Monday, December 20, 2010

You Have To See This To Believe It

Storm due to hit west coast tomorrow.

Apocalyptic, Day After Tomorrow stuff.

It ain't ITZ yet for the Superstorms we spoke of a decade ago. If this storm levels Los Angeles down to bedrock it will still be only a pale shadow of the storms coming in the near future.

Ordinary folks don't understand the physics of the atmosphere when it has shrunk to 40% of it's former volume. Everything that happens in that increasingly thin wedge will be more chaotic and violent than any storm you have seen previously or any storm seen by any living human being.

The storms that are coming will be BIBLICAL, capital B for terror. They'll be powered by the growing contrast between the cold of outer space and the heat of the oceans pouring into the slender fabric left above our heads, producing clashes that will turn your hair white to see above your head in the sky. No movie CGI can compare, believe it.


Anonymous said...

WHOA .... links on the atmospheric disappearance please



Anonymous said...

Southern California has a 20 year cycle of drought and excessive rain. This happened before, it will happen again and has been going on for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Whoa Part 2

Reduced solar input leads to contraction, less moisture can be held, and precip increases. So, cold AND wet

Cripes, I left the Midwest to avoid that combo