Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Watch Who Defends WikiLeaks When You Say It Is Fraudulent Cointel

Watch and see.

There's a reason certain people have come out of the woodwork to promote, defend and disseminate Wikileaks. The reason is that Wikileaks is a false flag operation to try to co-opt the natural distribution of information on the internet, which is increasingly annoying to the elites.


Anonymous said...

My personal opinion is that the Israel related leaks that were withheld so far, are not tied to 9/11 simply because Assange is a proponent of the official story and he has personally stated that he detests 9/11 truthers.

As for who is defending Assange. No other than a lawyer who belongs to the firm that gives legal advice to the Rothschilds.

In the meantime, Globalist Hillary is crying over the conviction of criminal Khodorkovsky in Russia, together with orchestrated media all over the West, as "bad for business".

Could it be because Khodorkovsky is just a front of the Rothschilds in Russia, having passed his share to the Rothschilds prior to his arrest, and Hilary and the media are just defending the lackey of their real master?:

But as with everything the KWA tried to impose on Russia, from accepting Georgian aggression, to pressure on moving the Russian industry to the third world countries and serve the globalist economy (and destroying their own like the KWA did) Putin gave them the finger:

Anonymous said...

I confess that I thought that Julian Assange was doing good, since much of the media was starting to hate on him.

But I twigged soon after I heard that many of the 'leaks' reinforced the official party line on 9/11 and Iran.

j said...

Isn't this exactly what Cass Sunstein said they were going to do? Take over and destroy the "conspiracy" movement by infiltrating it?

And then, gosh, Wikileaks drops a bunch of sekrit documents about Osama and Iran and turrurism, and also now we need to censor the Internet.

Hmm, "Sunstein." What a kosher name.

Anonymous said...

I've learned more on the internet in two years than I did in twelve years of public school and six years of college. That's the problem. Critical thinking will not be allowed. Just "Myspace" and porn. Only "terrists" need facts and data.

By the way, if the "terrists" attacked us because they "hate our freedom", why is that the only freedoms we lost were taken away by "our leaders" in D.C.?

Were they (D.C.) being honest for once?