Thursday, January 20, 2011


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The link above is Robert Felix's commentary on this page at the British Geological Survey.

The BGS has suggested A MAGNETIC REVERSAL IS NOW BEGINNING, as we have previously conjectured over the last ten years on this blog.

What was fringe lunacy last week just hit the mainstream.

Do you really believe the government has not been expecting this since the early 90's? Do you really think they just bought out the entire's years production of Mountain House freeze dried food as routine resupply? Do you really think they built that seed vault in Norway at enormous expense because it was just a fancy? Do you really think that the U.S., China, Russia and Norway have built colossal government shelters in the past ten years with enormous deficit spending in a fit of whimsy without any rational motives?


Anonymous said...

this scares me

Anonymous said...

And so it begins.

You were right, Felix was right.

I have no scientific credentials to back up this claim, but I believe this will accelerate exponentially now at a dizzying speed.

We will experience that which no other human in recorded history has ever experienced.

What a glorious time to be alive! Praise God!


Solsys said...

Tex, a technical question regarding radiation shielding.

If someone who lives in a two-storey house puts earth on the floor of the attic, and on each floor of the house but the ground floor, would the shielding be enough ? The quantity of earth would be within the carrying capacity of the structure.

For the sides of the ground floor, one could envision walls of sand bags.

Just asking.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of the ones occurring every 11,500 years were not full-scale reversals worthy of being defined as a proper "Magnetic Reversal". They were aborted attempts of reversals defined as a "Magnetic Excursion" where the magnetic field moves away from north for short periods of time, and then moves back.

The whole "The last reversal event occurred around 800,000 years ago" coming from the mainstream scientific community is a ridiculous and misleading statement which betrays the tunnel-vision of the mediocre consensus monkeys missing the big picture and are unfortunately constituting the majority of the "scientific community".

The reversals that have occurred on the largest scale and have lasted over the longest periods of time have the most numerous and definitive proof from magnetic anomalies found in lava flows, deep ocean/lake crust etc. The magnetic excursions also have their own share of the same signature anomalies found in many parts of the world and from many different periods proving that they occur every 11,500 years but they are hard to find and are easy to miss because they occur on a smaller scale and are quite short-lived compared to actual reversals.

These are first "proposed" as geomagnetic excursion events even with the adequate amount of evidence they have and are expected to be "accepted" as such events only with a ridiculously unfair amount of evidence that would make it reach a level of certainty beyond the slightest shred of doubt. THE POLICE COULD NOT HAVE SOLVED A SINGLE HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION IF THEY HAVE OPERATED LIKE THIS. These dumb-asses unable to reach a monkey consensus for what can be qualified as an excursion/reversal event because of their stupid way of investigating the paleomagnetic history of our planet means that the last reversal occurred like 999 billion years ago.

The MONO LAKE EXCURSION, for example, which have occurred 23,000 years ago is called as such because the most solid trace of its existence has been first discovered deep in the volcanic basin that is the MONO LAKE in California. This is the same lake where 20 species of bizarre bacteria that "breathe" arsenic have been recently discovered which the Astrobiology division of NASA have presented as an evidence for the prevalence of extraterrestrial life. Further evidence was also discovered later in Summer Lake, Oregon in 1984. "A 25-cm zone of anomalous paleomagnetic directions from lacustrine sediments near Summer Lake, Oregon, has the same age and the same paleomagnetic signature as the younger part of the PROPOSED Mono Lake geomagnetic excursion." I would bet tenbux that it is still considered a PROPOSED geomagnetic excursion in 2011 today by the scienmajific community.

Having less evidence for their existence discovered because of their smaller scale does not mean that the more common excursions do not occur on this planet along with the more rarely occurring reversals. Excursions coinciding with smaller extinction events because they cause destruction on a smaller scale DOES mean that they should not be feared as much as full-fledged reversals though. The Clovis people did not know what hit em' during the latest excursion event but the Neolithic peoples who lived closer to the equator in the old world seems to have had it relatively easy at the time. If it were a proper reversal, I suspect almost everyone on the surface of the planet would have been fugged beyond recognition Extinction Event™ style. I also suspect that even those in shelters with the most formidable mortal-made blast protective properties might be eradicated if they were especially unlucky to be hit by a "natural" nuclear blast from beneath the earth surface. A shelter could protect from a Tunguska-like explosion coming from the sky but it might not be as effective against one occurring in the sub-surface creating those most bizarre holes which look like meteor hits.

Anonymous said...

for what its worth, mountain house denies the government bought anything.

Texas Arcane said...


That's a lot of work and although it might be possible to succeed in a project like that, it would be a million times better to simply take refuge somewhere underground where the shielding would be far, far better.

Understand that unlike fallout ash, cosmic radiation comes from all directions and is not limited by the wind. You want mass between you and it at every hand of the clock. It is also more likely to be reflected than the radiation that emanates from fallout.

Anonymous said...

At least I don't hear the stupid "the last reversal occurred 800,000 years ago" statement from the Russian scientists because reading their studies is like reading a chapter from Felix's books albeit with more scientific lingo in them.

Why does the "western" science community refuse to acknowledge all the other events after the one that actually occurred 800,000 years ago as TRUE MAGNETIC REVERSALS? They are still questioning if the most recent Blake Magnetic Reversal was a true reversal or not.

Does some kind of lesser evidence discovered for the 7 events that occurred after the Brunhes&Matuyama 800,000 years ago somehow disqualify them from being considered as true reversals happening 100,000 years in precession and are obviously quite stronger events than the little excursions occurring every 11,500 years? I find that all the evidence is out there to see and the Russians etc. are already on to these clues while their western colleagues were sleeping. What stupidity leads them to ignoring these events while they were definitely much more potent and longer lasting than excursions and creates the situation where they misleadingly declare that the the last reversal occurred 800,000 years ago? Robert Felix says he disagrees with this.

I also have this "wishful thinking" scenario in which the bunkers of the elites were hit by one of those "natural" nuclear blasts from beneath the Earth's surface as mentioned by Felix in his book creating those rather peculiar crater-like formations from around the world. Their shelters could protect from a Tunguska-like explosion coming from the sky but it might not be as effective against one exploding in the sub-surface right in the middle of where they've camped up in one place containing the worst of the genetic nightmares humanity has to offer. Every decent human being would wish for someone like Tex to survive but these creatures weathering out the Apocalypse in their bunkers built with the blood of many innocents is just a revolting idea to me.


Texas Arcane, was my previous comment here moderated out from display? If so, it is the first time such a thing has happened and I am deeply ashamed about this. I hold this blog in high regard and usually get pissed off and lash out at some of the other comments far more stupid than mine allowed on display here. I agree that it was hastily-written and poorly articulated and constructed because English is my fourth language. Sorry about that one, won't happen again. :(

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