Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big, Big Trouble For Middle East

This is on greased rails to WW3. It gets more ominous by the hour.

This is the Sunday Supplement articles I read in 1969 about the worse case scenario in the Middle East and the start of the third world war.

This isn't about those "poor bastards in the future in 2010," when it all went pear shaped.

We're the poor bastards they were talking about in 1968. That future is our future.

Pakistan and North Korea will sell them all the nuclear weapons they want to buy. I imagine that is going to be quite a few. In a year's time they may own a credible "deterrent" and be on an equal footing with their neighbours.


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at the sheer ignorance and lying from Lamestream Media

el Baredi ? Egyptian Savior ? that fuck fronted for the Persians for years while IAEA grand pubah

He's not in the back pocket of the Muj ... he IS the pocket, where the rest of the "world Community" of Turd World states get to put on some of that makeup that the UN hands out to its' leprous members

The longer he gets traction, the worse the prognosis for the Red Sea/Suez oil route


Anonymous said...

Off topic:

Was Genghis Khan history's greenest conqueror?

I just..I


Anonymous said...

I love this blog - it's very entertaining. I'd like to get one thing straight though. How exactly is the world going to end?

a) Magnetic reversal of the poles

b) Nuclear war

c) Famine

d) Economic collapse

e) Disease

f) Funny clouds

g) New Ice Age

h) Baby-eating rape gangs

i) All of the above

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog post. Many thanks for discussing

Texas Arcane said...

It's a trick question, Anon.

There's no such thing as the "End of the World." Scripture never mentions such a thing and God has never threatened it, nor has any such possibility ever seriously presented itself in all of our history.

You have to learn that it is not the "End of the World" simply because it might be The End of You. Those two things are not the same at all.

This planet has been wracked by catastrophic cycles of change since it came into existence. Human character and conduct is imprinted with it. The majority of mankind bear the clear signs of genetically enforced post-traumatic stress disorder in their speech, ideas and understanding.

This feeling that things do not change is a result of a little amnesia in you, is all. Things change drastically on this planet all the time.

My ancestors survived a half a million years in temperatures that would kill modern people in minutes. They laughed at this sh*t, they danced in the snow and thanked God they were alive every day for it. When the climate changed, they were ready for it every time. They're not the anomalies. You are because you think every little inconvenience like a new Ice Age or a little nuclear war is "The End of the World."

Anonymous said...

>I'm amazed at the sheer ignorance and lying from Lamestream Media

just who is it do you think owns the MSM and why do you think they would tear their man in Cairo down?

There's a whole world out there, that is hidden in plain sight and you and the vast majority, have been brainwashed to believe, it could not possibly exist.

Alex Supertramp said...

US recently sold Israel about 300 million gallons of Jet A1 fuel. I expect to see nukes on Aswan Dam, Teheran and on Mecca within 6 months followed by Isralei plans for a massive conventional war with its neighbours. Ethnic cleansing and a 'for good and all' knock down fight with the Arabs.

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