Thursday, February 3, 2011

Neocon Spin On The Middle East Upheaval

We are standing at the threshold of a new world. If the fundamentalists get their way, secular authoritarian Middle East regimes will be replaced by Islamist extremist, totalitarian ones. As a result, oil tanker ships will have to sail around Cape Horn, the West will have to urgently search for alternatives to oil as an energy source, Russia will lose the North Caucasus, and Israel will be wiped off the face of the Earth.

... but enough with the rose-colored glasses, man. There has to be a downside to these developments as well and I for one would like to hear it.


Anonymous said...

The most hilarious part of all this is that the entire compendium of turmoil in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan etc was caused bu ONE PERSON.

Benjamin Dumbass Bernanke.

All those trillions of fake printed dollars had to go somewhere and where it went was into commods - which caused the price of food & oil to skyrocket and all those marginal govts began to collapse as the sheep woke up.

There is a monster lesson here taking place - the sheep in any country will put up with a tremendous amount of crap before they finally decide to rebel.

Go read why Amartya Sen won the Nobel Prize.

44 million on food stamps in the US, rising at the rate of 500,000 new recipients EACH MONTH.

Watch Egypt. Watch Tunisia. That's the US in a few years.


Anonymous said...

If you only needed to see one reason for why they would be so angry and be ready to fight, then this should be enough for anyone:

When your leaders have such callous disregard for the people and actually take pleasure from murder and mayhem then those leaders should be put down like rabid dogs.

Just as said before, this could be the US in the near future. Obama could be plowing through the crowds in his own limo, enjoying the sight of blood.

When it really kicks off it will be tanks driving through crowds and helicopters spraying death from above.

Anonymous said...

WW 3 is being engineered right now.

The only explanation there is for the recent "anti-Islamic" rhetoric in Western Europe, suspiciously coordinated in timing to match with the upheaval in the Arab world, is that they're trying το light the fuse in the storehouse they've been stuffing with explosives all along.

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