Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rapid End of Interglacial -> Resource Bottlenecks -> Population Pressures -> National Survival Demands = Expedient Conflict Resolution (War)

Fuel. Food. Territory. A new Ice Age will change all existing dynamics nearly overnight.

It doesn't matter what seemed normal to you last year. Normal is over. Normal is defunct. It's not about "normal" or what seems reasonable anymore. It's about survival and between the nations there can be no altruism or even diplomacy when there is no longer enough to go around. The nation that exhibits restraint in anything in the new conditions will be the first nation to go under. A country that enters a Maunder Minimum expecting to play by the Marquisberry's Rules of Conduct Between Nations will be a bleached radioactive wasteland raped of everything that isn't tied down in nothing flat. Mutual Assured Destruction becomes a joke in these kinds of changed circumstances. The nation that strikes first will likely be the only one that makes it when the planet gets this tough.

I thought of all these things more than a decade ago, with the help of Robert Kaplan, Lewis Mumford, J.R. Nyquist and many others.

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all from the same newspaper!

so which is it then? surely the sheeple can simply join the dots here??