Saturday, January 8, 2011

Buy Storable Food Now

Now. Now. Now.

No kidding.


If you have not packed it already, drop what you are doing, get up from the computer and drive to the nearest grocery store and buy some storable food.

Here are long term viables you can get in any grocery:

1. Powdered Milk in sealed tins
2. Oats
3. Sugar/Brown Sugar
4. Rice
5. Wheat Biscuits
6. Baked Beans
7. Sardines
8. Tuna/Salmon
9. Spam
10. Canned peaches/applesauce
11. Mash Potato Flakes
12. Self-Raising Flour

Remember you need drinking water to combine with most of these. Buy a bag of ascorbic acid, Vitamin C, from the pharmacy. A pinch a day will keep you out of scurvy.

Now. I just got back from the bulk store. No kidding, itz hitz soon. Don't cry later this year and say nobody warned you, because they did.


Anonymous said...

Better still grow your own. Its not hard to put in a few rows of corn. As far as staple foods go corn is one of the best. When Euro's first came to America they noticed that the indians were bigger and stronger, it wasn't untill the introduction of corn to china that their population boomed.
You won't live healthily on a staple diet of rice. Not even asians can live healthily off rice as a staple and they've been doing it for thousands of years. Corn is a lot easier to grow than rice too.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget salt, Tex!

It is vital. There's a reason it was such an important trade item in the past.

People will need far more in a SHTF situation than they do normally as they will be working and sweating hard, likely be unable to get access to heavily salted processed foods and salt itself can be used to process and preserve foods. It has many uses.

It is very cheap right now and will last forever in storage.

Anonymous said...

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