Friday, January 21, 2011

Now Give Me The Down Side

I laugh when I see people on televitz trying to act hard like they understand the implications of what's happening right now. They are effeminate, distracted, hebephrenic clowns who don't mix so good with real world stuff. These people have never known hunger. They have never been shot at. They have never hid in a drainage ditch from people who wanted to kill them. They have never slept in the cold inside a cardboard box or made a stove out of a coffee can just for the heat. They never rode on a train. They have never scavenged through ruins for something to eat. All these things and many more are waiting for them. That's assuming they even number amongst the lucky ones who survive.

"There could be food shortages. We may be eating a very limited supply of fruit."

"It's possible this downturn could drag on to next year and even result in people who need unemployment counseling to get back into the work force."

"If things continue the way they are going now, the U.S. is going to take a backseat to China as a world leader and they may even have a trade dispute of some sort."

Brother, there are a lot worse things waiting in the wings than a fruit shortage.


Anonymous said...

Maybe, maybe not. Food will get more expensive but that very fact may make it more available. If you want to see rioting and people dying what do you think will happen if the federal government cuts out food stamps and other forms of welfare? When those welfare queens have to find work or deal with real life issues there will be some real anger.

Anonymous said...

More Hollywood Satanist/Illuminati/mind control propaganda: