Thursday, January 13, 2011

Washington Post Trying To Shore Up Their Lies With Even Bigger Lies

Slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War. That's. Nothing. Slavery had as much to do with the Civil War as politics did with the shooting of Gabrielle Gifford. They lied then. They're lying now. You can tell when they are lying. Their lips move.

The Southern States were being crushed to death by taxation. It was breaking their backs with tariffs and custom duties that the nation had gone to war against the British to put an end to. The North was establishing the regime that became the wonderful monster called the State that led to the Federal Reserve and a lot of people decided they didn't want any part of it.

The Washington Post is well aware that counter programming in the form of historical truth has now been surging because of the internet and they are trying to counter that counter programming with more lies.

Here's two important things to do:

1. Don't buy, read or subscribe to the Washington Post.
2. See #1 above.

The mass media is finished but just like Dracula, it's not enough to drive a stake through it's heart. You have to separate the head from the body and bury the creature deep to assure it will never rise again.


Anonymous said...

>They aware that counter programming in the form of historical truth has now been surging because of the internet and they are trying to counter that counter programming with more lies.

What is happening is people are rapidly coming out of demoralization. It takes 15 years to break down negative conditioning in a society and coincidentally, Americans have had the Internet for approximately 15 years.

When this dam breaches, it is going to make history.

>1. Don't buy, read or subscribe to the Washington Post.

I would say that about any MSM publication, including and especially entertainment, as the vast majority are owned by a very small select group, with its own ethnic interests, and those interests do not coincide with our own.

In short the MSM has never been anything but a propaganda tool for the global elites. So if you like paying good money to be brainwashed by a minority, by all means keep spending your money on them.

Anonymous said...

"So poor white Southerners supported slavery then, just as many low-income people support the extension of George W. Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy now."

This statement by the Washington Post reveals their naked attempt at making a political point.

I know that anybody who is of the age of 50 or 60 has enough experience in his job to make money. I don't need their money and I don't care that they are richer than I am. I could be hand-to-mouth tommorow and a millionaire the day after and then hand-to-mouth again. It just doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of the multicult, but I think it would have been better in the long run if the South had preemptively expatriated it's entire slave population to Africa. While the economic shock would have been devastating at first, the end result would have been far better than the bloodshed of the Civil War and the social problems that ensued after it.

"A rich man's war, a poor man's fight" the saying went among Southern soldiers. The Southern aristocracy selfishly refused to see the writing on the wall.

The reason why the United States is a more conservative country than those in Europe, Canada and Australia is because of it's large Black population. It's politically easier to implement a strong social safety net in a predominantly white country like Finland because well-off Finlanders don't mind paying higher taxes to help their fellow countrymen who are poorer than they are.

Why isn't there universal health care in the 'kwa? Because whites instinctively know that such a scheme would disproportionately go to subsidize Tyrone and Laqueesha. The liberal snobs of the MSM constantly thumb their noses down at "opies" (poor whites) who vote against their own economic interests. When the Democrats pander to the black underclass, support affirmative action unapologetically, it's not that hard to see why poor whites reflexively vote against a party that has contempt for them--even if the Republicans supposedly support the evil mustache-twirling capitalists who wear stove top hats who like to flog peasants on the street.

But I agree with your main point: the MSM is out of touch and they're being made irrelevant by the internet. I've a feeling that this attempt to tie Jared Loughner to the conservative movement will backfire. This is not the 90s where Clinton could more easily get away with such BS.

Anonymous said...

Hang on, Tex. The South Carolina articles of secession don't say ANYTHING about tariffs or taxation. It's ALL about slavery.