Monday, January 10, 2011

Water Armageddon In Brisbane

You should have seen the city of Brisbane this morning.

I was faffing with some .ASP code and the office manager came running in and said the CEO wanted everybody to pack up and leave the office immediately. Brisbane Emergency services had ordered everybody on the West Side to evacuate. The streets were flooding so quickly from the biblical rain falling it was believed the city might be underwater before nightfall. I had a brief flashback there to the L.A. Riots for a moment before I got out of my chair and got my laptop.

The power station failed for the Southwest ... then the phone lines began to go out. My manager was nice enough to drive me to the station and I caught one of the last express trains to the Gold Coast. When we drove through Ipswich it looked like the city had been hit with a neutron bomb. Lights were still on in the stores but it was deserted, sandbags piled high in driveways, stalled cars left in trenches filled with water.

Yesterday there was an inland Tsunami in Toowoomba, which is on a mountain (!), claiming the lives of at least 8 people.

I'm so glad we're on a slope and high up on a mountain with no ridges emptying into our plain above us. I'm also glad that I chose a place where gravity makes flooding of the shelter impossible. A ravine empties our property at the back.

Biblical. Seems to happen pretty regular around these parts lately. I suspect it's only the beginning. After ten years of getting ready for the apocalypse, nothing can get a rise out of me anymore. I was yawning on the way home and thinking about getting a nixie clock for the shelter.

When the interglacial ends, the atmosphere contracts and sheds water as precipitation. In the colder North, it falls as snow. Here in the south, it falls as rain. Same prime mover. Different expressions depending on proximity to the equator.


Hot August Night said...

You rely on public transport to get to and from work, Tex? Not to criticise, but if you had missed the last train, what was your backup plan? Glad you're alright.

Anonymous said...

And a cyclone forming out Fiji way which could come in like icing on the cake........

Anonymous said...

I would tell you to be careful about the diseases and the depressed Gold Coast sub-humanoid population that are sure to follow this mess, Texas Arcane, but you're probably the person most careful and prepared about virtually anything to come on the entire continent or maybe the galaxy so I won't bother. ;)

Solsys said...

Hot August Night, I too rely on public transport (but not on daily basis, where I use my feet instead).

Advantages of public transportation:
A. You are not stuck to your car in case of a gridlock.
B. you tend to plan things from another perspective. Being close to public transportation while having a car means you have two options instead of one.

C. the most important point : you save A LOT OF MONEY. And stress. And time.

My workplace is ten minutes, on foot, from my home. This is real quality of life.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit strange to hear media puppets quoting dates ie 'biggest floods since 74' etc, here's the scoop- if you have built your house on alluvial soils ask yourself how the soil got there. The date is of no consequence, there have been floods, there will be floods again. Plan accordingly.

Anonymous said...

A couple of points:
About a year ago when Australia was going through it's fifth or sixth year of drought one of the many global warming pundits claimed it would never rain in Australia again because of AGW. So much for AGW theory.

I have seen pictures of places in Australia where the land is pretty flat and totally dry but where debris is left 20 feet or more in trees from past floods. Australia's history is one of years of drought punctuated by massive biblical flooding.

I was in Austrlia last year and they simultaneously had wildfires in one major city and flooding in another. This was/is not an unusual event.

I wish all Australians well and hope this soon passes.

Anonymous said...

"I caught one of the last express trains to the Gold Coast. When we drove through Ipswich"

How the heII do you go from Brisbane CBD to the Gold Coast via Ipswich????????????????
Brisvagas boy..