Sunday, January 9, 2011

Glamour - The Hypnotic Spiral

To the Celtics, "Glamour" was the ability of an evil spirit to throw an ordinary mortal into such a spell that they would do and say anything, including things that went against their nature. It was something considered satanic and scary. A person lost to a "glamour" was thought to be doomed. It was believed they would destroy themselves.

I'd say the Celtics got it right. "Glamour" hasn't changed at all.


Anonymous said...

OK, so you have posted an article by a man who has left three wives to marry a fourth one and probably left several children behind. And now he blames Jews, Illuminati, and Hollywood mindtricks for it?

My parents and the parents of many people I know are surrounded by lewd pop culture and none of them have thought about breaking their vows. These weak-willed loser who is nothing more than a train wreck of a human being has this last desparate thing to blame and now is a faux-champion of family values?

You believe this crap?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:00 PM

The Feminine Mindset™ always looks at WHO is saying what and why first, never simply looking at WHAT is actually said at first and then contemplating solely on that. This is exactly like what you did when you've posted that trainwreck of a pointless comment. I really hope you're a genuine female and not a male or somewhere in-between.

Is what he has written there TRUE or FALSE? How exactly do you process information? Me, I first looked at what he said and decided that it was true and moved on. I already knew the vast majority of what passes as plebian entertainment in the Western Civilization today to be social/cultural engineering as dictated by the tenets of Cultural Marxism which have dominated Kwanzanian mass entertainment and media for a long time now, and then just agreed with the guy and MOVED ON. I don't care about the author's personal life as long as what he is typing out is the TRUTH. I did this because I am NOT female.