Friday, January 21, 2011

Tremble. God's Wrath Still In Abatement. Imagine.

I blame the entire system that knows perfectly well what the abortion industry really is and allows it to continue irregardless.

Abortion is about killing babies. Make no mistake. It's an infant-murdering business. If you don't have a problem with that, there's something seriously, irreparably wrong with you inside.

The Earth is drenched with the blood of children who have been slaughtered by these animals. God will avenge, soon. They think they will never see the Lord. He's coming alright. He doesn't look anything like what they are expecting either. The last time he came as a sacrifice and brought the Gospel. This time he will be packing a sword and whosoever sees him will be struck with terror that will make them understand what it is like to take your first breath in this world and get scissors in the neck. That's how scary it will be.

People will never understand God, at best they can only grasp a little of it all. It isn't like he has to wait for men to apprehend him in order to destroy them.

Remember, immigrants are only taking the jobs that are left vacant by the murder of 40 million babies.


Joseph Dantes said...

Amen brother.

I fear the pain, but I welcome the brimstone rain.

Anonymous said...

What we've had since the 60s is a Death Cult

Consider any arena touched by the stinking mixture of LibProgDemCultimulcheralism

National self-defense ?
Personal self-defense?
Right to Life ?
Adherence to Law ?
Accountability for actions ?
Personal achievement ?
Quest for excellence ?
Life ? Liberty ?
Pursuit of happiness ?

In the postword to the new Screwtape Letters, Uncle Screw addresses a graduating class of demons, and points out that although they no longer are "producing Great evil" they have enjoyed success with their campaign to bring about the Mean, the mundane,to drive down the behavior of humanity bit by bit

I expect NO COVERAGE by the Lamestream Media on this evil. The most holy sacrament of Prog-dom is abortion, and they will protect it at all costs. America has been an accessory to genocide since Roe v Wade, and reckoning approaches. Sad


Anonymous said...

And still there are too many walking the earth...


The Observer said...

Of course there's something wrong with them, they're Homo Sapiens.

Baby falls into a ravine, "oh well, we can always make another one, no problems there."

Baby head smashed by tongs, baby burned alive with saline, baby dismembered and sucked up to be packaged in cosmetics or pepsi or what have you these days - "welp" the homo sapiens say, "we can go make another one."

And the Thal screams and rails and desires to bash in the skulls of those who would kill children.