Saturday, January 1, 2011


This is going to get ugly. Exactly as we told you.

Watch the people around you. They're really, really slow. It takes a long time for it to sink in that these things are happening, even when they take place right before their eyes. People talk a good game. The truth is that their minds are really, really slow and absorb new ideas at a snail's pace. Dissembling and sophistry is how they conceal the fact they are trying to accommodate a change to their previous world view. They don't just go "blam" the way I do and shift paradigms overnight. It's not the way their nervous systems are wired. You see this in software development all the time. They get clear feedback that what they are doing isn't working. It's obvious. Rather than respond to the feedback and amend themselves, they'll instead redouble their efforts in the same failed direction over and over again until they run out of money or resources.

Ice Ages always coincide with volcanism and earth changes. Stuff moves around a lot. The little creatures on top of these plates can get squished or killed in the time it takes to blink.


Anonymous said...

I'm still amused by the actions and attitudes of people I am close to. If they are into an activity outside of work, then they are totally consumed by that ONE thing, be it sports, coin collecting, banjo competitions or whatever. They cannot seem to grasp or comprehend anything outside of their little world of personal desire and influence. They do not possess comprehension skills in regards to the Big Picture.

Commodity prices on all things are going up exponentially, the weather world-wide is outside any norms, job losses far exceed job creation, the economy is sliding deeper into depression every day, racial tensions are at an all time high, the US of A is quickly becoming a police state, the Nation is not just broke, it's broken.....and all these morons worry about are trivial matters.

This is not even to point out the current Ice Age just starting now and the Sun acting in a frightening manner (which are connected, I know), and the quickening of inflation on all things everywhere.

Nope, these dopes just concentrate on life's simplistic little details and ignore and refuse to consider the fact that they are in for some real tough, desperate times in the immediate future, as in the "itz here" type future.

Screw 'em. Even now when it's just about too late to do anything worthwhile to prepare in the time that is left, they still don't get it.

I just find it hard to believe that so many folks cannot see the disaster unfolding very quickly before their very eyes. They just keep clinging to the old paradigm and refuse to adapt to the new reality.

Screw 'em.

Anonymous said...

Earthquakes statistics..

Are you saying these are not true stats of 2010 ?!