Sunday, January 2, 2011

Israel Must Be Getting Ready To Bomb Some More Unarmed Civilians

I'm only guessing because cable television is saturated with movies about Nazis and persecution and trains and violinists and piles of kosher corpses and celebrations of how wunnerful and misunderstood yada yada yada ... twenty four seven around the clock there's no break and no escaping it, you can surf from one channel to the next and hit nothing but the same themes over and over and over again ... your ears, eyes and nose are stuffed full of it until you pass out, you wake up again and they've got a funnel down your throat pouring more of it in ... open a cable guide at random and hit the page with your finger, see what it landed on ... "JAKOB THE LIAR," or HITLER'S PLAN FOR GENOCIDE.

Then you think to yourself, I'll just pick something totally unrelated for the noise ... "SHUTTER ISLAND" with DeCaprio. That'll give me a moment's rest. Wrong. Half of that is concentration camps and body piles and achtung and camp cars which appear to have nothing whatsoever to do with the plot.

This almost always coincides with an Israeli military massacre of some unarmed women and children. First the yammering, then the atrocities. There's definitely a connection there. I'm betting an attack on Iran of some kind is on the cards soon.

At present Israeli Mossad asserts the right to kill any high IQ goyim who might be able to pose a threat to them anywhere in the world at any time. If your IQ is above 92 (par with Koko) I'd watch your back, because chances are they're getting to you. It's just that others are higher priority right now. You're probably a long ways down the list.


Anonymous said...

Yes Tex,
We are living in a closed system, where the establishment Owns the Truth and no alternative viewpoints are allowed - unless they agree with the fundamentals of that truth.

Only if you disagree with this truth, will the scales be lifted from your eyes:

The democratic societies we live in only give us an illusion of choice, because in reality no other choice is allowed to be offered.

We are being coerced.

Anonymous said...

soooo how's vaultos going? seems to be slow on the news front.... just saying would be nice to have an update if you have the time Thx

Arch Nemesis said...

You watch TV, Tex Arcane?
Worse yet... you pay for cable?
I'm going to fit out your remote with some plastique so that it blows next time you flick over to the Playboy channel. Picture that.

Anonymous said...

While we are all making requests can you please give us a link to a decent site on the subject of cosmic field induced fusion on the sun? Looked a lot yesterday and could only find cosmic feild theory and solar fusion theory.

Anonymous said...

The message behind 'Shutter Island'
is that the only guy who believes that the 'Holocaust' ever happened is a paranoid schizophrenic! Which is exactly right.

Arch Nemesis said...

But on a brighter note Mr Texas, if you're looking for a good distraction this summer have a look at True Grit, starring the talented Mr Bridges. It's a Spielberg flick, which surprises me a lot because it's a good movie without any propaganda.

j said...

I've come to doubt that the holocaust ever even happened at all. The perfect tool to demonize all those who criticize jews, the perfect justification for the creation of a jewish state, and it just so happens to be illegal to question it in most western nations, too. It's all a little too kosher for its own good.

Andrew said...

Black comedy at it's best - looks like the only stupid one was Pete.

...something has been gnawing at me, Cleve.

- Esau sold his birthright > Genesis 25:29-34

- Should I take it that you don't find these pictures more than incriminating...
Knights of Malta
Shimon Peres

Anonymous said...

j said...
"I've come to doubt that the holocaust ever even happened at all. T"

I don’t know what is wrong with it. I just know that something is wrong with a proposition that requires you to arrest people who discuss it.

Every time they jail people who discuss a proposition, something is wrong with that proposition. And they always say they are just jailing them because they are offending people.

ozge incioglu said...

SORRY! BUT: ISRAEL,is not a well-established democracy.