Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kwanzanians Purchasing Their Own Deficit Debt

Nobody else is turning up at auction anymore.

Moving deck chairs on the Titanic.


Anonymous said...

Off topic (except for being more weirdness from Kwanzania), have you heard about the recent demise of high-ranking defence consultant, John P. Wheeler 3d? It's definitely gone into my "Strange Deaths" folder....

Truck of Tribulation said...

I recall you mentioning when Ah-nuld first became governor of California, that he would "rue the day that he hung that millstone around his neck".
One of your safer predictions but nonetheless, now that he's quietly shuffling out of office it's a good time to reflect upon his dire lack of achievement. California was in a bad way when Schwarzenegger took office, but has not improved by any measure during his tenure. Even his supporters only have his so-called "environmental credentials" to point to as a tick of achievement. I don't think he'll be pulling a Ronald Reagan any time soon.