2011 11:22 PM

dickhead. that is all.