Thursday, December 23, 2010

Night Before Christmas : The Entire Planet Quaking Like Crazy, Katla Looking Ready To Go Supernova

The whole planet has been shaking the past week, with magnitudes>=4 everywhere you look on every continent.

Katla, the supervolcano implicated in previous megafauna extinctions, may be ready to make up for lost time and blow very soon.

If you think Britain is cold now ... I won't even elaborate. Agriculture failures were bad enough without a supervolcano blowing. You can see how fragile the conditions are that sustain human life. It doesn't take much to tip the entire planet the other direction so it begins to take it away from most of those who have it. Our existence here is tenuous at the best of times. Leftists always feel cocky like they can mess with the basic formulas for our survival - it's never long before reality hits and they are schooled by what Kipling called "the gods of the copybooks."

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