Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where Do Humans Get Their Look From?

According to Homo Sapiens scienmajistic types, when Homo Sapiens males began to interbreed with Neanderthal women, this is a truish portrayal of what the Neanderthal female looked like below :

Apparently the Homo Sapiens male neglected his own females to breed exclusively with these women for nearly 4000 years. This is a scienmagistical fact and edjumafacated people swear it is a totally truish factoid.

At Vault-Co, this is what we think the average Neanderthal woman looked like 38,000 years ago:

... and this is what we think the average Homo Sapiens female looked like at that time:

As you can see, our theory is explanatory and has coherency. But we don't want to suggest we might be more reasonable than scienmajistical edjumafacated types.

Vault-Co Shatters 300,000 Hit Ceiling

Not bad for a blog run by a solitary raving nut. I can't imagine what I am writing up here that is worth reading but I will assume somebody out there is doing so.

Thanks for watching my slow decline into institutionalization. It's all part of setting little goals for yourself.

Ten years ago if you told me about some of the things I'd be writing up here, I would definitely want to put a note in a time capsule to my future self to please seek professional help. I don't know if he'd listen but I'd at least make the effort.

A decade ago if you told me that catastrophic cycles are all governed by magnetic reversals and that my basic problem was that I was born with more Neanderthal genes than human, I'd have laughed so hard they could have put me in a straitjacket on the spot. I would not have believed I could ever drift into such bizarre and outrageous ideas. Sounds like severe schizophrenia. Alas, I don't think it is. I don't think so at all. I think I might be getting saner as I get older, in fact. I can't help but notice than my ideas have been getting more coherent by the hour for a long time now. However crazy I may be, I definitely have better cross-referencing of information than I used to. I think when it is predictive, it can no longer be called confirmation bias.

Stick around, I might still surprise you before it is over.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Environmentalists Operate Soviet-Style Science Gulag Control Over Research

Scientists cannot speak to press without Green KGB Agents present to monitor and filter discussion.

I must be on the wrong planet. It boggles.

DNA Contains Complete Sets Of Legacy Genes

Application of electrical fields to growing cells produces partial or complete reversion to one or many different ancestral patterns and forms - or sometimes creates completely new ones.

Electrostatic patterns shape all cellular growth

Everything has apparent latent comic book style superpowers to mutate into completely different and sometimes far hardier and more robust forms. You couldn't make this stuff up.

The key word here is replicatable. This is hard science, which other people can verify independently.

More On The Beef #2

Mousterian peoples were not expansionist. Their camps resemble those of pastoral peoples who mark regions aside for grazing animals on but otherwise do not seek to acquire new territory by conquest. The evidence says that Neanderthals were the original crochetty old men, grumbling "get out of my yard, you kids!" for nearly a quarter of a million years. Wandering into Neanderthal territory was a big mistake. They'd squeeze you like a tube of toothpaste and fold you like origami. Remains of Homo Habilis demonstrate that Neanderthals may have tried to see how small they could bend them and try to mail them back home via general post. One imagines word got around. Stay off their land, nothing to worry about. Otherwise these creatures are not the sort you want to mess with.

This is very different from a race that cannot sit still. Homo Sapiens never stopped pushing, a natural product of his profligacy. Lacking creativity, he could not squeeze a cosmic epiphany out of a square kilometer the way that Neanderthals did, domesticating cows from gigantic bison or turning the savage wolf into his best friend to keep his feet warm. Everything with Sapiens was always vicious extroverted bloodthirsty and ugly, a storm of pillage and rape and eating everything in their path like locusts. They fouled their nests and had to find new places to sleep, unlike the Mousterian who seemed to be a real homebody who just kept improving his surroundings - and himself - incrementally with every single thing he did. If Esau was not favored by God, it's hard to guess who God favored at this time, because the Neanderthal never left his block and appeared to be capable of bringing the universe to him instead of going out with his sword to conquer it. This is in keeping with his patient dreamworld of cave paintings and abstract designs, a reflection of an introverted mind that was always relentlessly focused on this rich internal landscape that apparently was an inexhaustible well of inventiveness and creativity. Every 10,000 years or so we find the Neos doing some marvelous thing that Homo Sapiens has never even done once.

So we have the original shut-in versus the roaring baboon who is never content to stay within his own borders, moving forward in every direction like a canker and leaving weeping women and dead people wherever he went.

My beef with Sapiens is that he hasn't changed in 120,000 years ... not a whit. He wipes out 800,000 unarmed civilians in Iraq by bombing them from the air and sleeps like a baby afterwards. You ask him how he feels about that, he blinks and yawns and denies any knowledge of what you are talking about. There's that disconnect. The amnesia. The obliviousness. It's in his nature. He lacks the capacity for self understanding. It's not in him. Where that virtue appears in his ranks it's the legacy of the Neanderthals.

At some point, Sapiens became masterful at throwing projectiles and it's not a big secret why. They stood no chance at close quarters with this race. This is where the big shoulders and narrow hips of Sapiens came from. They are adapted for throwing with great accuracy. Now they could move into his territory with impunity and who is afraid of the crotchetty old man now? You can kill him before he even reaches you and besides, he is few in numbers and we are many. We have the might to do what we want. That means we are the winnarz.

Sapiens is the last one who saw this race alive. He's got all their technology. He's got their women - the proof of that is all the neanderthal bastards running around. All we're missing now is the males. I wonder what could have become of them. Sapiens blinks and yawns. "They were vicious killers. They were dangerous and crazy. They had it coming. Luckily we got them before they got us. That means we are winnarz. They didn't need this stuff we stole anyway. At least not where they were going."

I tell you with supreme confidence that if you have one sane impulse in your personality or are even marginally capable of organized reasoning, you get this trait from our Neanderthal ancestry. The evidence says that Sapiens was never sane. We are this blended creature and our wise men have always known it. Darkness blended with light. Any magic in us, anything good, anything kind or decent or upright, we got from the Neanderthals. Sapiens was just never any damn good, period.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Relief From The Heat Wave Is On The Way

Vault-Co gives you our personal guarantee.

Manboons realize they may not know anything about much of anything

I don't understand how they deliver this news through the amused and jaded sneer. Can you still maintain the impression you've got it all in hand when you are admitting you may have never really understood anything at all? The delivery must be tough, with the scienmagistics twisting the face into a malestrom of humility/scorn/humility/scorn.

Notice the word snow is carefully avoid throughout, preferring the more ambiguous precipitation in its place. Nobody dies screaming buried alive overnight in a frozen tomb of precipitation. It's family friendly. So imagine 12 stories of "precipitation" falling in a single night on North America. Fun stuff, kids.

I know what kind of cold is coming this winter for North America. It's going to be interesting times indeed, as predicted by Vault-Co long ago. You could say the opposition viewpoint might be silenced.

My Beef With You, Sapiens

Here is what makes me angry with you, Sapiens.

I don't care about what you want to do with your life. You can live under any legal system you want to, impose any laws that seem best to you, elect whatever leaders you think best represent your needs. If you want to pass laws that force your daughters to out-marry foreigners or submit to rape camp centers, that's up to you. I understand you. I actually know exactly what is wrong with you. I don't have a strong desire to "fix you," because I know enough about you to know that what is wrong with you is not something that can be repaired. You are genetically damaged goods. In order to fix the problem, you'd have to be smart enough to first understand the problem. You will never be smart enough to understand what is wrong with you.

The problem is that you won't show me the same courtesy. I reserve the right to point out you are a low IQ, genetically inferior busybody who is incapable of extending to me the same respect I show to you.

If you want to disarm yourself, by all means, please do so. Do not force your betters to live according to your doomed, self-destructive suicidal social ideas. You are obviously on your way out. Your brain size has shrunken by nearly 500cc. You just are not equipped to fix any of your problems anymore. You have no genetic future to speak of, any more than a dodo or the passenger pigeon. Your society rose and was constructed on a brain size of 1800cc and the people are just not there any longer to maintain it.

I must point out that it was not me who sought to change the 1200 year old laws governing the right of free men to bear arms of our ancestors, done primarily to accommodate Oprah Winfrey's ideas on how best to remain a secure, law abiding and peaceful nation. All the change is coming from you!. I was content to simply leave our laws as they have been for a thousand years unchanged. All you had to do as a citizen of the West was to act as a goalie and make sure no opportunistic scumbag tried to sneak a ball through that would take your ancient rights away. You failed at this little responsibility. You can't do anything right. I reserve the right to point out ... something ain't quite working right with you. You don't appear to have the natural skepticism or independence to possess any of the freedoms you inherited by default by simply being born in a Western country.

My beef is that you are trying to take your betters with you. You're like a man who jumps overboard and tries to drown himself, but only after first chaining himself to every other person on deck with him. I don't care what you do to yourself but stop insisting that your suicide has to be imposed by government force on everyone else. You keep screaming "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" when in fact the only person who should be dying is you.

We need the right to bear arms, free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, right to trial by jury, freedom from unwarranted searches and seizures and the right to live amongst our own kind. We had these rights, you have endeavoured to give them away.

Couldn't you just tie a millstone around your own neck and go and throw yourself in the ocean, alone and without attempting to drown everyone else? Even in this regard, you're a despicable coward. You are too scared to simply do it by yourself.

Face it, you're a bastard. It's in your nature. It's what defines you. You're a rotten egg and misery loves company. My beef with you is you want me to come with you. Wouldn't that make anybody angry? Think about it in that tiny walnut sized brain of yours. It's so simple, even a Sapiens could understand.

P.S. Somebody just wrote me to ask me what the link above has to do with this post. Here it is ... you've got a criminal walking around shooting others at random. Nobody is shooting back at him. The reason they aren't shooting back is that it is easy for criminals to get arms, almost impossible for the law abiding in Norway. People believe laws like these make them safer. That's about their speed, with an average IQ very close to Koko the Sign Language Gorilla. No lightbulbs are going off for these people. They don't see where the problem is here. I don't understand why I should be yoked to such creatures when I clearly have nothing in common with them. I'm not them. They're not like the original inhabitants of the West. Can't they just leave instead of altering our thousand year old legal traditions? I'm sure I will realize within a month of them exiting permanently how terrible life will be without millions of these morons imposing these ideas on me and my offspring. I just bet I'll be weeping into my glass when I realize what an awful mistake it was to send them all off our native soil to live in their own country. I can smell the regret now.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Crunch Time For Sapiens : Start Thinking or Get Ready To Die In Colossal Numbers During Ice Age II

Time to nut up or shut up, manboons.

Mother nature doesn't care about your excuses or what you tell one another. Be ready to start acting on real world feedback or you're going to find that this planet will rub you out like a greasy stain. Ice Ages are meant to clean up the edges of the gene pool and they work very efficiently to trim out the kinds of halfwits you see cast in reality shows. This ain't Kardashian or Hilton weather coming. It's Neanderthal weather. Please don't throw me in the briar patch, Brer Fox.

This winter coming will be the one we've been warning you about at Vault-Co for a long, long time. It's going to be cruel and completely indifferent to anythng Oprah Winfrey has to say about it.

Peak fuel prices, peak food prices, roads impassable, 60 degrees below zero, a couple stories falling overnight in some places. Inner cities will be babies, the other white meat in the Northern Hemisphere. Going to take a lot of people by surprise but we saw it coming a long time ago at Vault-Co.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Atheists Win - Owe You A Coke

Anybody who was a good atheist would not be an atheist. They might not be a Christian, but they sure as hell would not be an atheist. A really good atheist who was not full of crap might describe himself as an agnostic. The problem is, nearly all atheists are full of crap to the gills. They have the emotional maturity of the guy who runs the comic book store in the Simpsons and usually look similar. Inside every good atheist is a Christian just waiting to grow up.

Most really lousy Christians are just atheists in drag, waiting to happen at the first sign of trouble.

The idea that society can live without moral principles enshrined in a religious system is so childish it beggars description. Nobody could possibly be that stupid. Yet, there you have it.

What amazes me is how easily the mass media was able to convert the entire population into casual atheists almost overnight. Easy come, easy go, say I. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Kwanzanians say "the sin is with our leaders, not with us, let this judgement fall upon them and not our heads." Kwanzanians are looking into a mirror when they look at their leadership and their leaders are completely unredeemable assh*les.

You know them by their fruits. I can see the Jetsons-style sci-fi paradise now, with people floating around on their hoverboards, hands on their crotches, using their sliderules to solve the cold fusion problem. That's probably what is going to happen. Or else just the usual barbaric slide into total anarchy that characterizes multikult through the ages.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Forbidden Science : Experiment Proves Hypothesis, Results Promptly Gagged

Tax dollars from taxpayers go to CERN.

Results that come out are for the elite to peruse, not for thee, peasant. Might interfere with policymaking. Things that are true are reserved for people who matter.

Inside leak says the experiment confirmed that cosmic rays cause cloud formation that blocks sunlight and contributes to cooling cycle as a self-reinforcing phenomenon.

Remember, cooling feedback doesn't violate the laws of thermodynamics. Heating feedback does. The miracle is not that it is cold most of the time on Earth, it is that we even get cycles of warmth like the interglacial at all.

Ballot Box Has Failed. Next Up, The Bullet Box.

Kwa just keeps extending the definition of crazy into the stratosphere.

Returning U.S. veterans took up arms and shot these sorts of people when they got back from World War II. They were out of patience and too tired for this sort of crap. The government fled and surrendered.

The U.S. isn't "too big to fail." They're now "too stupid to succeed ... at anything."

Things will go poof soon. Vault-Co says you have not seen angry yet. When 10% of Kwanzania wakes up, there's going to be smoke from coast-to-coast. Everybody except you already knows this, some of them consciously, others subconsciously.

We're always hearing about the dangers of the underclasses rioting. What nobody worries about is the overclass rioting. That's a real riot. This stuff you're seeing now is just jungle hijinks compared to what is possible.

Must Be A Big Story Under The Rock

If this story was simply about hacking phones to get news stories, it would not have been worth their time to kill this guy.

There must be a lot more to this whole tangled web of corruption and it looks like it involves more than just the police taking bribes to pass information along.

The funny thing is that whenever a story like this emerges, people are still talking about "crazy conspiracies." As if to suggest that anything that is not absolutely public, transparent and conceded out loud is simply unthinkable. Even after a story like this begins to surface. The press had carte blanche to eavesdrop on citizens with the help of the government as long as they shared any information. Again, governments working with the lowest rungs of the criminal underworld to persecute their own citizens in a squeeze play in the middle.

I'll venture a guess this is the reason Murdoch is shutting down his entire operation ahead of any legal action. He doesn't want people following this thread of inquiry down the rabbit hole. I'm guessing it leads straight back to the source of all evil in the world.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kwanstainian Freakout Beginning : Debt Default in Weeks

A freakout of biblical proportions is only a few weeks away.

A cleansing is in order when anything gets this toxic.

The Kwanstain has been a lawless nation for a long time. It's been brewing up total chaos for a while and the pot is coming to a boil. The Kwanzanians have just now figured out this situation is not a temporary downturn as the media has been telling them. That's pretty scary stuff for them. They have shifted over from their Smurf world fantasy into the Vault-Co paradigm in less than a year. I think I know people well enough to predict what they are going to do now. It is going to get very, very ugly. Babies, the other white meat.

This is why I have always claimed to be an "early bounder." The gazelle that is wired so tightly it starts to jump up and down when the lions are just a smidge in the bushes several hundred meters away. I started to bound twelve years ago, trying to warn the rest of the herd. Now the lions are only a few meters away and they are closing for the kill, looking to cull the weak and the slow first. With this pack of lions, that's most of the Western world. It's too late to do anything but bolt in blind panic now. I hate to be an I-told-you-so but my conscience is clean. I did try to warn others when there was still time. It was all I could do. Sorry but with my limitations as a person it was all I could do to start this blog and issue regular warnings. I would point out that the majority of all people believed me to be a nut, even after it became obvious I wasn't. That's the best I could do, sorry. I'm not much for persuasion and selling. It isn't my strong point.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brzezinski : Old Commie With New Tricks

They want people to flip out.

They have control measures waiting in the wings and only need a provocation to roll them out.

They are fueling the boxcars as we speak and getting the dissident camps ready.

They want the population to lose it. It will make the next phase so much easier to implement.

That phase will allow them to reboot empire. It is this phase which will trigger the response from Russia and China called World War III.

I figured all this out in the latter part of 1998 working from the information I had at that time. I saw each step taking place in my mind. There will be a renewed support for Amerikwa as a conqueror, with no altruistic or global concerns, driven by a starving population with the primary dissidents weeded out to prevent them from confusing the subject. This nation will then be destroyed like a sick animal by the combined forces of several opposing nations, possibly in a single day.

The Brutha From Anutha Planet

Obama has flatlined mentally. He's absolutely lost contact with reality.

He was probably chosen for his malleability to begin with.

The idea that somebody goes into politics because they understand complexity is so wrong on so many levels.

People go into politics when they have failed at everything else in life.

Kwanzanians Reduced To Third World Poverty

Normally human beings do not have to do things like this for money except where the government has so destroyed the natural economy it has rendered them completely desperate.

Knowing nothing, incapable of reasoning and unable to even articulate what is wrong, the Kwanzans are rapidly descending to the level of animals.

Thirty years in that country I tried to talk about these things to my fellow citizens and never got anything but contemptuous sneers. Amerikwa is number one and number one is always the best. There's nothing wrong, everything is fine. We don't have to think in Amerikwa, we're number one. Number one. At the end, this was the end of every argument. Number one. Number one. Amerikwa is number one.

Apparently, there was something to what I was saying. Nobody ever really listened. At the end, the more sense you made, the less likely you were to be heard. I noticed about a year before I left that the more salient the point I made in conversation, the more violent the aversion. Stating simple things like "you can't eat more bread than you bake," or asking "how can strength come from fragmentation?" was most disturbing to the Kwanzan precisely for the reason it was so easy to understand.

You May Be The Only Person Left On Earth Who Doesn't Know Itz Coming

Russia knows.

Donald Trump knows.

Anthony Robbins knows.

Even guys like Ashton Kutcher know.

Do you know yet? Or are you one of the sad little people they talk under their breath around in order to keep from frightening you? Go and watch some more spectator sports and drink your beer, everything will be fine.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong


I used to believe in the exact same things that you do. I thought they were common sense. I believed they were not worth even questioning.

I was absolutely wrong, about all of it. I know a little better now.

It's not that I have all the answers.

It's that now I know what the questions are.

Modern scienmajistic types are not even close. Not even in the ballpark. No better guide to being mistaken than their rubbish. Creationists are a close second.

The truth is, none of these feuding dichotomies are anywhere near the facts of the matter.

Those ringed spheres are two million years old and often found very deep in the earth, all over the planet. Many have turned up in mines as they were excavated. They are not a "metal." They are an alloy.

The Pulse Is Quickening For Earth Changes

Day by day. Week by week.

Something's gonna give. You don't need to be a professor to figure it out. Most professors will be the last ones to figure it out.

Obama Seeking To Disarm Americans As Shadow Government Secretly Arms All Criminals

The biggest enemy of the American citizen is not a foreign terrorist or people in the Middle East.

It's their own government, which acts against them more surely than any terrorist could ever hope to achieve.

The criminals themselves are lauding the U.S. government as their greatest ally against the law abiding in the Kwanstain. Any honest officer of the law who objects is strongly sanctioned.

Friday, July 8, 2011

This Has All Happened Before

... and before.

... and before.

... and before.

... and before.

Homo Sapiens might be regarded as the little shrew that survived many other races, more unimaginably advanced and superior in every regard. Their satellites may still be in orbit. Their markers may still be on the moon and on Mars and Phobos and Titan.

The reality is, modern people don't understand much of anything, starting with themselves.

The Kwa Was Better Off Under British Rule

... and Britain would be better off under Norman rule. All these revolutions led to worse abuses over the survivors, shades of ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell.

Enrichmentation Process Proceeds Apace

It all good homes. Sure it is.

Maintaining their dictator through the threat of terror.

Rats, yellow bellied cowards and Kwanstainians, in that order. These neutered she-hes can no longer make their first priority the safety of women and children ... therefore we have no further use for them. This is the reason for which civilizations are founded and any male who does not operate according to the core principle should be shunned as a natural pariah. The male who does not stand behind the core principle of security for women and children should get the classic Neanderthal walkabout orders. We did this to our males for a half a million years and it was the finest quality control system for genes you could possibly imagine. Just start walking - and don't come back. Dozens of Neanderthal skeletons have been found in the middle of nowhere, far from the nearest settlement, starved to death. The women gave them the thumbs down, they were forbidden entry, they were told to go and never come back.

Apparently some of them wandered off and instead of dying, they formed a breeding population at some point that eventually became the entire race of Homo Sapiens. A world built on lies by human failures has no future and it cannot last. All the "positive thinking" and other effeminate contrivances for coping with the real world all end the same way, in disastrous reassertion of the real world with consequential death and chaos. When human numbers rise high enough to make lies into ideological currency, the real world will cull those numbers back until they must once again adhere to Kipling's Gods of the Copybooks.

Casey Anthony : Baby Killing Now Legal In Kwa

O.J. made wife-killing legal, now Casey has liberated the Kwanstain from another standard.

Barbaric nation of human train wrecks.

I'm with Lieutenant Ripley. Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

4 Types of USB Peripherals Under Win '98 Lite

I've bought and successfully tested 4 kinds of USB devices under Windows 98 (8 megabyte installation, running with 32 megs of RAM) and they were all extremely cheap on EBay.

1. Sound cards (including microphone for voice recognition)
2. Video capture (4 camera inputs in realtime while running Vault-OS Web server)
3. IrDA dongle (transmit anything with infrared, including over optical cabling)
4. USB Dotmatrix printer (never needs ink ribbon, for printing barcodes)

You might be amazed to discover that these devices still commonly have Windows 98 drivers. I was.

This is just a heads up to invest in these cheap little peripherals while they still support the Windows 98 operating system. Some of them are $5.00-$10.00 on EBay with free shipping.

Not known yet if you can use these USB devices when running Win 98 in "No-GUI" console mode. Testing is forthcoming.

Note the IrDA is very useful in situations where you want to run an EMP proof line somewhere, like an optical fiber to a weather station or security camera aboveground.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Volcanos In Australia Set To Erupt

Been expecting movements of refugees around Australia itself from volcanic and tectonic events for years. Imagined this scenario many times, including Darwin evacuating down into Queensland in large caravans of people seeking to escape ash fallout from the ring of fire.

Supervolcanos all over the planet getting ready to blow.

Noctilucent clouds now seen much farther towards the equator than ever before

This equals that. With Homo Sapiens, resource scarcity and economic stress always leads to warfare. When the only mental weapon you have is a hammer, every problem seems to be a nail.

Ice Age II = World War III.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Vault-Co Was Ten Years Ahead of the Power Curve

It has permission to be true now.

Poor Sapiens trying to think - with mixed results. See the feeble Sapiens brain attempting to draw a conclusion. It's like watching maple syrup run down the side of a tree. They'd still be in the trees flinging their feces at once another without the injection of vibrant Mousterian genes over 30,000+ years ago. A Sapiens and an idea - these two things don't go together so good. Neanderthal was domesticating pastoral flocks and manufacturing chemical compounds using compression ovens two hundred thousand years before these critters could recognize their own reflections in a pool of water.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kwanstainia Slips Into Total Anarchy

Don't go out after dark in the Kwanstain.

Soon it will be too dangerous to go out at noon, as well.

This sh*tstain of a nation is taking too long to collapse. Yesterday would be better in my estimation. Needs more flaming tax collectors and exploding buildings to hit the sweet spot.

Mind you, it's still a land of opportunity.

Everything not tied down must go.

The only way this Monty Pythonesque satire is going to come to an end is due to a complete reset and a restart with 99% of the enrichment battalions stone cold dead from natural causes like hunger, cold and disease. Otherwise no place ever got better with them representin' - only worse. To think otherwise is to pine for what never was and never will be. They're going to take a lot of euphoric dullards with them when they go.

Mind you, the Kwa could be a better place again. This is how:

Sapiens. Sapiens never changes.

Only recently down out of the trees and soon to go back up.

Without the abduction and rape of the Neanderthal females 38,000 years ago, this race would still be living in caves and eating their meat raw. Any semblance of humanity they have they got from a mild diluted injection of Neanderthal genes.

At 38,000 years ago, the resulting hybrid stock was topping out at 1600cc brain mass, but due to the preferences of Sapiens females, that quickly atrophied away, leaving them with a walnut sized 1350cc today and shrinking by the hour. Such creatures will never be exploring outer space in their pajamas like Captain Kirk. They will soon be worrying about where their next meal is coming from.

Wherever Christianity has tried to reach them, it has fallen on the ground of their hard hearts and withered without growing in that ugly soil. Today nearly all Christian practice is a barbaric sort of Zionist gibberish that would baffle Jesus Christ, unworthy of the name.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I Know What I'm Building My Next Shelter From

The definition of a declining society is the loss of the ability to uptake new ideas. It has been the watermark for decline in every recorded civilization that we know of.

A new idea emerged that could have solved all the problems of that society ... and they failed to make any use of it. This is such a simple indicator with such profound implications. It implies amongst other things that the inhabitants of a declining civilization are theatrical and contrived. They seem to move around, be alive and have responses ... but this is an illusion. The lights may be on but nobody is home. All sorts of incredible innovations whizz around them and they act as though they are reading prescripted dialogue and acting out automated behaviours like the animatronics at Disneyworld that play the Founding Fathers. They don't take any notice of anything happening around them. The eyes are dead and the souls have vacated the premises. All that remains is the closing act to bring down the show. Change or adaptation has become an impossibility. This is the way all human civilizations come to an end.

Governor Perry Appears To Not Suffer From Severe Mental Retardation Like Other Kwanzanian "Leaders"

It's so simple, even Governor Perry figured it out.

Pity about the other 300 million people.

Kwanzanians Know ITZ COMING

It's so simple, even a Kwanzan could figure it out.

Notice it's the growth industry in an economy that has otherwise flatlined.

Robert Kiyosaki says ITZ COMING

Like the joke in CITY SLICKERS ... "Even the cows can operate the VCR by now."

Vault-Co Meme From 1998 Confirmed 2011

Resource wars. The coming Ice Age will lead to WWIII over fuel for heat. I guess when the orthodoxy says it, that means it has permission to be true now.

Notice this journalist is slowly struggling with the realization this won't be a 30 year war fought in poor people's countries. This will be a Klausewitzian battle for national survival waged with atomic weapons.

Australia's Coldest Winter Ever Recorded

The northern end in Darwin is the canary in the coal mine.

Australia has a tropical climate. A brisk breeze at night is usually as cold as it gets in the winter, at least for most of last century. In recent years you could feel the bitter sting of cold so acrid it was like the surface of the planet was being exposed to the absolute zero of outer space. If Australia is getting this kind of cold I can only imagine what is in store for the Northern Hemisphere. Buried alive overnight one winter soon?

Other side of the planet, same airstream

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Goy Squeeze

Poor pea-sized brains of improperly snipped Sapiens can only goggle at the sheer tornado of conflicting bullsh*t rained down on them seemingly from every angle ... when in fact ... it's just one interest group doing it all.

With a brain the size of a squirrel (same group tells them insistently that size doesn't matter) there is no way these poor creatures could possibly protect themselves in a battle of wits. They are completely unarmed mentally. The only defense they could hope for is to adhere to the strict mental hygiene regime of Christianity. If they veer to the left or the right even in that, they'd be snapped up by doctrines of devils, Zionism and all kinds of perversions.

When you're that stupid, Christianity is your only defense. Trying to proceed on your own wisdom is ridiculous - you are dealing with people who can run mental circles around imbeciles as simple and confused as the average Kwanzanian.