Sunday, January 30, 2011

Planet Is Changing Underfoot

The snow and the cold are just what you can see with the naked eye and feel with your six senses.

The governments everywhere are getting ready for something. The only people who don't know something is seriously wrong are the poor sheeple peasants. They're like mushrooms. They keep'em in the dark and feed'em sh*t.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 Survival Download PDF Files You Need

Good basic set for starting a reference library.

The Iceman Cometh

The mass media wants you to think it's a local problem. El Nino. Some gibberish explanation that wouldn't satisfy a child.

The planet is living on the 2010 harvest to survive 2011. What year will they live off if 2012 is even colder? The year of babies, the other white meat. This planet is never more than 30 days away from the worst famine in all of recorded history and it will eliminate 5 out of the 6 billion people living here.

That's why we have said it a thousand times.


John Wheeler Died Of Blunt Force Trauma

Now it's on.

This guy knew where the missing nuke was. He would have blown open the false flag they have planned to detonate it on U.S. soil and blame it on Iran or North Korea or some other sucker. He had to die because he was a credible witness and could have revealed the truth early before this could happen.

I pity all the people of the West. They are going to suffer in ways they cannot even imagine shortly. Why am I so sure? Israel is going to be surrounded by enemy regimes that will not be interested in chit-chat any longer, after a decade of their absolute hegemony. The false flags will have to happen now, this year .... just as post-Rabin Israel needed a terrorist attack on U.S. soil in 2001.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Coming Nuclear War : Russia's New Missile

This new weapon is part of a whole series of innovations on both sides, including the Blackswift robot plane and "Rods from God" that guarantee that the Third World War will be something extra special unlike any of you have imagined. On the other hand, we saw it coming at Vault-Co ten years ago. You just step through the consequences in your head and roleplay both sides, you'll see it the same way we did so long ago.

The counter-move for this tactical development will be to salt weapons with nastier payloads that distribute ugly radioactive fallout that lasts for years, not weeks. This is a good time to invest in Cobalt because it's going to become a de facto standard in every single nuclear weapon from now on. There will be an increase in scatter payloads and circle jerks, where combinations of overpressure effects are used to increase the destructive force of airbursts. New advances in computer timing enable even the poorest nation to leverage these effects for efficiency in whatever weapons they are able to produce.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Planet On Brink Of Chaos

The clock of the Ice Ages marches in step with volcanism, tectonic quakes and magnetic reversals.

The Evil Empire will need a diversion soon. It will get one, rest assured, even if it has to manufacture one as it has done in the past.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We told you to PACK IT. FOR ITZ.

This is just the beginning. All the confidences on which civilization are built hinge on the notion that this year's weather was an anomaly. The world is living on last year's harvest in 2011. If next year is as bad or worse ... or only the beginning ... you can kiss it all goodbye. The world cannot survive a new Ice Age in it's present configuration.

Read the article and you'll see how they will be using this to prime the pump for world government. Hungry people don't care about freedom. They will trade it for a twinkie. A fool will trade away all his rights for a sports jersey and a case of beer even when his belly is full.

Luckily, it couldn't possibly get any worse. After all, this is only one prong of the Apcalypse Trifecta we promised you. Everything on this planet is pushing humans towards the Mother of All Famines.

If There is No More Pain, There Is No More Law.

Rudyard Kipling's tale of THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING is an allegory of every nation which has enrichers which allows them to regard themselves as equals. Once they have lost their natural fear, they will be uncontrollable. As Albert Schweitzer pointed out, the instant you respect them they will turn on you and rend you. This is a man who worked with them his entire life.

They are incapable of self control and when you take away their fear, they will be impossible to control. I see this economic collapse as the key to opening the floodgates.

Increasingly in these short video captures, if you will look at their faces you will see the joy of a beast that knows it has escaped it's cage and it's master is helpless to put it back in. All of these vignettes remind me of that scene in the modern version of THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU when the creature has pulled out it's control transmitter and knows that Marlon Brando can no longer discipline it with pain. It's coy attitude, it's mocking tone can be seen right there on this video. They know whitey is getting weak and sickly. It's time for the kill.

Ghost Cities In The Perfect Storm - China Next

There is an economic crash coming of such severity it will boggle the mind. It will be world historical in scope and of course, it will end in world war. It always does.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Have You Seen The New Type Of Cloud?

About a month ago, when I was waiting for my train in the city, I ended up talking to a stranger about the coming Ice Age and the end of the interglacial.

I asked him, "Have you noticed the new type of cloud?" He shrugged and looked at me. "You think you are seeing a new kind of cloud?" I looked straight at him and said, "I don't think I'm seeing a new type of cloud. I know I'm seeing a new type of cloud. All of my life, I have grown used to being able to see things that are right in front of other people that they can't see. In order to see the new cloud type, you simply have to look up routinely and pay attention to what you are looking at. That's all."

He kind of grimaced and said, "Listen, did you know that one of the things associated with schizophrenia is seeing messages in clouds you think are intended for you? I don't know about a new Ice Age, but I know if you think you are seeing special clouds in the sky, you might want to talk to a psychiatrist. That's my advice to you."

Then he walked away.

I looked straight up over the train station.

There, clear as day in the sky above both of us while we had been talking, was a brand new type of cloud formation unlike anything I had ever seen before in my life. I'd seen some pretty astonishing clouds and crazy patterns in the sky when I was in basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. None of them had ever looked anything like this.

Lo and behold, three nights later I was surfing the net and discovered a site declaring that scientists had been observing worldwide a brand new kind of cloud formation never before seen on our planet. Not just human observation - confirmed by satellite and aerial photography.

These are Ice Age clouds we are seeing now in the skies all over the world. They are clouds heralding a new kind of climate and a fundamental shift in our environment that is a result of forces working on us at the cosmic level that are changing everything around us into something many of us cannot even imagine.

Sapiens is such a dense critter, he can't even be bothered to look up. Too much trouble and besides, he doesn't really have sufficient natural curiosity. He pretends to be curious to impress girls but in reality he isn't interested in anything that is not directly related to sex, power and money. He can't think. Therefore, he can't look up. Apparently, only Neanderthals can actually perceive meaningful changes in their environment. If there isn't a consensus, as far as Sapiens is concerned it never happened. Even if all he needed to do was to look up to confirm it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Now Give Me The Down Side

I laugh when I see people on televitz trying to act hard like they understand the implications of what's happening right now. They are effeminate, distracted, hebephrenic clowns who don't mix so good with real world stuff. These people have never known hunger. They have never been shot at. They have never hid in a drainage ditch from people who wanted to kill them. They have never slept in the cold inside a cardboard box or made a stove out of a coffee can just for the heat. They never rode on a train. They have never scavenged through ruins for something to eat. All these things and many more are waiting for them. That's assuming they even number amongst the lucky ones who survive.

"There could be food shortages. We may be eating a very limited supply of fruit."

"It's possible this downturn could drag on to next year and even result in people who need unemployment counseling to get back into the work force."

"If things continue the way they are going now, the U.S. is going to take a backseat to China as a world leader and they may even have a trade dispute of some sort."

Brother, there are a lot worse things waiting in the wings than a fruit shortage.

Vault OS : x86 Kernel Soon To Be Released!

Yes, I know I have been talking about Vault-OS for ten years. Yes, I know it's a lot like my computer game. Forever under development and never quite ready to release yet. Yes, I know I have many retarded, Asperger's Neanderthalish flaws in my character that have to do with never quite finishing anything and never quite being satisfied until it is tested/refined/debugged/polished further before I will allow others to see it. Yes, I know I am somewhat comically preoccupied with details that it is likely no one will ever care about in almost everything I do. Yes, I know. As many psychologists have pointed out, Asperger's is fundamentally different at the psychological level because unlike all other expressions of what is labeled autistic spectrum, Asperger's people know they are retarded.

In my defense, I could point out that it is likely for these very reasons that only the Asperger's personality is ever capable of producing things that are truly excellent, well designed and extremely useful.

Case in point is the upcoming release of the Vault-OS Kernel, within the next month. A tiny x86 16-bit program written in Turbo C++ 3.0 that is possibly the most powerful, configurable and intelligent networked SCADA controller ever made. It can be run under Desqview-X concurrently or on it's own. I've seen it sharing the packet driver with Desqview-X without any conflicts. It has been deployed on a device with 384K of free RAM and only two serial ports and has run like a top for months.

Essentially, it's the smallest possible component core you can deploy for Vault-OS. Everything else is built on top of this little piece of software.

It uses a packet driver for TCP-IP to send JSON messages formatted after the BACNET standard and I2C to monitor the sensor/control 1-wire network. If you have a parallel port, it can also manage a switching bank of 8 relays.

All of this configured with text scripts, no interface or UI front end outside of console messages, trimmed back to the smallest possible unit of execution on the Vault-OS network.

This software could be used as a generic shelter automation manager, a fuel and water monitoring terminal, a weather and environmental station manager or just about anything you want it to do in the shelter. The scripting language is a very simple variation on QuickBasic that almost anyone can adapt for their own purposes.

After a bit of feedback and testing for this unit, I will be ready to release one of the next bricks in the pyramid, building on this basic kernel. At the top of that pyramid is the voice operated intelligent expert system called Thinkboy.

Nothing But Sell Orders and Suitcases Packing

The insiders are selling all their Kwanzanian holdings without exception.

Now they ask what the back-up plan is. There's isn't any backup plan. Die screaming eating babymeat. That's the back-up plan.

The same people who got you into this mess to begin with are still giving you advice on how to get out of it. When are you going to stop listening?

Tremble. God's Wrath Still In Abatement. Imagine.

I blame the entire system that knows perfectly well what the abortion industry really is and allows it to continue irregardless.

Abortion is about killing babies. Make no mistake. It's an infant-murdering business. If you don't have a problem with that, there's something seriously, irreparably wrong with you inside.

The Earth is drenched with the blood of children who have been slaughtered by these animals. God will avenge, soon. They think they will never see the Lord. He's coming alright. He doesn't look anything like what they are expecting either. The last time he came as a sacrifice and brought the Gospel. This time he will be packing a sword and whosoever sees him will be struck with terror that will make them understand what it is like to take your first breath in this world and get scissors in the neck. That's how scary it will be.

People will never understand God, at best they can only grasp a little of it all. It isn't like he has to wait for men to apprehend him in order to destroy them.

Remember, immigrants are only taking the jobs that are left vacant by the murder of 40 million babies.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


This is not optional. All Vault-Co regulars must read the above link and the page it is linked to.

The link above is Robert Felix's commentary on this page at the British Geological Survey.

The BGS has suggested A MAGNETIC REVERSAL IS NOW BEGINNING, as we have previously conjectured over the last ten years on this blog.

What was fringe lunacy last week just hit the mainstream.

Do you really believe the government has not been expecting this since the early 90's? Do you really think they just bought out the entire's years production of Mountain House freeze dried food as routine resupply? Do you really think they built that seed vault in Norway at enormous expense because it was just a fancy? Do you really think that the U.S., China, Russia and Norway have built colossal government shelters in the past ten years with enormous deficit spending in a fit of whimsy without any rational motives?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rapid End of Interglacial -> Resource Bottlenecks -> Population Pressures -> National Survival Demands = Expedient Conflict Resolution (War)

Fuel. Food. Territory. A new Ice Age will change all existing dynamics nearly overnight.

It doesn't matter what seemed normal to you last year. Normal is over. Normal is defunct. It's not about "normal" or what seems reasonable anymore. It's about survival and between the nations there can be no altruism or even diplomacy when there is no longer enough to go around. The nation that exhibits restraint in anything in the new conditions will be the first nation to go under. A country that enters a Maunder Minimum expecting to play by the Marquisberry's Rules of Conduct Between Nations will be a bleached radioactive wasteland raped of everything that isn't tied down in nothing flat. Mutual Assured Destruction becomes a joke in these kinds of changed circumstances. The nation that strikes first will likely be the only one that makes it when the planet gets this tough.

I thought of all these things more than a decade ago, with the help of Robert Kaplan, Lewis Mumford, J.R. Nyquist and many others.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dead Birds Eaten By Homeless Americans

What is causing birds to fall dead from the sky all around the planet?

The best and brightest agreed with Vault-Co on the most probable cause.

Funny how the mainstream media offers up a bewildering series of narrow minded, implausible explanations and avoids the magnetic disturbance angle? It's almost like they are trying to skirt any idea that might be valid. Does the media have an understanding with the government? Maybe somebody promised them a shelter space if they keep the sheeple guessing until it is too late.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lincoln, Nebraska : The Core, The Final Heartland

This is the beloved city. I was one of the youngest children (12 years old) ever registered as a radiological officer in the United States before the Nebraska Civil Defense program was closed down forever and funding permanently cut. I remember the civil defense information room in the Town Hall in Lincoln. I used to spend hours there after school. A bus ticket downtown cost .60 cents as I remember.

You could live there for ten years and never see an enricher/diversifier anywhere.

It's rotten here, too. The termites have reached the center of the tree.

Your heart goes out to that little baby there with it's mother in a fistfight actually knocking her over, no regard for the child's safety. Monstrous creatures. Beasts from the Id.

Morbius, these demons came from inside of your own mind when you used the Krell machine. You have been destroyed by the horrors of your own subconscious. What you claimed you did out of love was in fact motivated by a deep sublime death wish, both for yourself and everyone around you.

Friday, January 14, 2011

World War III : Fought By Intelligent Robots

Seven years ago, we wrote on this blog that there would be intelligent, autonomous hunter-killer robots used in World War III against civilians. When we made this prediction, the most complicated "robots" around were little remote-control toys on treads.

There is no such thing as a human innovation that is not used first and foremost to kill other humans. The breakthroughs over the past ten years are coming to fruition now.

Already, in the course of a year, "BigDog" is beginning to look quaint compared to what is possible.

Increasingly, one sees the widening gyre. One senses the loss of control that comes with these advancements that leads to all-out Klausewitzian war, war without limits and any restrictions. War where the line between combatants and civilians is meaningless and the goal is simply to eliminate the enemy, by any means available to either side.

Every general's secret dream is the power to commit troops to the field who will commit atrocities without the burden of conscience. It has been the dream of the psychopath for hundreds of thousands of years. To imagine these things will not come to pass is escapism.

You Don't Need To Be Texas Arcane Anymore To Know ITZ COMING

Following the trajectory we described to the letter.

Climate changes destroy agriculture and drive up fuel costs, food soars as a result, hostilities increase exponentially everywhere in response. Yada yada yada. If you read this blog you've heard it about a thousand times.

The nation formerly known as the United States is about to go bankrupt and declare default on their debt, which is unserviceable. This will lead directly to mass rioting, civil unrest, vast swaths of territory under martial law within a year's time. Panic is in the air.

Food chain falling apart and it's only two weeks into 2011

We were a little earlier than everybody else. That gave people plenty of lead time to listen.

Is there a Broken Arrow False Flag Planned For 2011? Why Did John Wheeler and 12 other military staff die to keep it a secret? What are they planning to conceal their crimes? What have they already done to keep it a secret? The media is doing it's part to keep it under wraps. Anybody who was doing their duty that day appears to turn up dead. Police cautioned not to spend too much time investigating Wheeler's death, similar to Vince Foster.

Solar Panels Fail During Volcanic Eruptions

Important intel. Always keep this in mind when planning an energy strategy around solar power.

This is the reason every shelter should have a diesel fallback in cold weather no matter how bad the conditions aboveground.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brisbane Looks Like War Zone

This will cost a lot of money to clean up. With the basic assumption it won't happen again, soon. If it does, it will start to break a lot of banks and insurance companies who won't be there next time to insure what may be concluded to be unsafe ground to live on.

See how quickly it all starts to crumble away? Civilization is such a fragile affair as it is. We've got all these idiots going around doing experiments with the basic formula, convinced they can improve on the recipe ... but it is soon revealed they cannot even maintain what they had, much less improve on it.

God snaps his fingers, mankind is crawling in the mud with rags on their back eating baby meat. If you blinked, you'd miss it.

Volcanic Resurgence Worldwide

Etna, Kizimen, Kamchatka, Tungurahua, Merapi all erupting in the same week. In addition to Krakatoa.

You can tell this ride just keeps getting more fun from here on in.

I bet you before 2011 finishes that we will have a real, authentic wild-eyed shrieking sheeple stampede on our hands. Plan accordingly.

Washington Post Trying To Shore Up Their Lies With Even Bigger Lies

Slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War. That's. Nothing. Slavery had as much to do with the Civil War as politics did with the shooting of Gabrielle Gifford. They lied then. They're lying now. You can tell when they are lying. Their lips move.

The Southern States were being crushed to death by taxation. It was breaking their backs with tariffs and custom duties that the nation had gone to war against the British to put an end to. The North was establishing the regime that became the wonderful monster called the State that led to the Federal Reserve and a lot of people decided they didn't want any part of it.

The Washington Post is well aware that counter programming in the form of historical truth has now been surging because of the internet and they are trying to counter that counter programming with more lies.

Here's two important things to do:

1. Don't buy, read or subscribe to the Washington Post.
2. See #1 above.

The mass media is finished but just like Dracula, it's not enough to drive a stake through it's heart. You have to separate the head from the body and bury the creature deep to assure it will never rise again.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ITZ Coming #2 (Kwanzanian Meltdown 2011)

Geithner says the Kwa is insolvent and begs for Federal Debt limit to be raised.

Bernanke tells the States they are on their own, it's every man for himself.

World Food prices are skyrocketing, food riots likely in developed nations by March

Ask yourself one honest question.

Who told you these things were going to happen?

The consensus? Did the consensus warn you these things were going to happen?

Or did Vault-Co, ten years ago? Isn't this almost the exact scenario we were describing a decade ago?

This is why we coined the phrase "The Apocalypse Trifecta." A new Ice Age, Economic Collapse and War. A bad combination all synchronized to occur at the same time.

ITZ Coming

This has been mentioned before, here it is again:

Brisbane Is Only 13 Feet Above Sea Level

As part of my work last year, I went with a colleague for a tour of the Clem 7 Tunnel. This guy has been intimately involved in Brisbane's infrastructure and monitoring for many years. We saw the Royal Women's Hospital on the other side before we entered the tunnel and my fellow passenger pointed out that it appeared to be a giant concrete pontoon built so that ships could dock at it's front about three stories above the ground. He then seemed to hint at some secret knowledge he could not elaborate on. "They have already written the population off. It's probably for ships coming to Australia that need medical care for their VIPs onboard. I doubt if they went to that trouble for the common man." I tried to get more information but he shrugged and said something about his original NDA requiring him not to talk about it.

I was reminded of when I was down in Canberra and marveled at the enormous, monolithic concrete structures that protect Parliament. It's like a solid mile of concrete barriers and deeply buried shelters that seem a bit excessive for a little socialist country that doesn't even have a real military. I was amazed that politicians could cut funds to the Air Force and Navy yet still justify a gigantic city of concrete for their own defense. For anybody with their eyes open, it is self-evident what my friend said in the tunnel ... "They've already written the population off."

One of the reasons that so many contractors like me end up survivalists is that they simply see a much larger spectrum of what is happening all around them over many decades than ordinary people ever do. My work takes me all over and I am exposed to all kinds of little known anomalies and curious incidentals. I have the opportunity to see the big picture in a way most people never do - assuming I have the right brain genetically to process the information with.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

China : Ready To Kick Ass In World War III

The Third World War is going to go on for many years and the losers are going to crawl in dust and pray for death. They're doing that now in the Kwa and the war hasn't even started yet.

China will rebuild and continue it's march through history but Kwanzania will be a quiet perch for crows on top of a mound of skulls. Where the 'Kwa is going, it won't be coming back from.

Maker-Bot : Must-Have For All Properly Equipped Deep Rock Shelters

Gotta have one of these. Awesome. I cannot tell you how much time I waste in fabrication of various components for custom computer and automation cases. For example, I really need a custom monitor hood over an LCD screen. I need a custom shaped fitting to attach a solenoid valve to my air exhaust shutter. I could save so much time if I had one of these devices to make those things for me out of hard, polycarbonate plastic.

Brisbane Evacuated, River Continues Rising

Thirty two suburbs evacuated, death toll climbs higher. May be some more rain coming.

Krakatoa Back Again With Perfect Timing

If it blows now it will create the worst worldwide famine humanly imaginable. It will be babies, the other white meat, by this time next year.

The last time it blew it nearly starved the Americas to death and prior to that it was implicated in a ten year midnight for the planet that thrust us into the Dark Ages.

If it doesn't erupt, there are a hundred other recently activated supervolcanos just waiting to take the prize.

China Getting Ready For World War III

I Still Don't Understand Why I Can't Get A Freakin' Paper Bag When I Go To The Grocery Store

Madness. This crap is a bigger lie than CFCs and the Ozone layer.

P.T. Barnum was right. There's a billion suckers born every minute.

The Future of the Kwa : Femboons Stage Chimpout Bongo Party In GwondanaLand

It's the good taste and sense of class that makes the future Kwanzania a delight for animal lovers everywhere. The deficit could be paid down in a year by running a chainlink fence around the entire sorry excuse for a country and making it into a drive-and-feed animal reserve for tourists from Canada. Don't miss out on their special "event nights" on Saturdays.

Dey ansa be edjumifacashun, as always. Dey sew-sigh-etty must'em be gibbin' dey edjamafacashun.

America is dead, it got turned into a biped zoo. Long live the Empire of Kwanzania! This is the equivalent of granting Titles of Nobility to Congress, something explicitly forbidden in the Constitution. Saying that Congress people are special people who operate under a kind of noblesse oblige in which no peasant can approach armed or speak of without respect and deference is proof this country is no longer the United States. The marxist ghouls have converted it into Bolshevist Russia.

Got Military Grade 386SX VME Board From 1992 Running 16-Bit VOS-DOS!!!

I got this board from leftovers in an auction held out the way I work. Running like a top, low power, nothing but an LCD for serial output. I was interested in this board after I read a Navy document claiming this board was "indestructible" and had "run for centuries" on remote ocean buoys without maintenance.

I have to say, in my experience so far, nothing is more reliable than the bare bones version of Vault-OS running in DOS, compiled with Turbo C++ 3.0 and with a single line output to console or serial port LCD. The version I was running in PowerBasic for DOS was not as reliable. The version in VB-DOS Professional was crap, had all kinds of memory fragmentation problems running on small devices. The version in Windows-32 will run a couple of weeks before it hits problems.

The DOS version is like a Timex, takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Nothing crashes it or locks it up. Best of all, you can run practically any other DOS applications you want alongside it under Desqview-X and they never seem to step on each other's toes. If I didn't know better, I'd say the cooperative multitasking under Desqview-X is way superior to Windows, Linux or Apple OS.

The most interesting deployment in DOS I am looking forward to is the seismic monitoring security system running on a program in DOS but integrated into the Vault-OS network. I've got a WinSys 48-bit digital board that can watch all lines in real time and never miss a signal on any of those lines, in a program compiled with Turbo C++ for DOS, which will immediately notify all listeners over TCP-IP that there is a seismic post triggered, with coordinates, scale and time relationships. That's the kind of thing I'm not sure I'd trust to Windows. So far I have been able to build only one cheap seismic sensor, which kind of limits my testing environment. If I had 48 of these sensors in a grid pattern on my land, a field mouse could not set foot on it without me pinpointing it through interpolation in seconds.

Still debugging this stuff but soon, out of the blue, there is going to be a release candidate. Soon. I've gotten some customization code in there now so that the source is useful to people who may have completely different setups than mine. I have been trying to put as much configuration as possible into editable files so nothing is assumed about the I2C network or the subscribers to the service the particular machine is offering. What is left can be coded up quickly with a simple script language similar to QuickBasic.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Water Armageddon In Brisbane

You should have seen the city of Brisbane this morning.

I was faffing with some .ASP code and the office manager came running in and said the CEO wanted everybody to pack up and leave the office immediately. Brisbane Emergency services had ordered everybody on the West Side to evacuate. The streets were flooding so quickly from the biblical rain falling it was believed the city might be underwater before nightfall. I had a brief flashback there to the L.A. Riots for a moment before I got out of my chair and got my laptop.

The power station failed for the Southwest ... then the phone lines began to go out. My manager was nice enough to drive me to the station and I caught one of the last express trains to the Gold Coast. When we drove through Ipswich it looked like the city had been hit with a neutron bomb. Lights were still on in the stores but it was deserted, sandbags piled high in driveways, stalled cars left in trenches filled with water.

Yesterday there was an inland Tsunami in Toowoomba, which is on a mountain (!), claiming the lives of at least 8 people.

I'm so glad we're on a slope and high up on a mountain with no ridges emptying into our plain above us. I'm also glad that I chose a place where gravity makes flooding of the shelter impossible. A ravine empties our property at the back.

Biblical. Seems to happen pretty regular around these parts lately. I suspect it's only the beginning. After ten years of getting ready for the apocalypse, nothing can get a rise out of me anymore. I was yawning on the way home and thinking about getting a nixie clock for the shelter.

When the interglacial ends, the atmosphere contracts and sheds water as precipitation. In the colder North, it falls as snow. Here in the south, it falls as rain. Same prime mover. Different expressions depending on proximity to the equator.

Nyarlathotep Approaching! Finally, Some Closure.

Interesting, though. Can't help but wonder what that thing is.

I wish good old H.P. was still around to find out what a strange place the universe turned out to be after a lot of the orthodoxy started failing. He was uniquely positioned to appreciate it, maybe as much as anyone else who ever lived.

The Next World War Will Be A Nuclear War

Very good. You might want to have a look at parts one and two while you're at it.

The Bodies Are Not Even Cool Yet

The bill was written long before this incident and she was simply waiting to ride the right wave of emotion in to get it passed.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., who appeared with Clyburn, said she is not aware that alleged shooter Jared Lee Loughner is tied to a political movement or engaged in a politically motivated act.
"You know, his favorite books are 'the Communist Manifesto' and 'Mein Kampf.' I think it's important that we recognize that this is an individual that had -- that has mental challenges, and we need to act appropriately in dealing with him and making sure that justice prevails here," she said.

"Mental challenges." This is the kind of grammar korrectness this guy went nuts over. I can't take the raw idiocy. It's unbearable.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Australian Flood Zone Larger Than Texas

Incredible flooding. The rain hasn't stopped yet, either. It's still pouring down.

The mantle of the atmosphere is shrinking. The precipitation falls in the north as snow and in the south as rain. This is what happens when a new Ice Age begins.

Jared Loughlin - MKULTRA Deathbot?

This guy repeats stuff forwards and backwards like his brain is completely fried.

Over and over again, sophistry going around and around. It makes you think of Warren Beatty in The Parallax View or Malcom McDowell in A Clockwork Orange. It's just gibberish that goes in circles, over and over again. Yeah, I know he's supposed to be crazy. It's just that people normally this crazy cannot organize an assassination. There's something about it that reeks of forcible programming.

Numbers may not be important to you but they are very important in masonry. Everything must be done according to numeric patterns. They are obsessed with these patterns. When you see them, you can rationally suspect they are involved. They don't mean anything to me but when I see these numeric cycles pop up in supposedly random timing, I often suspect their involvement.

Glamour - The Hypnotic Spiral

To the Celtics, "Glamour" was the ability of an evil spirit to throw an ordinary mortal into such a spell that they would do and say anything, including things that went against their nature. It was something considered satanic and scary. A person lost to a "glamour" was thought to be doomed. It was believed they would destroy themselves.

I'd say the Celtics got it right. "Glamour" hasn't changed at all.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Buy Storable Food Now

Now. Now. Now.

No kidding.


If you have not packed it already, drop what you are doing, get up from the computer and drive to the nearest grocery store and buy some storable food.

Here are long term viables you can get in any grocery:

1. Powdered Milk in sealed tins
2. Oats
3. Sugar/Brown Sugar
4. Rice
5. Wheat Biscuits
6. Baked Beans
7. Sardines
8. Tuna/Salmon
9. Spam
10. Canned peaches/applesauce
11. Mash Potato Flakes
12. Self-Raising Flour

Remember you need drinking water to combine with most of these. Buy a bag of ascorbic acid, Vitamin C, from the pharmacy. A pinch a day will keep you out of scurvy.

Now. I just got back from the bulk store. No kidding, itz hitz soon. Don't cry later this year and say nobody warned you, because they did.

First Shots Of Kwanzanian Bongo Party Fired

Democrat Giffords and a Federal Judge got shot. Judge died and is now trying to help illegal immigrants get Federal funding down in hell. Lousy shot also managed to hit a 9 year old girl and several bystanders.

Only the beginning. 2011 is the year of the bongo party for the Kwa.

These sorts of political atmospheres always begin at the fringes but soon progress to the mainstream. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to live in Australia. The people here simply don't care enough about anything but beer and footy to ever do anything like this. Their attention span is too short to organize a bowel movement in between commercials.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Esau, The Wise and Strong

Earlier this year, when the study confirmed what I had known secretly going back twenty years, I felt like my brain literally exploded inside my skull. I began to solve problems I had been carrying around in silence for decades in a matter of microseconds. I can't begin to tell you how incredibly clear everything began to seem to me. I felt like my IQ had leaped another 200 points. I began to feel like I was walking around in a low-lying fog and I was the only human being who had his head high enough to see clearly down on top of everyone else.

You couldn't think of something that had happened in the past 40,000 years that the genetic breakdown of the players involved wouldn't leap into my mind. I knew that Hebrews and Khazars represented one strain that scattered from the Toxic Lozenge and that my Caucasus Neanderthal kin were another strain that branched out into a different direction. Cro-Magnon and the forerunners of Homo Sapiens simply could not reason, any more than apes, until they interbred with us and got the DRD4-7R gene with it's miraculous properties producing the Neo Hybrid racial class, clearly a subspecies existing within the human race that constituted all of it's thinkers, engineers, scientists, technicians and problem solvers. Homo Sapiens claimed the victories of these 5% mutants as his own when in fact he contributed almost nothing.

Without the Neos, Sapiens would never have progressed beyond the most primitive king states and the simplest barter ... and even that would have never lasted very long.

Whether you understand a word I have said or not ... believe me when I say this is the key that unlocks every door. It's the most important scientific conclusion in all of our violent and chaotic history.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Million Fish In Chesapeake Bay Die In A Single Cold Snap

Just one. Plenty more where that came from. Not even cold, yet.

Happening everywhere. It's part of moving to a new Ice Age, killing off surplus populations that only thrived in a certain select temperature range. Excess bipeds soon to follow if history is any guide.

Sapiens never sees the woods, only the individual trees. It's the "aspie" (Neanderthal) mind that sees how all the details emerge from the canvas to form the larger picture. In fact, it's his inability to see the big picture that led the neurotypical to label Neanderthal gene expression as a form of "brain damage." This was the best diagnosis that Sapiens doctors could come up with. This "brain damage" is the only thing keeping him from living in caves and eating his meat raw. A funny sort of "brain damage" that gives you a higher instead of a lower native intelligence. Neanderthal gene expression is the only early warning system that Sapiens has.

Krisschans Need Rapture Because They Are Not Tough Enough To Be Calvinists

It's getting bad in the U.S. so the locals are trying to force God's hand to produce a miracle which is never mentioned in scripture and only hinted at through indirect suggestion at all. Pity them, they have all the form of godliness and none of it's power.

Christ is strength to endure, not a golden ticket on a helium balloon away from your mortgage. Krisschans are sodomite shockers who don't even know what it means to man up and make preparations for the people they are responsible for.

There Is No Higgs Boson. Therefore 95% of Modern Quantum Physics Is Bunkum

The new results show no verification of the Higgs Boson. The idiots at the accelerator are now trying to match the experiment to the results to prove it exists.

Trash science for a trash civilization.

Kwanzanians Purchasing Their Own Deficit Debt

Nobody else is turning up at auction anymore.

Moving deck chairs on the Titanic.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Israel Must Be Getting Ready To Bomb Some More Unarmed Civilians

I'm only guessing because cable television is saturated with movies about Nazis and persecution and trains and violinists and piles of kosher corpses and celebrations of how wunnerful and misunderstood yada yada yada ... twenty four seven around the clock there's no break and no escaping it, you can surf from one channel to the next and hit nothing but the same themes over and over and over again ... your ears, eyes and nose are stuffed full of it until you pass out, you wake up again and they've got a funnel down your throat pouring more of it in ... open a cable guide at random and hit the page with your finger, see what it landed on ... "JAKOB THE LIAR," or HITLER'S PLAN FOR GENOCIDE.

Then you think to yourself, I'll just pick something totally unrelated for the noise ... "SHUTTER ISLAND" with DeCaprio. That'll give me a moment's rest. Wrong. Half of that is concentration camps and body piles and achtung and camp cars which appear to have nothing whatsoever to do with the plot.

This almost always coincides with an Israeli military massacre of some unarmed women and children. First the yammering, then the atrocities. There's definitely a connection there. I'm betting an attack on Iran of some kind is on the cards soon.

At present Israeli Mossad asserts the right to kill any high IQ goyim who might be able to pose a threat to them anywhere in the world at any time. If your IQ is above 92 (par with Koko) I'd watch your back, because chances are they're getting to you. It's just that others are higher priority right now. You're probably a long ways down the list.

1000's Red Winged Blackbirds Fall Dead From Sky

In Indian legend, the red winged blackbird is a messenger of death, commanded by the crow to deliver the news to those about to perish.

Millions of birds have been dying worldwide in spontaneous incidents almost since the Sun went flat back in 2006. There may be a connection with the magnetic field of the Earth which birds use for navigation.

The Post Apocalyptic Ruins Of The United States

Incredible stuff. Looks like Fallout 3 interiors.

More tragic than the loss is the loss of even the memory of these things.

Alan Caruba : Get Over Yourself

If you ever read one article on Vault-Co, read the one at the link above. It's an excellent summary of the facts about the situation the world is in right now.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fiat Currency Cornholio Apocalypse

Going to be fun in 2011. This is the year for ITZ.

25 Reasons The Western World Ain't Getting Outta 2011 Alive

Kwanzania is hiding a real unemployment rate of 30% with number juggling

Keep juggling those numbers as the horde collects outside your doors, you halfwits. Show them your figures when they break down your doors.

Paul Craig Roberts on 2011 : Rise Of The Kwanzanian Police State

You Don't Say

It's easy to understand Neanderthal. He was the good looking smart one. Now you know everything. Homo Sapiens is his scaled down, nasty, violent, treacherous, miniature bonsai tree cousin. A bear of little brain. Without Neanderthal gene expression hybridized into his ranks, Sapiens would live in caves and eat his meat raw. That's just the way it is.

Jacob cheated Esau and got his own father drunk in order to steal his brother's inheritance. He was a con man. Now you know everything.

Mass Media Tries To Run From Behind To Out In Front Of The Herd And Scream Instructions

Tell me all about it. Wow. So you've got it all figured out, I guess. What was going on the past ten years, then?

Notice they still try to inject a tiny smidgen of human influence. Doesn't hurt to try to play both sides of the field and wait to see who is winning. So they straddle the line and pretend to be in charge of the argument either way.

Nobody is buying TIME magazine any more. Nobody should.


This is going to get ugly. Exactly as we told you.

Watch the people around you. They're really, really slow. It takes a long time for it to sink in that these things are happening, even when they take place right before their eyes. People talk a good game. The truth is that their minds are really, really slow and absorb new ideas at a snail's pace. Dissembling and sophistry is how they conceal the fact they are trying to accommodate a change to their previous world view. They don't just go "blam" the way I do and shift paradigms overnight. It's not the way their nervous systems are wired. You see this in software development all the time. They get clear feedback that what they are doing isn't working. It's obvious. Rather than respond to the feedback and amend themselves, they'll instead redouble their efforts in the same failed direction over and over again until they run out of money or resources.

Ice Ages always coincide with volcanism and earth changes. Stuff moves around a lot. The little creatures on top of these plates can get squished or killed in the time it takes to blink.

Wikileaks : A Sideshow for the Rubes

Something heartening about all this.

They're losing their touch.

Wikileaks was a truly shabby cointel operation. It was easy to bust wide open and figure out who was really behind it. These idiots left a trail of breadcrumbs a mile wide.

A chink appears in the armor somewhere here.

Looks to me like they are not recruiting the best and brightest anymore.