Monday, January 17, 2011

"Globalism" : Communist China Conquers The World, Evil Wins, Comic Relief Kwanzania Sucks Eggs and Dies

Now you know everything about world politics.

UPDATE : U.S. lawmaker states the obvious. Identical conclusion previously offered by crank at Vault-Co ten years ago.


Anonymous said...

What would the economic impact be if a Pat Buchanan type President took power, imposed large tariffs to effectively blackball Chinese exports to the United States?

China certainly benefits from such a huge trade deficit, does it not? How would it affect China if that were to happen?

Not that I think that Amerikwa could be saved from such an action... it's far too late at this point.

Anonymous said...

You just can't wait to jump into your vault and watch the world burn, can you? What will be on your mind as you age and age and the Apocalypse never comes? You'll sit in a rocker, staring at your buried vault with the rotting Froot Loops and just dream about holding on long enough to hear the sirens blare and know you were right, finally, after all that time.

People have been reading the tea leaves for centuries predicting destruction. And of course each generation hatches its lovers of conspiracy theories.

Keep digging. Better to have an endless project than to let your mind wander too much. It's healthier this way.

Anonymous said...

A signifiicant proportion of the US economy is built on public and private deficit spending. A significant proportion of that money comes from China, and the Chinese get that money from selling cheap stuff to Americans. A trade embago would mean no more cheap Chinese goods and money. There is no way that US companies could produce those goods cheaply enough for tapped-out Americans to buy, and the US government could not tax US citizens and companies enough to make up for that shortfall. The only option would be to cut spending, which means massive bongo party for the 'entitled'.

Nope, its easier for the powers that be to fly the country into the ground and hope that their golden parachutes work.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:16

the usa is too fractionalised and too far gone to be saved.
i believe that even the horrors caused from a series of nuclear strikes against that once great country could create enough cohesion amongst its citizens for them to stand as one.
In hindsight, the US needed a strong benevolent dictatorship as soon as the rot began to show.

Anonymous said...

the West, summed up tidily ..

The Diversity Shoppe


Texas Arcane said...

Anon 10:02

I think you may be browsing here, but you're not reading anything. It's going right over your head.

The Apocalypse is here right now. You're looking at it and don't see it. I don't plan to wait until even somebody as slow as you are registers that. It would be too late at that stage to do anything about it.

The human animal is exactly like the gazelle. It doesn't bolt until the bolting signal is given. Until then, a lion can be right on top of it and it is not able to exercise it's independent judgement and realize, screw the herd, I'm bolting now. Kills are assumed by nature for the lion and the individual doesn't matter when it comes to gazelles.