Friday, January 28, 2011

The Coming Nuclear War : Russia's New Missile

This new weapon is part of a whole series of innovations on both sides, including the Blackswift robot plane and "Rods from God" that guarantee that the Third World War will be something extra special unlike any of you have imagined. On the other hand, we saw it coming at Vault-Co ten years ago. You just step through the consequences in your head and roleplay both sides, you'll see it the same way we did so long ago.

The counter-move for this tactical development will be to salt weapons with nastier payloads that distribute ugly radioactive fallout that lasts for years, not weeks. This is a good time to invest in Cobalt because it's going to become a de facto standard in every single nuclear weapon from now on. There will be an increase in scatter payloads and circle jerks, where combinations of overpressure effects are used to increase the destructive force of airbursts. New advances in computer timing enable even the poorest nation to leverage these effects for efficiency in whatever weapons they are able to produce.


Anonymous said...

Rods from God are a lie. They will just use tactical nukes and claim that they used tungsten space rods out of concern for radioactivity. People will believe it, and anything else they're told.


Anonymous said...

You're so annoying with your ten years thing..

We get it, stfu..

Anonymous said...

A gutless anonymous prick said : "You're so annoying with your ten years thing..We get it, stfu"

This is so classic.

Your reward for waking the sheep is their everlasting and undying absolute hatred. This guy would put those of us awake on the rack in a heartbeat and then tell all who would listen that it is for the best of society.

Spanish Inquisition, Nazi Germany, Rwanda - they have not changed one bit - a planet full of clueless murderous thugs.

The real miracle is that God waits so long between housecleanings.


Anonymous said...

Even a broken clock is occasionally right, every decade or so!

Anonymous said...

did you guys actually watch the clip? were you all thinking about porn, picking your adolescent zits, distracted by mummy just putting your coco pops infront of you??

super powers spend billions on nuclear weaponary, you think its just for fun?

this shit is as serious as a heart attack, dont make light of it.

not aimed at you kochevnik.

Anonymous said...

.. And do you think this is a first?!

Like it didn't happen ten years ago ?!

10 years ..

WOW.. 10 years!

I'm so impressed!!