Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Krisschans Need Rapture Because They Are Not Tough Enough To Be Calvinists

It's getting bad in the U.S. so the locals are trying to force God's hand to produce a miracle which is never mentioned in scripture and only hinted at through indirect suggestion at all. Pity them, they have all the form of godliness and none of it's power.

Christ is strength to endure, not a golden ticket on a helium balloon away from your mortgage. Krisschans are sodomite shockers who don't even know what it means to man up and make preparations for the people they are responsible for.


Anonymous said...

"Christ is strength to endure, not a golden ticket on a helium balloon away from your mortgage."

There, you've said everything in just a small sentence. Hats off to you Tex. I salute you.

andyboots37 said...

Christ is strength to endure.....persecution and peril in an unbelieving world. The tribulation is a time of God's judgement upon a Christ-rejecting world. Jesus took our judgement for us. This is the strongest scriptural basis for a rapture I can think of. That being said; as I see the world crumble I find myself pondering a mid-trib possibility. Ultimately, we are all pan-trib because will take His own--scriptural interpretation is not a prerequisite---Thank God.

Not tough enough to be "Calvinists"?????
I can't even approach that stink bomb.

You're in Christ-safe and eternally secure.......or
You're in Adam-lost and on your way to hell.

Whatever label anyone can put on either is really quite irrelevant. It's all a demonic red herring made to keep one's eyes off of Jesus.

Love you man!


Anonymous said...

Christianity and all religions (including Political Correctness, Global Warming) become irrational and begin to stagnate, as soon as they start trying to make reality, conform to their vision of the next world.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:57

This has to be the dumbest thing I've heard in my entire life.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:57

Here's an example of Communists, attempting to make reality fit their vision of the next world (Political Correctness/race is not real are their religions):

Trofim Lysenko was appointed the director of the USSR’s Institute of Generics by Stalin in 1940. Like every other Communist absurdity, he has been carefully forgotten in today’s history.

Before 1914, the Ukraine had been know as The Breadbasket of Europe for centuries. After the Soviet takeover, it was a center of starvation and at the end the USSR was importing huge amounts of American wheat just to stay alive in peacetime.

How Communists managed to turn The Breadbasket of Europe into a wheat importer involves a lot of history, collective farms, Stalin‘s murder of millions of kulaks, and other things that would have to be introduced to most readers because Mommy Professor is sure as hell not going to talk about it.

Lysenko said that there is no such thing as genetics. He had MILLIONS of peasants planting summer wheat in winter time, in RUSSIA, because the wheat would LEARN to be winter wheat.

This was NOT an experiment. This was a Truth of Soviet orthodoxy (religion).

Russian peasants were already starving, but millions of them had to plant their entire summer wheat seed supply in winter time. It is likely that a lot more people died of that than six million, but nobody talks about it, so we don’t know.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:57:

Here are some examples of cults most people understand to be cults, that became irrational, because they demanded reality, fit their vision of the perfect next world:

Jim Jones' Peoples Temple, Branch Davidian, Heaven's Gate (its male members castrated themselves).

Oh boy...