Friday, February 4, 2011

Critical Mass Enrichmentation

It all be good, homes! High-five knuckle tap for my congoids everywhere!

The American Colonization Society has indicated that Liberia will be self-sufficient and democratically governed by the fall of 1822 at the latest. As you can see here, they have encountered a few hiccups on their way to multicult paradise.

(Courtesy discreet Vault-Co field agent)


Anonymous said...

Wow. Even a cat knows to bury its' shit.

Bodders said...

The worst of the worst. "The government must do something...", how about digging a hole for your own toilet first! FMD
The next episode they talk about canabalism as well.

j said...

What do you think the purpose of multiculturalism is? Is it a jewish plot to break the racial homogeneity of white nations so that there can never be another pogrom? Is it a commie plot to balkanize the West to prepare it for world government? Is it the subconscious suicidal urge of a decadent society? Corporations seeking cheap labor? Or just the predictable result of misguided egalitarianism?

It seems like anyone should be able to look at Liberia, or the rest of Africa for that matter, and see the flaw in the rainbow paradise. But it's taboo even to consider it. That suggests conspiracy and social manipulation to me.

Anonymous said...

Tex, I've never been a Bible basher, but a man would have to be a stark raving lunatic at this point not to realise the wisdom contained therein. Whatever subject you care to post about, be it Economic Collapse, Cultural perversion, or just plain old Inhumanity to one's fellow, the root cause can be attributed to one thing. That one force, the one person is named in 1st John verse 5:19. BadDad.

Anonymous said...

Who knows what is the cause behind it and in the end it doesn't matter, because we must play the game in front of us.

The first thing people must comprehend, is "diversity" is for white countries and only white countries. So those pushing the kult are not anti-racist, they are anti-white.

So put down your conspiracy theories and Joo fetishes, get out of your basement and start using anti-white, in the real world.

Calling them anti-white, makes a point and pushes them out of their comfort zone. So get to it soldier!

Anonymous said...

right there is a hell on earth for whitey.
right there is an example of what happens to people who lose God and have no conection to the spiritual.
Showing uneducated savages western movies with violence and its glamourisation of it is never going to end well. we can only hope their birth rates are lower than their death rates.

their hygiene practices are about 10,000 years behind the west.........Sorry im WRONG. whitey would NEVER have had similar hygiene issues.

why does the situation for Africans seem to decline with every generation? throwing money at them hasnt worked. they just seem to breed more problems for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
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"All brown countries are poor."

Can someone help me?

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