Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dead Birds Eaten By Homeless Americans

What is causing birds to fall dead from the sky all around the planet?

The best and brightest agreed with Vault-Co on the most probable cause.

Funny how the mainstream media offers up a bewildering series of narrow minded, implausible explanations and avoids the magnetic disturbance angle? It's almost like they are trying to skirt any idea that might be valid. Does the media have an understanding with the government? Maybe somebody promised them a shelter space if they keep the sheeple guessing until it is too late.


Anonymous said...

HAARP and AUS.? -

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

The world media certainly do have an understanding with the government. There have been countless cases of them reporting what they were told to and ignoring other stories, both during war times and outside it.

I'd imagine it would be even easier to buy their loyalty with the promise of a spot in the deep rock shelter when TSHTF.

Anonymous said...

Almost laughably in-your-face yesterday here in New LaRaville,

Clear sky @9a, by 2p it was marked by geometric trails, some of which had fanned out into overcast. "X"s, squares and triangles, parallels in depth. Characteristic "beads on a string" appearance

Not a single person looking up

I think it's an attempt to prep the atmosphere so that some mitigation can be attempted as both terrestial and solar system changes occur. Yes, there is the weapons-grade bennies from HAARP, but right now I think its' main task is to save the Controllers, and their assets. Here it localizes predominantly over the airport/airbase. It sure as shit is not normal jetways showing up.

Help out Mr. T .... why is Oz not getting any protection if some A/meteorologic control is possible ? Outside their ability, or willfull abandonment? I ask in full knowledge that we cannot control the planet, but what's your read ?

What I see clinically is a spike whenever these skywrites occur - more URTIs, more lower airway syndromes, healthy folk getting whacked. We do quik-cultures and never get any Id'able agents.

The articles about "blazing lights" seen around the globe remind me that comet Hartley was in the neighborhood.

Oughta be interesting by summer


Anonymous said...

quote tex-
Does the media have an understanding with the government?
end quote

lol. symbiosis much? There is not one without the other. The 'embedded' media is every bit as corrupt as all the other bloodsuckers.

Thomas said...

Hi Texas, I am a young person (in my 20s) who has only recently discovered your blog. I can't afford to build a shelter like yours, and the chances are I wont have time to be able to afford it before I need it. I work but I don't have a large disposable income, nor do I own my own property to start digging or anything. What is your advice for people like me, what should I do to prepare?

Anonymous said...

Come on, Tex! alex jonevitz is linking an article that is a year old!!! They had a shortage of MH food last year and by the middle of the year caught up and have stayed on top of production since then.

There will be other ones though and soon. And yes, I am packing itz.

Anonymous said...

Exaggerated. Less demanding homeless only request cold-cut sandwiches on white bread. More demanding (professional) homeless insist on five bucks for fast food. If I suggest a sack of rice for the same price, I get back "But I'd have to cook it." Exactly, you need to set up a way to cook it.

Texas Arcane said...


You have to source an existing shelter system, be it an underground tunnel, carpark, basement or safe refuge that already exists. If necessary you might have to dig it yourself in the middle of nowhere. Usually there will be an existing place if you look hard enough.

Mark my words, you will need to concentrate on radiation shielding first and foremost, followed by security and accessibility.

You can start a food storage program on $10 a week and be doing pretty well in six months. You will need to find a secure place to store your food and water until you move to your designated expedient shelter.

Keep your bugout bag ready at all times and scout your refuge location regularly to make sure it isn't compromised by some unexpected development.

Fortunately, Vault-OS will be free and open source so you will be able to run that wherever you are without buying anything. :)