Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is Obama Mentally Disturbed Or Just A Moron?

The perfect President for Kwanstainia.

In the military, we called the condition "so stupid it doesn't matter."

The guy's entire life is constructed from lies. He has lost track of who he is supposed to be, where he is supposed to be and what year it is. He's been reading off teleprompters for so long his mind has gone completely blank.

This is a near perfect match for the Kwanzans, who themselves can barely remember what is going on anymore.

Confused, much, Kwanzanian? I can imagine what that feels like, going around in a pall of gray fog everywhere, trying to think ... getting mixed results. Let's vote for this guy. He will fix it. "Change." He fixed it alright. He fixed your a** pretty good, he did. I'd accept a plea of insanity based on aspartame intake, otherwise I'd say nation of fail.

2011 : The Herald Of The Black Swan

I got an email last night from a guy who has been ridiculing me for about ten years.

He said he is quitting his job and moving to the outback on a mountain ridge. He also asked how did I know about all these things in advance. I told him to read the blog and he'd know how I knew about these things. People who cannot learn or reason do not really believe anyone else can either. This is why they always figure you must be a prophet or have some supernatural insight in order to know which way the wind is blowing. Think about that and it explains a lot about true human nature.

Humans trust their own minds far less than the opinions of others. They actually believe it is proof of some pathology to think independently of the herd. They won't necessarily come out and say these things in the open. It is their real conviction at a deep level, however.

Since humans trust the opinions of others and the apparent consensus, imagine how powerful you could be if you could buy up media and manufacture that consensus. That's all it takes to program them like robots to do what you want and think what you tell them to.

Idiocracy : Trying To Help Will Only Get Your Ass Shipped Off To Rehabilitation Night

For the smartest guy in the world, you're pretty dumb sometimes.

Assisting the manboons in any way will only lead to grief. I wouldn't be shocked if they give this poor guy the electric chair.

The good men retreat to tend their private gardens in times like these.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

2010 One of Coolest Years Since Start of Holocene

Some people might concede this might be the start of a Little Ice Age. They are just reactive. Like animals. It's grown so obvious they'd be willing not to think but to just concede. They will never think about anything. They won't because they can't.

At Vault-Co we've known the facts of the matter since 1999.

This isn't another Little Ice Age.

This isn't a Dalton Minimum.

It's a Maunder Minimum. At a minimum, it's a Maunder Minimum.

The big chill. The grand freeze.

It is impossible to imagine worse timing on the part of the manboons for the West to crater. It's almost as if a man on the brink of death with three different kinds of debilitating disease chose that exact moment to walk up to Mike Tyson on the street and call him a bitch.

The Disordered Desk

I was at work last week and somebody said to me, "They've been told to clean up their desks on the other side. They've heard the research that associates a cluttered desk with higher productivity, but lately the pendulum has swung the other way and more and more bosses have said they don't care what it signifies, they want to see the desks cleaned up."

I told him,"You know, I have a funny feeling if we went to the homes of people with cluttered desks, we'd find their homes looked the same way. We'd probably find that the homes of employees with neat desks had their homes neatly laid out as well."

We both had a big laugh.

Then I said "You know, I bet if we went back around 40,000 years in the family lines of people with messy desks, we'd find that the caves of their ancestors had a cluttered appearance much the same way."

Weird look ... then we both had a big laugh.

I said "So you were saying you were familiar with the research that clearly shows people with messy desks tend to do more work and solve more problems than their colleagues, right? So how do you explain bosses who are less interested in what the evidence says and more interested in appearances? That's a kind of failure at problem solving, right? Namely, how to hire and retain people who get more work done? That is their role as a manager, after all. It's almost as if they'd forgotten altogether what the subject was to begin with."

Weird look. Thinking a bit about it. Shrug.

"So if intuition in one line of genes pushes for certain kinds of disorganization whereas the larger majority push for certain kinds of organization even if it doesn't solve problems, we would probably be right in assuming that mankind is divided into two kinds of people - people who can solve problems and those who can't, because of the way they reason about the world."

Shrug. Uncomfortable shuffling. Knit brows. Shrug.

"If their ancestral caves were also cluttered and the neat freaks had caves that were much neater going back 40,000 years, we could safely say we were looking at some kind of speciation, couldn't we? That's a fundamental difference in temperaments."

Shrug. Shrug-shrug. Frown. Shrug.

"What if we could trace back the messy bunch over 400,000 years and find sloppy haphazard caves going back twenty ice ages or more? We'd definitely be able to describe the messy problem solvers as a separate class of mankind, right? What do you think?"

Shrug. "I dunno. I forgot what we were talking about."

Then we both went back to work. I at my messy desk, he at his neat organized one.

Two species of man, mixed together like oil and water, in the same gene pool.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Kwanstainian Peasants Begin To Peel Off - Not A Country Worth Working Hard For

Pretending this is a first world country when it has all the trappings of a third world country is patently ridiculous.

According to a law that was passed by machines in the U.S. in the last 48 hours, any Kwanzan can undergo rendition at any time for any reason if the government says they are "subversives." It doesn't matter who they are or who they know. The Constitution has been shredded and there is no reason to even bring it up anymore. The only right any Kwanzan has is the right to work and the right to die when their usefulness is at an end.

Apparently, the usefulness of almost all of them has come to an end. Like livestock put onto a temporary pasture until the slaughterhouse truck comes for them.

Kwanzania Being Systematically Stripped Of All First World Infrastructure and Furnishings

A couple years back I was having lunch at work and one of my co-workers was making fun of how rapid I described the transition of the West from 1st to 3rd world. He said to me, "It has taken two centuries of building up the society, what happens to all this stuff we see now? Electricity, plumbing? It's not going to vanish. I don't see this being a problem for at least two hundred years. According to you, it's all going to happen instantly."

I tried to explain to him that I had been all over the world and lived in many countries and that I had drawn a conclusion from my observations over the past fifty years.

Inhabitants of any region don't resemble their environments. Their environments resemble them. There are no special places on the earth that exude strange eldritch gases that make the people who live there a certain way. This is what multiculturalism teaches.

Once a certain critical mass is achieved and the delicate fragile balance we call a "first world country" is overturned, things begin to unravel very, very rapidly. The residents themselves are quite capable of demolishing their surroundings overnight. I know. I've lived in the before and after ... if you blinked, you would have missed the transition. One morning I was living in a bright tropical verdant green dream. The next I was in a smoking, post-apocalyptic landscape. In a single day.

It is the illusion of permanence in dead institutions and structures that men think make things they way they are. In fact, everything they call culture is merely gene expression. There is no constant outside of genetics and if those change, the environment can transform in a few hours to reflect it. I laugh at all attempts to legislate Mother Nature. You might as well pass laws against the actions of the wind. Larger frontal lobes are the only reliable defense of the commons that exists.

Cell Phones Are A Result of Black Hole Research

... and many other truistic true-style truisms.

Some of these guys are in Shoah business. Other guys are just in show business. Whether academia, law, politics or some other flim-flammery like astrophysics, it's all just different ways to avoid having to work at a real day job.

I always think of Yoda when these guys start to pitch this hooey. "Enlightened, I am." Yes, I bet you are, Yoda.

Increasingly, people are realizing that the majority of all tenured, institutionalised (!) academia generates effectively zero, nothing, nada, zilch and in return they spend their entire lives in idleness at taxpayer expense. Formal academia is high quality, complex welfare for people otherwise no more employable than most bums and vagrants. People like this never make anything better. They just make such a wild display of sophistry and gibberish that they stun others into assuming they must be smart.

It bugs me in particular this whole business of post-plagiarism for the past 38,0000 years. The Neanderthal hybrids have been in the trenches with the soldiering iron in hand all these millennia and when they come up with new technologies, be it a new flint arrow head or the cell phone, there is always a Sapiens in the wings claiming credit for it. This is not a trivial phenomenon. For every real Neo-hybrid innovator, there are at least a thousand people taking accolades for his work. I just see it as the Philo Farnsworth/William Shockley effect over and over again. Whether it's a Nobel peace prize for Barack Obama or Al Gore, you see this tragic circumstance repeated again and again. In addition to world peace, Al Gore also invented the internet. See what I'm talking about? Jacob means Swindler in Hebrew. It's a person who gets by as a result of leeching off somebody else. Does God love the parasitic and infertile over the creative and innovative? There's something to think about.

J.R. Nyquist on the Terrible Emptiness

Men have no better angels. When their faith and fear of God vanishes, it creates a terrible vaccuum into which the most horrible things imaginable rush in. The psychopath could never recognize God - as Nietszche pointed out, who needs the competition? God is just another male in the way of what they want.

It doesn't matter if God exists or doesn't exist. You're not a good atheist until you realize this. Men have no better angels. Only fools and idiots speak of principles without divine sanction. The king monkey will just throw those principles out if they represent restraint and replace them with values that permit them to act however they wish.

As soon as the Bolshevists came to power in Russia, they set out to eliminate the intelligentsia first. The men who had written of a perfect managed State based on altruism were the first to kneel at the edge of mass graves.

Every useful tool in history has advocated a nation without a God and almost none of them were allowed to live long enough to see what a nation without God looks like.

Man is not a learning animal. Man has no better angels. If you don't know these things yet, you're either young or stupid. If you're young, there's a chance you will understand these things someday. If you're stupid, you would not understand anything if you lived a thousand years.

U.S. Air Force General : China is getting ready to fight and win a Third World War

Kwanzanians baffled. The globalist paradise was supposed to be here by now. This is like one of those icky serious things. Effeminate she-hes presenting as leadership not actually mentally equipped to dwell for long on real world or hard mechanics of human survival.

They were only laying low until their forces were built up to parity or better.

Vault-Co prediction : Kwa will be a radioactive glassine crater watched over by ugly crows, forever.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hollywood Propaganda : Anybody Who Builds A Shelter Or Prepares For Future Is A Paranoid Schizophrenic

Blew me away. I never knew this until Hollywood told me itz true. Televitz commentators will no doubt cluck their tongues and confirm itz all an extremely trueness factoid we should all memorize. It's possible some of the recently deceased residents of Joplin, Missouri might disagree right about the time they cleared the convection layer at 1500+ feet aboveground.

Actually, the genes that govern anxiety about the future and a desire to remain in a prepared state were introduced 38,000 years ago through interbreeding with Neanderthal females. They had gotten it from an R&D process of over a half million years, which neanderthals survived handily and dominated the planet by expressing such genes at all times. These same genes are linked to pessimism about the future, vigilance and distrust of strangers. There were probably millions of Neanderthals who didn't express these qualities in their makeup. They all died and the Neos who had these qualities survived. Pretty much settles that argument.

I'm always amused at the dry liberals who pretend to coyly psychoanalyze preppers like it is some form of mental illness. Do you know what bug-eyed crazy really is? It's living in the year 2011 and not seeing anything wrong. These people will be pulling a two hundred man diversity gangbang train in their a**holes and still shaking their heads in irritation. "What, this? Sure, I guess you could see the downside here. That's the nature of confirmation bias." They'll be pulling a twelve hour shift as a man whore in a Red Chinese comfort camp set up by the U.N. and going "I think our nation is going through some important changes, of course. That's what makes every day interesting. For me it's just another opportunity to learn about myself."

Greece Will Lead Way, Then The Rest Of Europe

Going to be very interesting times until the end of 2011 and into 2012.

Very interesting times.

AIPAC Is Disgusted By Filthy Peasant Protests

No Prison, Big Payout Stolen From Bleeding Hands of Unwilling Taxpayers For Rape-Crazed Slobbering Pervert Strauss-Kahn

It's difficult to believe the IMF even exists. Seriously. I just don't understand how any honest man would permit such widescale theft and graft to take place and bill the Kwanzanian people for it.

You Couldn't Make This Sh*t Up



On my lunch break today, after being asked "What poisons" I was talking about, I walked around the corporate kitchen and pointed to all the standard snacks in the kitchen ...

  • Heavily fluoridated drinking water for tea and coffee (commercially used as rat poison, 100+ years of research proves it causes permanent loss of IQ and nervous system damage)

  • Cookies with monosodium glutamate (excitotoxin)

  • Tea and Coffee (known excesses of fluoride & formaldehyde)

  • Sweeteners (aspartame, phenylalanine, acesulfame, all proven to produce damage to nervous system in research)
... what all these poisons have in common is that they are proven in the lab to cause severe cognitive impairment and permanent damage to the brain. Simply taking a tea break in your office could cost you ten points of IQ in a single day. On top of this, looks like you will now be getting lithium as well. You'll be happy as a horse and dumber before this is over.

Planet = Crazy In May, Certifiable In June

It's unraveling. The Black Swan is spreading her wings.

A little here, a little there. The sheeple only see what has happened in their neighborhood, in their immediate living space.

They don't know. It's everywhere. The advance of darkness.

The real economic horror show is likely to start in June or July. Lots of stuff is due, Kwanzania can't pay, something's going to give. There are people who want their money and they will take it out of the Kwa's ass if they have to.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Human Brain Is Broken By Design

No link.

I think the brains of Homo Sapiens are designed with a kill switch internally any time that conversation or thoughts become relevant. If they try to think seriously about anything ala Harrison Bergeron, their minds become anxious and disturbed until they stop doing that.

I've only had a half century to observe them at close range.

Their brains don't work good on purpose. That's been my conclusion for over a year.

Somebody said "Slaves don't need the capacity for self-reflection. We'll insert a behaviour that causes extreme irritation in the brain when people stop to reflect seriously on anything. When they go off-topic again, we will reward them with a burst of hallucinogen. This will keep their heads down. You don't want these creatures able to reason like Neanderthals. That's a free range hominid. These will be single purposed creatures that will stay on task when assigned."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When Does Robert Felix Get His Nobel Prize?

I think if idiots like Barack Obama and Al Gore are getting Nobel Prizes, surely we can spare one for somebody who isn't a charlatan who has actually done something.

You read both his books. They're clearly predictive and I'm not just talking about the nanodiamond layer, either. I'd say anyone who articulates a geophysical mechanic that clearly and then we all watch while the guy is absolutely vindicated by developments in the real world, deserves a Nobel Prize many times over.

My son did a research project on Alfred Nobel. We learned a lot about him and his life. The reason he set up the Nobel Prize is to reward people like his brother, who died helping him perfect dynamite. He did not want to give out money to the squeaky wheels or the sorts of guys who push their way to the front of the line. He wanted the Nobel to go to the real deal, the people in the back room who others never credit and never recognize otherwise. The sort of people who produce everything in secret which civilization then steals and pretends they came up with it.

I know for a fact that there are a lot of academics reading his books on the sly, rephrasing his stuff and then getting accolades for their "bold ideas." He's created a new mini-industry of plagiarists. It's time the guy got formal recognition.

Monday, May 23, 2011

God : "Here's Your Krapture, Sodomites"

Kwanzanians go on a wild ride into the air as they hoped, unfortunately they also appear to be coming back down. At around 1500 feet the Protestants begin to wonder if approving gay men for clergy in the church was as good an idea as it sounded. Apparently, self-righteousness does not work as a prophylaxis against gravity. Since the real "god" they pray to is AIPAC, they should put in a formal complaint against the almighty. Pity there is no higher court to lodge an appeal against God.

Behold, a whirlwind of the LORD is gone forth in fury, even a grievous whirlwind: it shall fall grievously upon the head of the wicked.

- Jeremiah 23:19

Dual Argument For Atheist Lurkers Below (God wins either way) :
The same sort of human being who thinks consensual sophistry is sufficient to override 4000 years of theology, is also stupid enough to think that a consensus that there is no need for civil defense or mandatory buildings standards in tornado-prone regions is sufficient to ignore the issue. Either way, you get a house dropped on your head at the end. Think HARD, sons of Adam.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Kind Of Warnings They Give To Residents Of Third World Countries

Florida has been a third world country for a long time. The BP accident has essentially cleaned out anyone left with the means to move. It's HYAR BE DRAGONES on the map now. It's as physically toxic as it is spiritually. The Kwanstainian government is scared to even go in there anymore, it's like a night mission to Bosnia.

Another victory for pluralism. They're falling like dominos. Soon it will be California that will be a breakaway state and then Texas shortly after that.

People who win in the bedroom win everything. Any nation not interested in making babies and promoting families will soon find itself replaced by another demographic who are.

Somebody was telling me the other day that the Fabians were never interested in introducing chaos to achieve a new order. What they really wanted all along was just chaos, period. The order promised afterwards was something they tell new recruits to gain their allegiance. Deep down the elites never wanted to do anything but destroy it all. I've been thinking about it. That actually makes more sense than anything else. Chaos and destruction. No real serious targets outside of these goals. The rest is just a cover story to make it all seem sane. The actual end that justifies the means ... is the means. Crazy, I know. We are talking about human beings here.

The Operation That Left A Trail A Mile Wide

The sheeple are dullards. Slack-jawed, droopy-lidded dribbling halfwits. The ones with college edjamafacashuns, anyhow. The others are even worse.

I can't stand to talk about this subject any longer in any context because you will find you are answering the same questions the same way for the millionth time ... and why should you? They will only forget everything they have heard in fifteen minutes. This is why I have lost my urge to explain anything over the years. It's a rare day on this blog when you can get any detail out of me. If you were me, you'd know why.

Sapiens is not a learning animal. He hasn't just been going through a dry spell for the past 60,000 years. No way. He hasn't just been down on his game since the super eruption of the Toba volcano. No sir. That just doesn't wash. He was never up on his game. He got an injection of brains at 38,000 years B.C. because he developed a taste for raping Neanderthal girls he took for war captives. Other than than, he's been in continuous decline ever since.

The sheeple suffer because all domesticated beasts suffer. It's their purpose. They suffer and then they are harvested. If they were men, they would strain against their bonds and refute these lies. Instead they have apologetics for their masters. They're worse than beasts because their instincts have ceased to be capable of protecting their lives. Even a beast does as much.

Whatever befalls them, they will also appreciate the misery of having forged their own chains with a smile on their faces. They were foremost amongst their jailers.

If men could think or reason, there would have been arrests made at the highest levels of government on 9-12-2001.

Men don't think or reason. They are complex, gregarious, highly social, extremely talkative, very elaborate, multilayered and often so ambivalent they are scarcely aware of what they really believe on any subject. Nevertheless, beneath all this sophistry, they are only recently down out of the trees.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Standard For Thee, Another For Me

When private citizens build shelter systems, they're paranoid delusional cranks.

When the government does it with the tax revenues they have collected from those same people, they're farsighted, prudent and fully justified in planning for their own continuity.

Besides, they're important and worthy people. Popular and up there in the hierarchy of primates. We look up to them the same way betas do in Jane Goodall documentaries. Therefore anything they do is correct and not to be questioned or criticized.

The real sickness in the head of the Homo Sapiens is when they take a certain pride in seeing these facilities ... despite knowing that these places are not open and never will be to them or their families. "Yeah, but they are government people. Tom Clancy style and all. They will be safe because they know what they are doing. It gives me a peculiar pleasure to know they have nothing to worry about. It's only crazy when the little people like you and me even dream to attempt such things. That's nuts. If you're not in the government with a billion dollars why even bother to try?"

Vault-Co Predicts Some Craziness Now

I have a strong feeling that mass phenomena like this millennialism represent a kind of rolling wave of emotion with different levels of fear, dread and euphoria going through the whole population. Lots of people are having a really hard time trying to get their heads around the idea. Apparently the fringe elements were onto something all these years. People who were not the majority consensus turned out to be correct. Things were going to get bad. I know this because lots of those people have written me privately lately to begrudgingly concede that Vault-Co may have been onto something ten years ago.

Like in cancer victims - the first stage is denial. That's what this krapture rubbish has been about. Now comes the second part, just like in a cancer patient. Rage.

It's not the true believers I am talking about. The ones who genuinely believed they were leaving today probably will be the most harmless. It's the other 90% who had their fingers crossed behind their backs, hoping Christ was some kind of casino machine that pays off in convenience when the real world gets scary. "Yeah, sure, I go to church. If this rapture thingamajig is coming I'll be the first to go. I do good deeds and things. I can't even pay my mortage lately. If Jesus is coming back he'll definitely get me first." Watch that crowd. I think we will see something there in coming weeks.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Basic Precepts Of Vault-Co Epistemology

1. The evidence is that the planet may be much, much older than four billion years.

2. Homo Sapiens is merely one of countless previous hominid races that have flourished on the Earth in addition to my own, Neanderthal. Neither Sapiens nor even Neanderthal were necessarily the most advanced species that have ever existed here.

3. It is likely that both mammal and reptile species have existed as bipeds and both may have reached very high levels of intelligence.

4. Advanced civilizations have existed over and over again for at least the past 8 million years.

5. Hominids have coexisted with dinosaurs.

6. The planet routinely undergoes catastrophic cyclic events. Many hominids for this reason have favored mental states which use amnesia and denial as a coping mechanism to get on with their lives if they survive.

7. It is possible that there may be evidence on the Moon and on Mars of previous attempts at colonization by people from this planet.

8. It is possible that life originally started on Mars and then migrated here several billion years ago when that planet underwent changes that made it more inhospitable.

9. Everything you have ever been told about anthropology, evolution and human development is very likely to be absolutely wrong.

10. The single most distinctive feature of Homo Sapiens as a species is that he is a liar. He is not much good at thinking, problem solving or inference. All human progress is due to Neanderthal admixture of genes from a maternal line. Homo Sapiens in the pure, unmodified state is utterly incapable of reasoning or creativity.

11. The universe is infinite in all directions and without a beginning or an end. It is continually renewing itself with mini-bangs creating matter and energy out of nothing because it is a charged field of plasma with shifting changes in charges.

12. Life did not start on Earth, rather the entire universe is a soup of prebiotic organisms that need only fall on any planet to start life anew there. Life has arrived at least twice, maybe three times from outer space in the past four billion years and started this entire process over again.

13. Oil is abiotic and created from methane gases under pressure in the Earth's crust and from other processes involving heat and compression.

14. Nuclear war is survivable.

Kwanstainia Is Bagged and Tagged

This plan, like the one in Britain, was not simply a misunderstanding.

It takes a lot of coordination to pull it off. The point was to get control of the food supply.

Then get control of everything else.

The common man, roughly on par intellectually with a domestic house pet, has no idea. He honestly believes nobody in the world is brighter than he is or could work with others in a long term exercise against his interests. That's a fatal flaw in his makeup, it turns out. The world is filled with people who pursue these very schemes every waking minute.

As I Said. Britain Finished, Forever.

If you don't understand why, you need remedial math.

Britain's labor government will go down in history as an elected government that deliberately used subterfuge to replace it's own native population, the electorate themselves. In the past, people have been hanged for even contemplating treason like this.

Why was it so important it happen so quickly? So it could be completed before the natives could figure out what was going on.

These policies were imposed on the people. Nobody ever suggested there was majority support or even minimal support for such madness.

As Robert Welch said, none dare call it treason, if treason succeeds.

Britain will have sharia law in ten years.

Investing In Survival Behind Your Back

Notice how the elites are telling people the economy is in recovery and for the past ten years all they have done is buy agricultural land in foreign countries as exit strategies.

All the "authorities" the Sapiens look to for their leadership are in fact no leaders. They are opportunists planning to ditch the peasants to their well deserved fate as soon as TSHTF. George Carlin never spoke truer words when he said they don't give a f*ck about you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kwanstainia Is A Blight Upon Reality

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Okay, so you want to name a navy ship after a hispanic, proving of course that race doesn't matter, although apparently does when you're coming up with a new name for a navy ship.

As mentioned, Peralta comes to mind. The guy was apparently an uber-troop in Iraq and gave his life over there saving a lot of other soldiers doing it.

But ... Cesar Chavez? Pardon, are we talking about the hardcore marxist labor leader slash revolutionary? I better go to bed. It's clear to me I've been up too late and now I've segued seamlessly into this weird dream where the Kwa names a navy vessel after a radical separatist communist. Seriously, it's just too odd for words. When I wake up I'm sure I will find that never happened.

Switched To Code:Blocks Compiler

I couldn't live any longer without intellisense and instance jumping, so I ported my Open Watcom projects from their shabby IDE over to Code:Blocks free development IDE. About a thousand times more productive, all the perks of Visual Studio, yet can still output to five operating systems with one compiler. Very good development environment for cross-platform products of all kinds.

I am still working on the real mode x86 server first, will release it, then the 32 bit protected mode, followed by Win 32, then Linux and FreeBSD. Should be plenty busy this year. I will release the accompanying book with the real mode x86 version so that all future books I write will be leveraged off the Vault-OS architecture. Whatever it is running on, your Lua scripts and JSON configuration files should be 100% portable to that instance of VOS.

Krapture This Saturday

Awfully good of Harold Camping to make it on the weekend so people can sleep in before they lift off. Of course, God says no man knows the day and the rapture is only something hinted at in the Bible, but Harold knows better.

Here's the point of this blog post.

Every single time in history, right before a nation has plummeted into a total collapse, people have embraced doctrines of millennialism in the hope they were going to escape the rugged hardships it was obvious they were going to have to bear. When it turned out that the miracle weapons of the Fuhrer were just pipe dreams or the cavalry wasn't coming, there was always a colossal outbreak of violence following that as people awoke the next morning to find their schizophrenic fantasy had not come to pass as prophesied.

There are a lot of people in the country formerly known as the United States that are clinging very hard to this last, desperate fantastic hope. If they don't get kraptured on Saturday away from their unserviceable mortgages and endless search for jobs in an economy that has no jobs to offer and probably won't for the next 100 years or thereabouts, there will be an atomic personality meltdown for a lot of people. For every person actively in the streets handing out pamphlets, there are forty silent ones with their fingers crossed. Saturday is all they have left. After that, it's the abyss and part of them knows it subconsciously. Everybody knows the U.S. is getting ready to default. That's going to open a sh*tstorm in the Kwa the likes of which ordinary folks don't have sufficient imagination to comprehend. The average person just can't take it anymore. If Harold Camping did not exist it would have been necessary to invent him. It's not that he ever had any credibility, it's that he was making the right predictions at the right time. It's what a lot of people wanted to hear as they were becoming slowly aware they had nothing left. The U.S. is a dried up, sucked out shriveled shell of a country and where it's going, it won't be coming back from, ever.

So Vault-Co, no prophet to be sure, is going on the record with a prediction of our own.

I reckon Monday morning of next week, the seeds of serious civil unrest will have been laid down irrevocably in the Kwa. They'll be thinking ... nearly 8:30, I'm supposed to be in the unemployment line waiting for another form to apply for benefits. Oh God, why hast thou forsaken me? This can't be happening.

From the underclass of societies this precariously perched, there is a sickening feeling present in all the inhabitants that one feels on a rollercoaster about to make it's first drop. That anticipation will bring out the madness in the Kwanstain. Vault-Co predicts it.

No rapture for you, kids. You must think that you're in good standing with God. No such luck. You are an accursed nation and now you should prepare yourself to pass through a terrible fire. There's no wunderwaffen waiting in the wings for you. During the Great Depression, the madhouses filled up with people driven to lunacy by despair. That was nothing compared to the trials that are coming for the Kwa.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a Conspiracy, says Lizard Boy


You sound like some kind of conspiracy nut, Kahn! Next you'll be warning people of the end of the world on your own blog and working on a Vault operating system! You're losing it, man! Get a grip!

He tried morphing his facial features into the late Harry Truman, then Pee-Wee Herman, finally Pope John Paul, but they had him handcuffed and still told him no bail. You are nailed like a snake to a washboard, Dominic. It's tough to be surrounded by so many people you can't get your transformation correct and just end up looking like a bitch-whipped version of your own self. Yes they do slither. Fellow serpents already starting a chorus to say he was framed. Wow. That came out of left field.

I had a snake in the garage last night, I can't begin to tell you how loathsome these creatures are. Whether 8 ounces or 200 lbs, they disgust me right through their whole evolutionary range. You will crawl on your belly and eat dust, until the seed of the woman crushes your head. Trying to make yourself look like an investment banker will only postpone your fate.

That's right. The woman slipped and fell with her open mouth balls deep onto his penis. It happens to me all the time. Okay, actually it has never happened but I wish I had that kind of luck. Dominic says she managed to mutter "okay" when her bloody tonsils were getting forcibly pounded. That's the best time to ask a girl if she is interested in romance. He had lunch with his daughter afterwards. You stay classy, Dominic.

French Marxists furious that the peasants actually apprehended someone so very important. Forcible rape is just a perk of the job, you see. Everyone needs to understand this.

C'mon people, I have to enjoy this. You don't see'em get dragged out into the sunlight very often. A victory for the children of God. Somebody in the New York Police Department was doing their job according to what was written down on paper. That's called the rule of law.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sheeple Always Laugh At Civil Defense Measures

They're usually still laughing when the blast wave hits.

I've seen this happen so many times in my life I can't tell you.

It's the people who will snicker at you the hardest who will pound on the hatch door with the worst desperation begging to come in.

I've seen it happen during tornados, civil unrest, fires, floods and power outages. Those who considered the future the least will always be the most terrified when it gets here. They just never believed that whatever it was would actually happen and felt it was fantasy to even suggest it could. They honestly think that reality is some kind of climate controlled Disneyland ride where things only appear to be potentially dangerous - the authorities will see to it nothing could actually harm them. They believe that somebody in government sets safe operating parameter guidelines for the quantum universe with central legislation. Don't laugh. It's true.

Strong Delusion Sent To Those About To Die

If you're a real Christian, you know it's not your job to "save souls" or "lift the scales from people's eyes." Only God himself can do these things.

When you see how glazed over the eyes of the Kwanzanians are, it's obvious God is anaesthetizing them for what is coming. If he loved them, they'd be on his email list. Instead they just have a goofy, confused expression on their faces as they cheer with their little Chinese manufactured Kwanzanian flags and scream they'll always be "number one." They really think this is a little downturn and somebody will turn on the money faucet soon and pay off their debts. They don't know that the only reason they stayed afloat this long was by selling their future to foreigners - and they are not buying anymore. Nobody has showed up for a debt auction in a long time for the Kwa. They have no choice but to default soon ... and default means babies, the other white meat by 2012 for the Kwanstain.

Instead of lifting the scales from their eyes, instead God has chosen to shoot them up with morphine and pull a sheet over their heads. That tells you what is planned for them. They have been summarily dismissed.

Shakin' and more Shakin' Everywhere You Look

The whole planet has been shuddering for two years non-stop. There are brief pauses, then a big one hits again. It's working up to something.

Congress Votes Unlimited Power To Wage War To President

No mention in the mass media.

It's not a right they have to give. Nobody cares what the Constitution says any more. They think they are brighter than Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. They'd need a two-tier paint ladder to climb up on top of to kiss Jefferson on his ass.

Thomas Jefferson passed more brain cells in his average bowel movement than all the members of Congress in the past hundred years summed together had in their entire heads. Jefferson wrote notes to himself on table napkins that make Hemingway and Mark Twain look like illiterates.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

WW3 Will Be A Sub War

Subs firing nuclear cruise missiles, to be more specific. All the participants have realized that traditional navies just don't have the sex appeal of submarines that can go anywhere and get away with nearly anything, vastly increasing the unpredictability of victory in such a war and vastly decreasing warning times for civilians.

Improvements in stealth systems for submarines make the worst case scenarios also the most attractive ... creeping up on the coast of your enemy with a fleet of subs and launching nuclear cruise missiles into the interior traveling at twenty times the speed of sound. Warning systems for military response become almost impossible and early warning systems for civilians become completely impossible. The scenario always ends the same way - having to absorb a first strike and then retaliating. To absorb a first strike, your country has to adopt a defensive posture that means nuclear defense is a way of life, so they are always in situations where they or their equipment can quickly be sheltered. This was what Eisenhower had in mind with the Federal Highway System (the original plan had a super shelter built into every overpass) and Kennedy was planning to implement if he had not been triangulated in Dallas.

It takes about twenty years to get a decent civil defense program going, another twenty years to finish it and twenty years of regular maintenance and drills to keep it running. So far the Kwanstain is running about sixty years behind in all regards. The sum of the nuclear defense posture in the Kwa is to grin ear-to-ear sweating and hope for the best. Vault-Co calls it the Eternally Sunny Disposition of the Walking Dead.

Japan Is Sinking, Fallout Making Uninhabitable

The media in the mass meme was :

There was a big quake in Japan. It did a lot of damage, including to a nuclear reactor, which is now under control. Story is at an end.

Unfortunately in real life, the facts are :

Non-stop biblical catastrophism in Japan since the big quake which clearly is set to make the entire island (center of world production in electronics) completely uninhabitable.

Reptilian Scum Can Never Hide It's True Nature

The best it can hope for is that other snakes will cover for it when the mask slips.

Forked tongue belly crawler tried to make a run for it into the bushes the way a serpent always does but got a heel to his head.

Mammals have impulse control. Reptiles do not. Mammals do not act on every passing urge. Reptiles do. The reason they seek positions of power is for this very reason, so they can act on their psychopathic drives in secret using their privilege.

Bet you anything this pig has done this a thousand times and this is the first time that he has actually been held to account for it. A thousand times. I would wager a lot of shiksas have gotten hush money and been told they would die if they ever mentioned it or pressed charges.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homo Sapiens Is a Genetically Engineered Slave Race Made To Obey Orders

On May 10th, 2010, about fifteen minutes after I first read the press release about our Neanderthal genes, I had about five million isolated pieces of information I had gathered over fifty years come together in an epiphany so strong I thought I would faint. The first thing I thought of was the Curse of Humbaba. It all came back to me so sharply it was like someone had adjusted the focus on my brain for the first time in my life. So many things that had never made any sense to me, suddenly were so obvious it was impossible to deny the connections.

"Enkidu, rodeo clown, bullback rider, bastard son who does not know his own father! We the gods see now you are the most dangerous of Enki's creations! You alone were given craft, memory, clairvoyance, inference, discernment, creativity ... as a joke! We believed no creature who was made subject to the female would ever challenge the gods! How could a creature who has his dog to sleep in his bed ever raise his hand against us! We see now it was a mistake we shall rectify!

"The other races of Enki were all instilled with flaws in their nature that insured they would never rebel against their masters and counterbalanced to make certain they would bicker amongst themselves. We knew that 'the wrestler,' the 'man with no waist', the wild man of the forest, the 'little professor' as we call him in the heavens, was the only man who would ever challenge us! For this reason, we shall bring the nightmare of Gilgamesh to pass. The black ash and the 'burning sky' shall obliterate this generation of men and when the sky clears, the race of the Enkidu shall be no more, it will be a living ghost, you shall never know peace, Enkidu! Gilgamesh, you love your brother and think you will never be separated from him, yet we will blot out his memory under the heavens and the day will come when you shall not recognize Enkidu even if he was standing right in front of you! The gods have decreed that the Enkidu will pass out of human memory and be forgotten as though they had never existed!"

- The Curse of Humbaba, from THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH

WW3 : ITZ COMING ... China-Pak Alliance?!?!?

Read the article.

Chinese government confirmed to be building massive supply tunnels and underground train routes into Pakistan to supply them during a war with India!!!!! These tunnels are a hundred feet underground and designed to survive nuclear blasts.

PLA on the ground in Pakistan cooporating with Pak army in logistics exercises.

Still think Chinese people are intellectual slackers or maybe can't see the big picture? I would venture that the leaders of China are just this side of Vault-Co in their ability to foresee which way the wind is blowing. They are definitely way ahead of the Kwa, Europe and Australia in knowing how this is going to go down.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

One good thing that may come out of this is that India will remain on the other side instead of falling into the arms of the Chinese.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kneel you Bloody Peasant, We Have Returned

U.S. Constitution nullifed in Indiana. Separation of powers fails to protect citizens against tyrants.

Do as you are told, you stupid knave

Give us your daughters, we shall put them to work at their natural calling

Imagine a boot crushing a human face, forever.

Cleanliness Is Human Progress

I've given up trying to talk to anybody about the profound effect on civilization that mandating lowering boiler temperatures in the name of "conserving energy" has had on the Western world. I think I may have blogged before about this, in case I have not here it is : mold and fungus are nothing to be trifled with. They may be the single most important biological culture in existence in terms of their impact on human health. Modern life is sickly, smelly, sticky and gamey because of the government's interference in the use of the most ancient technology of them all ... boiling water.

In the 1950's, nearly every single post-war home was rendered far more hygienic by the widespread ubiquitous use of real hot water in washing machines and boilers. I'm not talking about that lukewarm swamp tea you call "hot water" now. You probably don't know any better. You think that stuff is "hot water." The 1950's didn't just seem clean, pressed and white - it was. How do you think mold and fungus travel around your home? They use your clothing and body to do so. If your laundry doesn't sterilize your sheets and garments, they never get sterilized. Instead, you walk around a fungal colony, eating your fungus food and drinking your moldy cocktails topped with a healthy dose of spores. Do you really think with that much sugar in your diet you could possibly avoid becoming a human fungus sponge? Impossible.

At this point, it's not accurate to say you have a "little bit of mold" in your tissues and organs. Your mold has a little bit of you in it. You couldn't make this stuff up.

The government thought it was a good idea, however. Like anything they stick their hands into.

Community Release Care Works In Tenerife

I think it was Marc Widdowson who wrote about the loss of the ability to restrain madmen in declining civilizations. He illustrated this with Roman philosophers who advocated dropping their pants and masturbating in the streets because it was "natural" and therefore "wrong to inhibit in any way." Socrates himself defecated and urinated in public because he said it was a "natural function" of the body. After a while, people just stop noticing ... caring ... acting.

In the end, every declining civilization simply becomes a circus of madmen who are unrestrained - it could be regarded as the ultimate expression of "multiculturalism." All norms of civilized behaviour vanish and give way to a freeform chaos of schizophrenic histrionics. The lunatics act at random and do whatever they please and the citizens just stand mute and frozen, unable to even condemn such things or remember why they were objectionable.

Russians Preparing For ITZ

Almost anyone with any money to spend is buying themselves a shelter in Russia. There is widespread recognition over there that WW3 is in the works and that something is happening to the entire planet's climate. Most Russians in polls believe that something is going to happen in 2012, although they are uncertain what it will be.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The West In Decline : No significant advancement in primary technologies in 100+ years

Any technology you look deeply enough at, you will find an earlier version was passed over and never developed ... and that was when the West had far more verve and energy than today. The sickly, feebleminded, limpid-eyed denizens of the rubble once known as civilization would be hard pressed to use toilet paper instead of their hand.

I gather from my personal experience over the past half century that such things are utterly irreversible. Praying for last minute wunderwaffen is not realistic. All the talk of tech pulling the West out of this hole is so much boosterism for fiat currency.

They are trying to get the undead creatures who inhabit the wastelands onto their feet for one last consumer splurge but they're all out of juice. This is the end. What wonderful timing for the Maunder Minimum. Is it so far out to suggest that somehow these things must be related to one another at some profound level? As the sun prolapses and goes dormant, so have the souls of the beasts whose ancestors once stood atop the world like colossi.

Those times are over. They will never return. Too many wrong turns to ever find their way back to that magical formula. All the ingredients of success are lacking and nowhere to be found.

All the smart money is on deep underground vaults. It's the last investment boom before the end comes.

Vault-OS : Lua Web Server (HTTP/FTP) in DOS 16 Bit Real Mode, 640K RAM

Wrestling with SJA1000 and 82527 interface boards for PCI and PC/104 to support CANBUS, in addition to testing out various output schemes to session page writer through Lua.

About two weeks ago I was calling atomic scripts in Lua from main loop, now I'm thinking about adding a LuaSocket like is common in Windows/Linux for Lua and use Lua coroutines to run the entire Vault-OS system as a Lua program, including web server.

I've got about an hour each night tops to work on it and although what I have is impressive I am going to need a minimum of at least 40 hours more work to get it in shape for a version 1.0 release.

I found that instead of WATTCP library I should go directly through NTCPDRV TSR front end to packet driver, this peeled off 110K and I found immediately that the packets were easily buffered as they came in through the TSR callback. The TCP actually started to run much faster in this buffered fashion than it had been, against all intuition.

So I have the TCP-IP buffered by a TSR. I have the I2C buffered by a TSR. I hope to soon have the CANBUS buffered by a TSR. This will probably result in a very tight, very responsive little system that would be faster than anything you could write for Linux, BSD or Windows. No operating system other than DOS, sitting right on the metal. It will also be stabler than any other system outside of QNX when it is running if I get it solidly debugged.

DOS programs have run gas pumps for upwards of 20 years without ever being turned off. Ditto for monitoring apps for industrial work. They have been left on for years and years unattended. It just requires very robust design of the system so that nothing actually ever crashes it, no matter what happens.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Everything is Six Degrees of Separation From Neanderthals

No kidding. Since May 10th of last year when they dropped the press release out there, I have become convinced that there isn't anything you could possibly describe that has to do with humans that I cannot immediately frame for you as a comparison between Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals.

Many people who have visited my home have noticed a common trait that you will see again and again in families with an overall high level of native intelligence - their homes are "messy" and somewhat "haphazard." Visitors to the homes of geniuses down through the centuries have noted this quality in their homes and possessions. If they wanted to put the swimming pool right outside their bedroom window to make it easy to jump from there into the pool, that's where it went. If they decided they would like to have a cot to nap on in the middle of the kitchen, this is where they put it.

This has been the case for a half a million years and the reasons are obvious. All Mousterian camps/Neanderthal sites show this same kind of limitless "freedom" in all regards.

Homo Sapiens has all the characteristics of a slave. He has "dormitory" and "barracks" qualities hardwired into his brain. He couldn't change these habits if he wanted to. There are primary perogatives burned into his psyche that he should keep his living environments organized in a way that is not organized around his own habits but rather what is pleasing to the eye of an observer or overseer.

Just as with polyphasic sleep, the Neanderthals showed in every possible way that their lives belonged to them and nobody else. They were their own bosses. If they wanted to take a nap in the middle of the day, that's what they frequently did. The Neanderthal never acted as if somebody was watching him and determining the acceptable limits of his behaviour. Although they have been described at times as being "dog-like," nobody has ever said that Neanderthals had the qualities of domesticated animals - but there has never been a quality European thinker of any note who has not concluded this very thing at some point about Homo Sapiens.

Examining the camps of Neanderthals, one also receives the exact same impression you will get in a household of very high IQ people - they are waking dreamers who enjoy a rich landscape of interests that pool around them in a series of enthusiasms which they keep close at hand. You simply do not see this in Sapiens living arrangements. They don't have enthusiasms. They just have indulgences. It's no wonder nothing they ever do ever goes anywhere - they lack the curiosity needed to ever penetrate any subject sufficiently to explore it. They have no dreams. If I were designing a slave, I would take away it's dreams. If I started with Neanderthals as my raw material for making this slave, that's one of the first traits I'd strip off in the lab. I would not want it dreaming when awake like the Neanderthal did. A slave should concentrate on his work and never lift his eyes to the sky. These creatures would never paint cave walls or draw rich tapestries on rocks if I had my say in their design.

The reason this is very relevant is that we are in the midst of seeing the entire planet turned into a classic barracks arrangement for Homo Sapiens. The elites describe it as "inevitable." It's not inevitable. In fact, it is only Sapiens psychology that makes it possible. I challenge you to ever domesticate Neanderthals in the way they are yoking Sapiens right now. You couldn't do it. The New World Order would never get any traction in a Neanderthal society. It is impossible to enslave creatures whose dreams are so predictive of consequences they would always be one step ahead of anyone who attempted to make himself their master. It would be like trying to herd Siamese cats. The Neanderthal was indomitable in his native form because of this incapacity for regimentation, completely the opposite of Sapiens in every way. Sapiens capitalized on these zombie-like traits in his makeup when it came to waging war and creating divisions of labor.

The New World Order hinges on Sapiens submitting to a voice telling him "Your quarters are not well organized, slave. You must submit to a higher authority which will organize them for you and see to it they are not permitted to get this messy again." Sapiens is susceptible to these sorts of suggestions because of his innermost nature ... and nothing else. Neanderthals would kick off in these people's asses in a heartbeat if anyone ever tried to do the same to them.

I'm telling you this so that you know if there is any part of you capable of resistance, believe me when I tell you that's the good part. It's the Rhesus Monkey in you that wants to believe these lies ... but if there is any Neanderthal in you, it wants to shatter these chains and be free.

Genesis 38-40

38 And Esau said to his father, “Have you only one blessing, my father? Bless me—me also, O my father!” And Esau lifted up his voice and wept.
39 Then Isaac his father answered and said to him:
“ Behold, your dwelling shall be of the fatness of the earth,
And of the dew of heaven from above.

40 By your sword you shall live,
And you shall serve your brother;
And it shall come to pass, when you become restless,
That you shall regain dominion and break his yoke from your neck.”

Friday, May 6, 2011

These Two Are Actually Making More Sense For Me Than The Average Kwanzanian

More semantic content.

Obamanation Issues Executive Order Declaring Himself President For Life

You couldn't make this stuff up.

This sort of thing happens in South American regimes and maybe Kenya but not in first world countries.

President requires any company bidding for government contract to list all their political donations beforehand. Of course, this doesn't mean that the crackhead-in-chief will deny them contracts based on their political affiliations. Of course not.

It's the Sun, You Morons

Read the admission at the link above in shill rag "New Scientist." They concede that solar activity has peaked in the last 70 years at a higher level than anything in the last 8000 years, then blame the heat spike of the 90's on something called "global warming."

Incidentally, "New Scientist" was bought out by a consortium back when they published a genetic study that may have shown a link to Khazars for Ashkenaz. Formal letters were issued to subscribers after the sale was complete asking that they go in and tear the offending pages of the article out of their copy. The magazine has been an absolute travesty ever since and reads like something you'd expect to find on the shelves in Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY.

100,000-Year Climate Pattern Linked To Sun's Magnetic Cycles (Dartmouth College)

Breathing Cycles in Earth's Upper Atmosphere Linked to Solar Wind Disturbances (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Changes In Sun's Intensity Tied To Recurrent Droughts In Maya Region (University of Florida)

Cosmic Rays Linked To Global Warming (University of New York)

Evidence For Sun-climate Link Reported By UMaine Scientists (University of Maine)

Greater Solar Activity May Bring United States More Gray Days (NASA)

Holes In Sun's Corona Linked To Atmospheric Temperature Changes On Earth (Long Island University)

NASA Finds Sun-Climate Connection in Old Nile Records (NASA)

NASA Study Finds Increasing Solar Trend That Can Change Climate (NASA)

New Analysis Shows Earth's Lower Stratosphere In Synch With Solar Cycle (National Center for Atmospheric Research)

Northern Climate, Ecosystems Driven By Cycles Of Changing Sunlight (University Of Illinois)

Scientists Determine Biological And Ecosystem Changes In Polar Regions Linked To Solar Variability (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Sun's Direct Role In Global Warming May Be Underestimated, Duke Physicists Report (Duke University)

Sun's Magnetic Field May Impact Weather And Climate: Sun Cycle Can Predict Rainfall Fluctuations (University of New England, Australia)

The Sun's Chilly Impact On Earth (NASA)

Priming The Pump For The False Flag

Lying liars weaving a whole false world out of lies that seems more real than the real world with their control over information and media. In this fantastic world, an organization called "Al Quaeda" (never existed) under the leadership of "Osama Bin Laden" (died in summer of 2001) has been cooporating with the "secret international ring of nuclear material smuggling" (no such ring exists) plotting a "massive nuclear attack" on a major American city with the help of their evil nefarious friends in Pakistan. (Pakistanis have no idea what the hell these Kwanzanian idiots are talking about - they have yet to find any expended brass from "opposition" at the "Bin Laden Compound" (apartment complex))

Kwanzanians deserve what Kwanzanians get. The wages of stupid is death.

The TSA groping will now be extended to train systems, based on the fake intel from the fake operation at the fake Bin Laden compound pretending to kill a man who died ten years ago.

An Australian tells the truth about this shabby little country

The reason they haven't cracked Bin Laden's "files" yet is that they are still writing them

A pox on the Kwanstain. I would say the devil should take Kwanzania, except it is obvious he already has.

Kangaroo Court Finds Edgar Steele Guilty On All Counts

Ridiculous. This case is so insipid it defies description. The evidence is so thin it could barely be construed to be a case.

Edgar Steele had survived poisoning designed to destroy his heart valves and his last column announced he was going to run for political office in Idaho. If you are starting a political career, would your first move be to hire a criminal handyman (who has tried to blackmail you) to kill your ex-wife? Edgar Steele was onto the guy, he had told his friends he knew this asshole was a government plant trying to entrap him under some context. Did he then say to this same guy, "Plant a pipe bomb under my ex-wife's car and I'll pay you the money afterwards?"

I don't think so.

Somebody was really, really pissed off that Steele survived their clever arterial poison that they had probably been feeding him for months weakening his internals. They must've been furious when his valve spontaneously popped off and the guy still survived!

Again, one week before this absurd fiasco Edgar Steele had announced he was entering politics after he survived his "heart failure."

The thing about Steele was how tame he was. I've read tougher screeds by postal workers. His regular essays were of such a gentlemanly and measured tone they barely even constituted opposition. I don't think I ever heard him utter an angry word towards any race and what he did write was mostly about the right of all peoples to live the way they want according to the cultures they felt most comfortable with. Steele wasn't just a Christian, he was a good Christian. A random search of the internet could reveal a thousand people with a fraction of his native intelligence and eloquence advocating radical violence and sedition much worse than anything that Steele ever wrote in his columns.

Kwanzania is a joke and whole world is laughing at that pathetic excuse for a nation. What a vile third world toilet this country is. Taking it out on political dissidents, like all failed regimes throughout history. Disgusting. I wouldn't kennel a dog in that sewer.

I've been saving a Kwanzan flag (manufactured in China according to label) for a long time. When that country is a glassed over radioactive crater, I'm going to cut that flag into strips and use it as an expedient hygienic rectal scrubber. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

This is almost as dumb as the case against Matthew Hale.

Government Informant : "Don't you think somebody should do something to Lefkow, you know, make her pay?"

Matthew Hale : "Ummm ... I don't know ... yeah, whatever. I think it's over, myself."

(40 year prison sentence, later revealed that Judge Lefkow was killed by an angry plaintiff in a completely different and unrelated matter)

Turns Out There Was A Back Story To Libya

Like Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi was getting ready to lead a march to an Islamic Dinar set against a gold standard. Sane money, in other words. ZOGBux Central was not pleased by this development and had a lot of rabble rousers already in place to mount a charge against the "evil dictator" that the U.S. had been perfectly content to have in power there for the past thirty years.

This is Iraq all over again and it's getting to be an expensive way to keep your dollar afloat that Kwanzania can't afford to keep up. It is possible a conversion to a gold-backed Dinar would mean Kwanzans could no longer afford the oil of the Middle East and China would simply buy the lot at market rates.

If you'll just think about this a little, you'll see how utterly fragile the situation is right now. It's a powderkeg. The Kwa loses in whatever scenario you run through, trust me. I've run it ten thousand times in my head and it always ends with Kwanzania in flames, the residents eating babies and nuclear war in the air.

The Earth Is Like A Woman In Labor

Getting ready to give birth to a lot of trouble.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ockham's Razor : Pending Magnetic Reversal

You can solve three riddles of the modern era with one answer:

1. Increasing Tectonic Movement & Volcanism
2. Bee Disappearances
3. Weather changes

That's good enough for me. If you have an alternative that also neatly ties up all three as easily, please let me know about it.

Most Things You Think You Know, You In Fact Don't Know. You Just Know What Somebody Said You Needed To Believe

The death of Robert Kennedy was a lot like the Martin Bryant shootings here in Australia. 95% of the story from eyewitnesses in Tasmania never reached the public's ears. Did you know that two eyewitnesses said there was a man running around on the other side of the island with a rifle and what was obviously a blond wig that kept falling off while he was shooting at people? That's right.

Homo Sapiens has a bigger brain than a chimp. He doesn't use it for thinking. Sapiens can't think, learn or reason. That brain structure is not even designed for that. Sapiens is a socially gregarious animal who uses his larger brain for deception, treachery, social engineering and lying. If it involves Homo Sapiens, it will involve some degree of doubletalk, lying and fraud. To be "successful" as a Sapiens means to excel as a liar.

There is no evidence that Homo Sapiens ever painted the wall of a cave anywhere, even the crudest scrawl. Until the widespread rape of Neanderthal women 38,000 years ago, there were no cave paintings associated with any Homo Sapiens camp or living space going back 80,000 years. Not even one. Art involves abstraction. It involves higher reasoning and the ability to visualize in time and space. 80,000+ years is a long, long time. It's not like Sapiens was just in a dry spell or had Writer's Block for eighty thousand millennia.

Jacob means "Swindler, Deceiver" in Hebrew. Esau means "Problem Solver, Man of Action, Real Man of the Earth." Until the sons of Jacob raped the long lost daughters of Esau, there is no evidence of any kind they ever had a thought in their heads. They were exactly like Africans except with smaller penises and no rhythm.

Big time government insider, serious credibility, says it's all a bunch of crap

Liars are always revising their stories and they are never the same upon retelling

This Just In : Osama Suicided With Vince Foster's Handgun in A Washington Park

This and that weren't true. That wasn't quite true, actually it was false except for one part which was kind of true if you forget the first part that was false. The rest was true as originally conceived except for the false part which is retracted but the remainder continues to be false unless we think we can declare it true at some point in the future.

Here's a real true photograph of the situation room - with all the laptops turned off. Totally true and completely unposed in any way. No, but seriously.

No, but otherwise, that part about assassinating the real true Osama was totally true and what have you and had he not been instantly sent to the bottom of the Mariana Trench we could have proved it. Furthermore, the false parts do not necessarily indicate the story was false, rather that the true story contained within it falsehoods.

What was the technical term they used for this in my psy-ops training in the Army? Wait a second, it's been 25 years, it will come back to me ... oh that's it ...


A Sound Defense Of The Dollar

Kwanzania is #1. Kwanzania will always be #1. Kwanzania has divine protection that makes sure it is #1 and it will always be #1 because being #1 means that you are destined to be #1.

Even if it did slip from #1 to say .... #214 behind the Lower Congo or thereabouts, that would not affect the world in any way. It certainly wouldn't lead to a third World War or something of that nature. Continue shopping and remember, the future is so bright, you'll have to wear shades. Blast goggles, in fact.

Why I Respect Glenn Beck

My feeling about Beck from day one was the same no matter what.

His paycheck was signed at the bottom by Rupert Murdoch. There was no way this guy was not a counterintelligence tool promoting straw man agitprop.

Anybody who told the truth about anything on televitz would lose their job in a heartbeat. Period. That's a fact. The mass media is run by some very, very evil human beings.

So when Glenn Beck first began to hit some real themes, like exposing George Soros, I thought this stuff is brilliant, they've even got their media puppets doing fake exposes on the major figureheads now. Talk about quality misinformation.

I was wrong. It's important to me to say this out loud.

Beck was fired immediately after this show aired.

I don't think this was a false flag operation to give him credibility. I guess he finally got a little too accurate despite the revenues he was bringing in. You're chopping at the root when you start naming names like George Soros and describing his massive smokescreen of global institutions.

I reckon George made a call to Rupert, they talked about ten minutes and the call came down to axe Glenn Beck, no matter what money he might be bringing into the network.

Note in this article on April 7th, these pathetic assholes were still pushing a "recovery." Lies, damned lies, media gibberish and statistics. These critters lie the way mammals breathe. It's the most natural thing in the world to them.

P.S. If you want to know what kind of sick bastard wrote that article linked to above, he actually defends Soros against a charge that Soros himself has openly confessed to numerous times ... George helped the Gestapo confiscate wealth and property from Jews who were dispatched to concentration camps and also got rich collaborating with them as an informant. If this guy Soros wasn't at Nuremberg, they should have let everybody else go.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Everything They Put On Televitz is True


Anybody who says different is a hater. Don't be hatin' on me hater. Hate laws prove that hate laws work against hatin' by haters. Everyone who doubts is some kind of hater.

Televitz says that anybody who suspects anything they hear on televitz is not true is a conspiracy nut, because nobody on televitz ever lies about anything. Only a nut would believe their rulers may be nuts and liars as well, in spite of the fact that one out of five people is a sociopath or psychopath. That fact is a hater fact. Stop your hatin' hater. Love is the answer and the best way to show love is to shoot your enemies in the head, shoot any women in the room three times, then throw their bodies into the sea. They were all going for their guns when I double tapped 'em. Typical haters be hatin' on me.

Secret Societies and Raging Queer Satanists

I think this video says a lot in a little.

Those conspiracy nuts.

Making a big deal about burning an infant effigy at the feet of a gigantic stone owl, Moloch, in secret with all the world's most powerful people in attendance. Who would make something out of that in their minds? Big deal. It's just infant sacrifice followed by naked men running around in their thousands tackling each other and buggering one another in the arse in the woods. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

I guess it's all okay, the price to be paid for America being #1 in the world

Eleven Foods That Last Forever

All of them available right now at your local supermarket.

Of course, we're prejudicial to white rice at Vault-Co, as the ultimate filler. You add enough oats and brown sugar to that, you've already dodged starving to death. Don't forget protein, it's critical. Sardines and spam will fill this out and they'll both go a hundred years with their eyes closed.

It's About Their Own Words, Nothing Else

Wikileaks was fake cointel from the beginning

The whole purpose of Wikileaks may have been to plant one idea into the global media in advance

The rest of the crap from Wikileaks may have been nothing but fluff and window dressing.

It's a big plan. They've patiently carried it out one step at a time. Saturating the public with agitprop for over a decade.

These are the interesting times. Like that Chinese curse. Stay watchful, rubes. Step up your preps. Getting weird around here.

Nanobrained Joyce Behar on THE VIEW was squawking about the poor woman used a human shield at the same time the White House was modifying their story on another screen side by side. Right. So they lied, Joyce. What story will they offer next? The Behars of the world have no instinctive sense of true and false. True and false is what somebody else tells them to think.

Heavily engineered euphoria lasts nearly 8 hours before ZOGBux resume tumble

Good going guys. That fixed everything. These people are klowns.

Billionaires Plan To Escape Dystopian Collapsed Countries Onboard Megafortresses At Sea Permanently

Interesting. A lot of money spent on these floating refuges.

Amongst other questions - where do you dock for resupply once things get bad enough? I foresee the ship itself becoming a death trap.

Surviving Jetstream Fallout

This is good advice for radiation prophylactics against a variety of sources from international fallout. Of course, none of this advice would be good for the death shroud but it could keep you alive as more and more radiation goes into the upper atmosphere as the planet descends into war and chaos.

Found Tom Chittum's Site Again

Tom Chittum moves around a lot. I found his latest web site. He's been migrating around every year or so for the past fifteen years I've been reading him.

Chittum is without question the hardest of the hardcore. It's truth rubbed so raw it screeches like nails dragged across a blackboard. His accounts of some of his fighting in Vietnam, Rhodesia, Croatia and many former strongholds of western civilization is way too real for most of the Tom Clancy armchair brigade to stomach. It's not reality most of them are interested in, it's wish fulfillment and escapism to try to dodge the pain of being forced to think.

Chittum thinks the Illuminati are going to win and the sheeple are going to die. Nearly everything that has happened in the past five years he was writing about in detail back in 1994 last century. There's scarcely a prediction he has made that has not turned out to be eerily prophetic.

I always think when I lose track of him that he has suicided but he always seems to turn up again. If you think you have the nerve, you can touch on some of his classics at his current site.

Millions of Years of Evolution = Earthworm Exodus

Earthworms sense these changes coming and evacuate deeper soils in anticipation. This adaptational behaviour is a result of surviving the deaths of countless trillions of earthworms who did not demonstrate this reaction before large quakes.

I heard it's a real phenomenon on the West Coast, in addition to the marine life beachings which are now becoming epidemic.

There are very big quakes coming. The Japanese quake was a mere simmering in comparison.

Monday, May 2, 2011



This story had the hair up on the back of my neck all day ruminating over WHY NOW? I think I know! The Wikileaks fake cointel was intended to set the stage for this reaction so people would be conditioned to draw this conclusion when it happens!!!


UPDATE #2 : The "narrative" is issued, complete with little soap opera touches and cliffhanger moments. Part of my training at psy-ops school my last year in the Army was teaching you how to recognize the counterpropaganda of your enemy. Developing an instinct to spot the rhythm and structure of a story that has been invented. Little touches that lend themselves to cinematics is a dead giveaway. A true story will usually be odd and incongruous, full of bits and pieces that make no sense and wouldn't fit into a movie anywhere. It doesn't sound like this story the government has offered at all. This is straight out of the Tom Clancy novelette dramatic form. Notice how it has a neat tidy beginning, climax and ending. That's the way humans structure fiction.


I like how they are calling it "justice." Really? Was this person afforded a trial to defend themselves and hear their accusers, see the evidence presented and prove their own innocence? I guess "justice" is now just shooting people a mile away with a high powered rifle. If it wasn't Bin Laden, just some guy in a beard who was checking to make sure his stable door was shut before turning in for the night, that doesn't matter anyway. What matters is that "justice" was done. Whatever that means exactly. There's no need to elaborate because a population with an average IQ of 97 has already forgotten whatever it was this was all about anyhow.

The United States looks like Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY more and more everyday. Everybody in that country talks pure gibberish from dusk 'til dawn.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wake Up and Smell The Magma On The Move

Red-hot "magma."

I hope you're not one of those people who still thinks all these events are isolated atomic units of information on different sides of the planet. They aren't.

These things are all related and they all paint a big picture that says the sh*t is getting ready to hit on this planet big-time. If you have not figured this out yet, stop coming to this blog. I can't help you.

H.G. Wells, Architect of the NWO

I've always felt that all the planning for the stages we have seen implemented in the past ten years was initially performed by Wells and the Fabian Socialists in the earlier part of the last century. They then sought funding from the Rothchilds to back the plan and build their army of leftist retards all over the world to implement the steps one at a time.

I'm also a big believer that it isn't working out the way they envisioned and that various parts of the big picture elude them. They had planned for a chaotic transition to world government through manufactured crisis ... and the irony was that the whole planet was going into the next Ice Age, a situation they did not plan for at all. The result will be a catastrophic collapse of civilization into all-out war, another eventuality that did not work out quite the way they saw it going down. I think they expected a controlled little nuclear war in the Middle East, a sanitary affair where their host nations would keep functioning. None of them wanted World War III to be Klausewitzian, but that is the way it will work out.

What actually happened as a result of unforeseen factors was something completely outside their original scope.
The reader may have observed the following about human nature....when first confronted with something true but strange, the mind rejects it as ridiculously crazy. The second time it is heard it is merely rejected, and often the third time the truth confronts them the person will say "I knew that" as if the item were self-evident.

This is Nothing, I've Got Bigfoot Droppings In My Fridge At Home

Bet you anything Osama Bin Subcontractor has been on ice in a meat locker at Langley, Virginia since the summer of 2001. They probably planned all along for this to act as ballast to the stock market but they're not very bright with the timing. It no longer matters to anyone. The collapse of the Kwa is in full swing and this won't affect anything.

Just imagine yourself in the shoes of somebody thinking this will help Obama and maybe bolster his campaign. Try to imagine how much contempt they have for the average intelligence of the Kwans. They're probably right, of course.

Solar Activity is Hardcore Science Fiction

Changing rate of radioactive decay?!?

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Previously unknown particle streaming out of Sun?

Neutrino matter mutation altering nature of reality.

Luckily, it's not serious. Regular reality mutation and what have you. Don't panic.