Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Million Fish In Chesapeake Bay Die In A Single Cold Snap

Just one. Plenty more where that came from. Not even cold, yet.

Happening everywhere. It's part of moving to a new Ice Age, killing off surplus populations that only thrived in a certain select temperature range. Excess bipeds soon to follow if history is any guide.

Sapiens never sees the woods, only the individual trees. It's the "aspie" (Neanderthal) mind that sees how all the details emerge from the canvas to form the larger picture. In fact, it's his inability to see the big picture that led the neurotypical to label Neanderthal gene expression as a form of "brain damage." This was the best diagnosis that Sapiens doctors could come up with. This "brain damage" is the only thing keeping him from living in caves and eating his meat raw. A funny sort of "brain damage" that gives you a higher instead of a lower native intelligence. Neanderthal gene expression is the only early warning system that Sapiens has.

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Anonymous said...

You following these strange occurrences, Tex?